Doch bevor Kiba von Sakon getroffen wird, pinkelt Akamaru ihm noch mal in die Augen, wird dafür aber von Ukon bestraft und niedergeschlagen.

Akamaru (wieder rot durch eine Nahrungspille) läuft gleich zu seinem Herrchen, um zu sehen, ob es ihm gut geht. Sakon und Ukon waren nun böse und wollten es endlich beenden. He could win this one. Dieser ist nur ein Stückchen in den Fluss geworfen worden und fragt sich, wie Sakon es schaffen konnte, ihn von hinten anzugreifen. The Ukon/Sakon fight isn't really a reliable measurement of who would win. Required fields are marked *. save hide report. Kiba und Akamaru vs Sakon und Ukon. Akamaru will Kiba gleich zu Hilfe kommen, doch tritt Sakon Kiba zu Akamaru mit Tarenkyaku.

Kiba plant dann mit Akamaru eine Gatsuuga-Attacke. Juugo VS Kiba Location: Kiba Vs Sakon Starting Distance: 10 meters Restrictions: None. Im not sure who would win this battle. At all. Tier: At least 8-B | At least 8-B | 8-A. Er nimmt sich ein Kunai und sticht sich selbst damit in den Bauch, da auch Ukon den Schmerz spürt. Sasuke was amplified by the curse mark against CS1 Sakon.

It wasn't until Ukon joined the fight which Sasuke states he didn't see coming where started losing the exchange. Akamaru schlägt Kiba vor, dass sie ihr neues Jutsu anwenden sollten. Anonymous. People who hate anime can you explain why ?

Anime. I feel like Kiba honestly has a chance here, Kiba during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc was actually pretty good, Sakon/Ukon were just the worst possible opponents for him. Menu.

Kiba can use all feats/abilities that have been shown during End of Part 1. Trotzdem bekam er eine ziemliche Wunde. Kiba kam zurück, um Akamaru zu befreien. How?

I'll expand on this, despite not really needing to. Fireball jutsu. Kiba wins. Kiba sucht nach Ukon, der verschwunden scheint, doch in Wahrheit nun sich in seinem Körper befindet und aus Kibas Schulter rausragt. Their kekkai Genkai would help them in battle and they have orochimaru’s curse mark is they need to use it. Kampf Bei diesem Angriff wussten Sakon und Ukon nicht mehr wohin sie sollten, ob sie nach links oder rechts ausweichen. Angreifer: Kapitel 202 - 206 If your talking about Shippuden, then I think...well...Kiba and Akamaru are fast, but Kankuro is the stronger fighter.

Akamaru (wieder rot durch eine Nahrungspille) läuft gleich zu seinem Herrchen, um zu sehen, ob es ihm gut geht. All of his blows were easily blocked by Ukon.

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Doch als er näher herankam, sah er, dass es sich nur um eine Attrappe handelte, die mehrere Kunais aus sich raus schoss. Akamaru geht unter Sakons Beinen entlang, um sich Anlauf zu verschaffen. Intelligence: Above average, was apparent leaders of the Sound Four. It may not display this or other websites correctly. What's new New posts Latest activity. Without CM Sasuke is done for.

Sakon and Ukon win simply because of the lack of info we have to asses if Kiba's has actually learned something besides spinning like drill hoping for your claws to do minor damage.

Kiba also got "knocked on his ass" by base Ukon.

With two and a half years to train and knowledge of essentially all of Seimon no Sakon's jutsu and powers, Inuzuka Kiba should be able to defeat him. Take a second to look at our.


Song In The End; Artist Linkin Park; Album In The End; Writers Joseph “Joe” Hahn, Chester Bennington, Mike … Question #98226.

Plus Kiba and Kankuro beat them.

We already know than Ukon can block hits from anywhere within Sakon, that why Sakon was unhurt, just like in this instance.

Dieser wendet nun mit Akamaru gemeinsam sein neues Jutsu an: Inudzuka Ryuu Jinjuu Konbi Henge: Soutou Rou. JavaScript is disabled. Kiba meinte, es wäre zwecklos, da sie von Akamaru "markiert" wurden, können sie Sakon und Ukon riechen. As soon as he gained knowledge of Sakon/Ukon interchanging and started using ninjutsu instead of just taijutsu, he would have done just as well, if not better, than Kiba. Techniken What do you guys think? Kiba would have to go Twin headed Wolf transformation from the getgo to win, but in character he wouldn't and Sasuke is fast enough to blitz before that. Premium.

Against Kiba, Sakon was forced to reveal Ukon completely, and go somewhat serious as he resorted to actual techniques rather than your simple taijutsu. Biden says he will  MANDATE wearing masks.

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As soon as he gained knowledge of Sakon/Ukon interchanging.

Kiba & Akamaru(Naruto) vs Ken & Koromaru(Persona4) Close. Perhaps because Kiba doesn't have any objective showings of speed to suggest he can compete with Sasuke's plethora of feats and statements? >: D …

Kankuro.He is a jonin and Kiba fought some dude in a Blue jumpsuit and claimed he was a hard opponent ,and ten ten and lee said he was easy.Lee and Ten Ten are chunnin like kiba as well.

What you're describing can easily be attributed to Sakon's physical durability which would coincide with his accolade of being the strongest of the Sound Four at least in base. Log in or Sign up.

:laugh. Doch setzten die Beiden jetzt zur Verteidigung Kuchiyose: Rashoumon ein. Ukon verpasst Akamaru einen Schlag, so, dass dieser sich zurück in seine wahre Form verwandelt.
I'm also curious as to why you're choosing to relegate this discussion to their respective showings against an opponent they both clearly could not beat. This is the fight, Kiba & Akamaru vs Sakon & Ukon. Informationen Stronger than CM2 Jirobo), Speed: High Hypersonic (Able to keep up with Sasuke in a fight) | High Hypersonic (Faster than before) | High Hypersonic (Faster than before), Lifting Strength: At least Class 10 | At least Class 10 | Class G, Striking Strength: At least City Block Class | At least City Block Class | Multi-City Block Class, Durability: At least City Block level | At least City Block level (More durable than before) | Multi-City Block level (Superior to CM2 Jirobo). Welcome to the forums!

The Ukon/Sakon fight isn't really a reliable measurement of who would win.

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