If your Kenmore side-by-side doesn’t run, ensure the cord is plugged firmly into the outlet and check your electrical panel.

Temp” button on the control panel you’ll see LED bars. Close the freezer and allow the machine to cycle through and fill ice trays before further troubleshooting.

Turn the ice maker back on and return the cover plate.

When the Kenmore Elite refrigerator is not making ice, it could be due to the water filter, according to Repair Clinic. Most Kenmore side-by-side refrigerators offer the option of a built-in ice maker.

Kenmore is the brand name of appliances sold by Sears.

If that valve has failed and stays shut, it won’t send water to the dispenser or ice maker, and it will fail if the electrical connection to it shorts out too.And a leaking inlet valve could certainly do that.Check the inlet valve wiring with a multi-meter, and if it gets power but won’t make ice, replace the inlet valve.What else could I check?Ice makers in general go bad, upping the repair rate of any fridge that has one fifty percent. Flush the lines with a solution of one-part vinegar and one-part water.

Renee Miller began writing professionally in 2008, contributing to websites and the "Community Press" newspaper. I need to know how to fix an ice maker on a Kenmore refrigerator.I’m assuming someone actually turned it on.If someone turned it off, I have a different problem. The refrigerator doesn't function well when it is not level from side to side. How do you reset the ice maker?Turn off the ice maker, unplug the fridge or turn it off at the breaker, wait for power to dissipate in the unit -That’s usually five minutes.Then reconnect the fridge and turn on the ice maker. NOTE: The diagnosis and repair procedures in this manual do not necessarily apply to brand-new Kenmore refrigerators, newly-installed refrigerators or recently relocated refrigerators. If the breaker has tripped, reset it. If the sensor is loose, this would be the problem.

This can restrict the water flow to the ice maker. Why Does the Ice Maker in the Refrigerator Not Work? Contact a plumber to repair the problem. Clean the coils. If the ice cubes have slowly begun to reduce in size and shape, then the water flow has more than likely been restricted. Her full bio and clips can be viewed at www.vegaswriter.com. Place a level on the top of the refrigerator and remove the front grille, the covers over the wheels or leveling feet. From an ejector arm that refuses to budge to a kink in the water lines that run behind the fridge, there are a few reasons that can prevent ice from dropping out of the Kenmore … Check the water lines in the back of the refrigerator to see if there is a visible kink or clog from the hard water that flows from the house line system.

If your ice maker isn’t producing ice, ensure the ice maker's power switch is in the "On" position, and the water supply is turned on and connected. For models with digital control panels, next to the “Frz. Remove the front plate that covers the ice maker. She earned a B.A. When the freezer door is opened the freezer door switch does two things, it turns on the light in the freezer and turns off the ice maker and dispenser. If your side-by-side features a control panel, check the status of the panel. Models without a control panel use a dial to set the temperature.

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