By 2010, it is the seventh biggest. But in practice it has never succeeded in doing so in the US. Between 1963 and 1970 the company sold 50 million of those. Whitmore lasted a little more than three years, before the board fired him in 1993. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change. In recent years the company has been weighed down by its pension responsibilities, born of a paternalistic culture introduced by Mr Eastman himself.

And it happened in 1975, long before the digital age. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —, This article was originally published at The company jumped on the digital trend bandwagon — although it was a late adopter — while still selling analogue cameras and film. There are many issues that contributed to Kodak’s eventual demise. In fact, Kodak invested billions to develop a range of digital cameras. The organization that had the cornerstone in the industry seems to have lost their momentum.

They were able to garner knowledge and different perspectives from the team members, with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Rather than seeming revolutionary, leaders at Kodak seemed irritated and outdated saying “It’s not playing grab ass anymore” with digital. Throughout the following decades, innovations and inventions ensued which supported the company fulfil its founder’s purpose. Addressing strategic decision-making quandaries such as those faced by Kodak is one of the prime questions addressed in Vince Barabba’s book, “The Decision Loom.” Kodak management not only presided over the creation technological breakthroughs but was also presented with an accurate market assessment about the risks and opportunities of such capabilities. How it worked: the clients would take photos with the Kodak camera and then send the camera to the Kodak factory where the camera’s film was developed, and photos were printed. Kodak’s leadership failures are analyzed through a lens of executive complacency. Sony and Canon saw an opening and charged ahead with their digital cameras.

This is the second article in our Failure Stories series. Kodak is one of the most trusted & renowned brand in the camera industry since its inception. The trouble began 20 years ago, with the decline of film photography. First of all, George Eastman set out to democratize photography. Strategic problems were tackled through rigid means, and as mistakes in the manufacturing process were costly, and profitability was high, Kodak avoided risky decisions, and instead developed procedures and policies to maintain the quo. However, it is the opinion of many that Kodak’s complacency and the lack of effective research and development in a timely manner did not prepare them for what was to come in the new era of digital technology and consumer demands. George Fisher, who was lured from his position as CEO of Motorola to succeed Whitmore in 1993, captured the core issue when he told the New York Times that Kodak.

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