The engine still holds original compression test pressure and there are no oil leaks. The Kubota BX23S just is not very impressive at all. I hope I'm wrong about this, I really do, my faith in Kubota has been seriously impacted by this. I mow 1.5 acres of regular lawn and 4.5 … It is broken again and is making the machine useless. From your description of your injectors, "Then put small cup under injectors and turn engine over with start to see the pattern, and it werent spray pattern, more like really small squirt from medical douche." We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. I purchased a lightly used (24 hrs.) Z400 Series Z411/Z421 *Please see the Kubota Owner's warranty information guide for full details. LH door decal was 1/2 way off the door hanging there, which required removal and reinstallation. I have been patient and understanding.

Ken **. Depending on the manufacturer, the zero-turn effect can be achieved using hydraulic controls. As you can see the widths of each by the last two digits at the end of their names and range from 48 to 60 inches wide which is perfect for landscapers. Think fast if it happens. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, the way you treat your tractors/customers. You must log in or register to reply here. Oversize fuel tanks: They are good durable mowers. Nope. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Jeremy is the editor at where we're passionate about providing you with the best tips about a DIY and the tools to get it done. B2650HSDC FEL & Front Snow Blower, ZT-Z421, GL11000 Generator. You can drive up to 10mph with it, quickening your job without compromising on the cutting quality. Im sure it would get burnt. I used to cut with my L3240 with 72 land pride finishing mower . Welcome. I feel that Kubota should step up and help with this problem. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services. Both machines have advantages that will be considered in this Bad Boy Mower vs. Kubota mower comparison. Yea I havent used it much, just for small boost while starting because dont want to give 24V to 12V starter for higher start rpm. As discussed it is clear to me that no admission of liability will be made on the radiator's failure, and they are claiming the overheat to be a result of poor maintenance. Additionally, the Kubota Z100 series are lighter than their bad boy counterparts weighing between 621 to 771lbs in total. Unsubscribe easily. Kubota brought its products to the United States in 1969 and provides a wide range of lawn and construction equipment. Here are my reviews on the features it has to offer: Besides what I mentioned above, the mower also comes with the following features for better comfort: •Adjustable high back seat with a lot of leg room, •Soft cushioning on the state area to stay pain-free during long mowing periods, •Wide foot pan to make it easier to enter and exit, •Ergonomic control layout for ease of adjustment, •Can adjust the operation load levers according to your needs, •A cup holder and storage box to place beverages and tools. Hi all, I own five acres in SW Florida and I'm looking at replacing my Toro with either a Z400 or Z700 series Kubota. I have been very happy with my Kubota tractor functionally and generally happy with the durability of it. So regardless of the type of grass you cut, may it be long, thick, or wet, you can easily adjust the mower and cut everything successfully. It's home, neighbor pulled in and asked if I was going into business. My suspicion was that the repairer that came to inspect the unit also noticed this obvious flaw and had added something to the coolant to plug the leak. In this article, we will consider the features of some of the most cost-effective and durable z-turn machines: Kubota and Bad Boy.

The Kubota Z400 Series is one of the latest zero-turn mowers coming from the company. The Kubota Z100 series mowers an engine that also runs on unleaded gasoline with the same maximum horsepower rating as the Bad Boy Maverick, a similar torque evaluation but a smaller fuel tank capacity. You must log in or register to reply here. This is for a hydraulic hose. Reply With Quote. I bought it as "almost scrab". Not really sure why but he didn't want me picking it up myself and they are near by.

Some z-turn mowers use a. I still have the contents of the reservoir in a bottle. The overhung deck, which we wanted, will take some getting used to. Diesel engine options: JavaScript is disabled. The photo sent through from the mechanic showing the grass blockage on the radiator clearly shows that the radiator mesh that is designed to keep grass out of the radiator is not doing its intended job. I brought home a new Z421 yesterday. I don’t have experience to say that is a great machine but it is orange and I’m very impressed.

I went by and picked up to demo for the weekend. Overall, I believe this to be worth the long-term investment. It is in good shape and it did a fine job cutting Saturday. (and I just sold my L35 tractor yesterday). It's time for a new mower and we looked at Z's today. The Z400 series actually boasts of the amazing performance you can only find in commercial-grade mowers. 2020 MX5400 with 28 hours.

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