Ahitan Most pakistani rajputs i come across in england are bainse rajputs.What is their origins and how come they are mostly from mirpur. British were started to recruit Arain again for the Army. In Gujarat the Kumhar Prajapati are clean or swarna. In Vedic time/kalkhanda, the Verna order is as under: 1st No.

And, we Muslim and Non Hindu Mochi have been made victim of the fault of others. That Joshupora is a christian extremist missionary website, you believe in their BS that is alarming. This class consists of the intellectuals, teachers, and priests. The name Kumhar denotes a maker of pots and pitchers or someone who creates. They speak Punjabi and read and write in Gurmukhi and Devanagari. Only male heirs have an equal share of the inheritance and the eldest son succeeds as the head of the family. Historically in Himachal Pradesh Kumhars are considered anderkee or swarana caste.

For example, Hanslin, Tannr, Mali and Raj Kumhar. A final group was found in Karnal and Rohtak, and this group extended into the United Provinces, present day Uttar Pradesh. According to Manusmiriti Kumhar/Prajapati is a right hand superior or swarna caste. anthalay surname wich is the cast. Malhi, The study made by the writer about Kumhar or khumbhkar conceived without an iota of ideas about the origin,development,contribution to the civilisation, the respect attained by the community at the period when vedhas evolved general ancestors of khumhars as per vedhas and puranas. Kumhar Prajapati is clean or swarna caste in Nepal(clean), Bangladesh(clean), Srilanka(right hand superior), Pakistan(clean), Bhudhism(clean),Sikhism Jainism(Clean), Islam(clean) etc. Chhapola,

The largest caste in Punjab were the Jats, who were found in all three religious communities of the Punjab, and accounted for 20% of the total population. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Wheat and rice are staple cereals supplemented by barley, maize and lentils and pulses. Tareekh e Araian is written by the references of Chach nama, Tareekh Masumi and Tareekh Farishta. Salganiya Fruit intake is occasional and seasonal. Some work as masons and manual labour for a daily wage. Rajput soch, you are not from pure Rajput caste because of your shudra soch. NANDA ਨੰਦਾ Indian , Odia , Hindi , Punjabi They have started using terracotta instead of red clay as it can be painted and is less fragile. The literacy rate is very low and child labour is common.

In the desert state of Rajasthan the main deity of the Kumhar is Surya Deva (Sun god) as well as Bhairava (a particularly fearsome incarnation of Shiva). In Himachal Pradesh in several Hindu Swarna Devta Temples/Shakti Peeths, . The two Dalit groups of the Chuhra and Chamar together accounted for 10% of the population. Almost 70% of their territory went to India in 1947, leading to the migration of the Dogars to Pakistan. Please sir add this caste in BC in Punjab. The Hindu Kumhars of the south-east Punjab are divided into two main groups: Gola and Mahar; traditionally Some Mahars in Jind claim to be the pure descendants of the sage Kuba (or Kubha) Bhagat. It is a sub-cast of Sandhu Jats and are descendants of Nakai Misl, a principality of the Sikh Empire from 1748 to 1810. In past Higher caste Brahmins had equal prohibition against Rajputs and kumhar kshatriyas. Shudra means untouchables castes mentioned in the Manusmiriti who are historically were not allowed to enter in swarn hindu temples.

In addition, there has been a devolving of subgroups and an increasing identity-consciousness across states. Kamboh Population of Punjab According to the 1901 Census, Dogar Population of Punjab and the United Provinces according to 1901 Census, Census of India 1901 [Vol 17A] Imperial tables, I-VIII, X-XV, XVII and XVIII for the Punjab, with the native states under the political control of the Punjab Government, and for the North-west Frontier Province Table XIII Part II A – The Castes and Tribes of the Punjab by Districts and States, Baghban and Malyar/Maliar Population of Punjab and the North West Frontier Province According to the 1901 Census of India, Dogar Population of Punjab and the United Provinces according to 1901 Census, 1901 Census of the Province of Punjab and adjacent princely States, Kohja Clan and the Muslim Jats of Jalandhar. Kumhar(Bhumi work) is the pure craft as per Hinduism, hence the Kumhar prajapati sub caste are those kshatriyas who were authorized to take up a craft or trade rather than gaining their living as professional warriors. But Awadh bania caste not add in BC list in Punjab. My family is from Sialkot and iam a sialkotti rajput. Shudra castes: All untouchables castes mentioned in Manusmiriti. They were permanently settled in subcontinent.

Tank Child marriage is becoming less prevalent among the Kumhar. 1. Non vegetarians do not eat beef or pork. Khokhars:ਖੋਖਰ One of the largest castes, they are reportedly spread across 212 districts of India, predominantly in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Sons inherit the property when the father dies with the oldest son becoming in charge of the home. As for as the omission of Mochi Caste in the present BC list is concerned, it is the fault of persons who revised this list. This region was home to the larger Dogar population, almost a third. Most of the population from these two communities had remained Hindu in 1901. A couple examples of Brahmin surnames are Bhat, ‘scholar’ in Sanskirt, and Mukherjee. Mastana, Those who follow the Radhasoami sect are strict vegetarians.

In the Punjab of India among the Kumhar Hindus there are Sikhs as well.

Arain have also proved themselves as industrialist and have produced great sportsmen like Wasim Akram the king of swing and the proud name of Pakistan field hockey team like Shehbaz Senior. There is a race on computer/net to highlight wrong/misleading things information on the web.But dear truth will never die. Ladwa, Defence.pk is a one stop resource for Pakistan defence, strategic affairs, security issues, world defence and military affairs. 3. Channi, Such distinctions have surfaced only due to ill interests of certain section of people, who, on the pretext of making a society more manageable through these classifications, eventually paved the way to an unequal grouping within the human race. This clan is often confused with the Talwar clan and now the two clan names are used interchangeably but have distinct roots. Most of the population from these two communities had remained Hindu in 1901. Several Arain families are continue to follow up their Arabic traditions and write their Arabic teritorial names like Amani, Saleemi, Shaami and Hijazi. Mahar, This trend is beneficial to the Kumhars as long as they are not exploited by middlemen. Marriages are arranged by negotiation between the elders of both parties. Dharan

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