its beautiful ancient monuments, tombs, statues, and countless other After having studied [37] The population of the whole Murmansk Oblast went down from 1,150,000 in 1989[41] to 890,000 in 2002[42] to 795,000 in 2010. [27], Another treaty dealing the matters of the northern borders was the Treaty of Novgorod signed with Norway in 1326, which ended the decades of the Norwegian-Novgorodian border skirmishes in Finnmark. [27] Chronicles document attacks by the Novgorodians and the Karelians on Finnmark and northern Norway as early as 1271, and continuing well into the 14th century. "During the expedition, we took a special instrument, the most modern geophysical equipment - the Oko georadar ," one of the researchers said.

[5] Diatomaceous earth deposits are common near lakes and are used to produce insulation. [25] Kolo Volost lay to the west of that line, while Tre was situated to the east of it.

consecrated gifts.

[45] The consolidations were rationalized by the necessity to isolate the herders from the military installations, as well as by the need to flood some territories to construct hydroelectric plants. and mathematical sciences Sergey Smirnov, Professor of the [6] 1887 saw an influx of Izhma Komi and Nenets people who were migrating to the peninsula to escape a reindeer disease epidemic in their home lands and brought their large deer herds with them, resulting in increased competition for the grazing lands, a conflict between the Komi and the Sami, and in marginalization of the local Sami population. Interestingly, all the pyramids are positioned … If you are the original creator of images/videos featured on this website and want it removed, please contact the webmaster. Did an atomic bomb go off in India 12,000 years ago? A weighty argument for this hypothesis is the pyramids discovered by scientists and huge stone slabs created 9000-40000 years ago. September 11, 2020.

[16] For thirty years, nuclear waste had been dumped into the sea by the Northern Fleet and Murmansk Shipping Company.
Earth / Unexplained / Weird. scientific investigation. [23] By the end of the 17th century, the practice of seasonal fishing and hunting settlements in the north of the peninsula became very common.

The city of Murmansk is the most populous human settlement on the peninsula, with a population of roughly 300,000 residents.

Kola Pyramids of the Russian North have been a legacy of a lost, unknown chambers inside the pyramids. Not all of them are as [28], In the 15th century, Novgorodians started to establish permanent settlements on the peninsula. [6] In March 1915, the construction of the railroad was rushed, and the railroad was quickly opened in 1916, even though it was only partially completed and poorly built. [2] The average temperature in July is about +11 °C (52 °F).

[23] However, commercial deer herding became more popular, although its share in the economy remained negligible until the 19th century. of Hyperborea may still be discovered.

found but it doesn't necessarily mean the place never existed. [30] By the end of the 19th century, the Sami population had mostly been forced north, with ethnic Russians settling in the south of the peninsula.
are anthropogenic in nature. [27] The official border between the Novgorod lands and the lands of Sweden and Norway was established by the Treaty of Nöteborg on August 12, 1323. Location of Murmansk Oblast within Russia. Another important discovery was the discovery of the remains of an ancient observatory: some pyramids made by man and a 15-meter tank with two indicators.

secretary of the Pulkovo Observatory, candidate of physical [26] Most of the sparsely populated territories outside the urbanized areas were used for deer herding. who was also a Greek historian. Golden Age, that is, about Sami shamans who lived on the Kola

manner, his priests, for they daily celebrate him with continual

Report of the Nordic sub-Group on Research Priorities for ASCOBANS, Charlottenlund, «Стратегия социально-экономического развития Мурманской области до 2020 года и на период до 2025 года», "Nuclear waste removal starts in Andreeva Bay", "Russia's Last Cold War-Era Reactor Lifted Onshore in the Arctic",, A Monument to the Victims of Political Repressions Is Planned to Open in Murmansk by October 30, "Ethnogeographic metamorphosis of East Karelia during the 20th century CSABA HORVÁTH", "Всесоюзная перепись населения 1989 г. Численность наличного населения союзных и автономных республик, автономных областей и округов, краёв, областей, районов, городских поселений и сёл-райцентров", "Численность населения России, субъектов Российской Федерации в составе федеральных округов, районов, городских поселений, сельских населённых пунктов – районных центров и сельских населённых пунктов с населением 3 тысячи и более человек", "Всероссийская перепись населения 2010 года. smaller than Sicily, lying to the North - which is inhabited by located in a remote region and the locals, expedition, we took a special instrument, the most modern

[27] No state borders were established by the 1251 treaty.

[27] Also in 1251, the first treaty with Norway was signed in Novgorod regarding the Sami lands and the system of tribute collections, making the Sami people pay tribute to both Novgorod and Norway. [5] Strong storm winds blow for 80–120 days a year. [27] The Norwegians, however, were also attempting to take control of these lands, resulting in armed conflicts. [17] Additionally, several nuclear weapons test ranges and radioactive waste storage facilities exist on the peninsula.

[citation needed] The Barents Sea is one of the only places the rare Gray seals can be found. The peninsula is located in the far northwest of Russia, almost completely inside the Arctic Circle and is bordered by the Barents Sea in the north and the White Sea in the east and southeast.

[32] Alexandrovsky Uyezd was transformed into Murmansk Governorate by the Soviet government in June 1921. Thousands of people were sent to Kola in the 1930s–1950s, and in 2007 over two thousand people—descendants of those forcibly sent here—still live on the peninsula. advanced ancient civilization we know virtually nothing about? [27] The Sami population was forced to pay tribute.

Latona was born there, and for that reason, the inhabitants


[8] The taiga in the southern areas is composed mostly of pine trees and spruces.

[25] The name given by the Pomors to the northern coast was Murman—a distorted form of Norman meaning "Norwegian".

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