All in a day’s work for Henry, I guess! Description Treasure map XVII-17 shows house at the interesection of 2 rivers located south of Rovna. Now be sure to, Turn right and look for a wooden door. Treasure map XVI-16 shows a river and a point of interest south of Skalitz. Eye color Under the bridge on the side closest to the mill you'll find a chest. But I took the win in the end and claimed the key to my prize from Old Blaha. It is helpful to write the right answers down, because you have to pick the false ones later! To open very hard locks, you will need at least 10 Lockpicking Skill. And now he wants it back again. Walk around the camp to avoid confrontation and find the grave behind it, hidden by some bushes. I "borrowed" them from him. Use your spade to get to the treasure. Sir Ride west along the river until you come across an island with a willow tree. Just ride/run inside and outside the whole camp to gather info. Bring some lockpicks for the chest with a very hard difficulty lock. It should be open. Once near your destination, look for a path leading up. Go through all dialogue options and make sure you remember the content of the parley. I got out the same way I came in since everyone was too busy with their dice to even care what I was doing and the guard at the entrance was too nice a fellow to bother me. Honeyed Words Travel to Ledetchko and then follow the path leading east. Problem is, actually finding it is a bit of a nightmare, so here’s where the locator is in Kingdom Come Deliverance. I went to talk to Old Blaha who sat at a table not far behind the entrance.

Title(s) Treasure map IV-4 shows a path following the river heading east from Ledetchko. With the information Timmy gave you, it will show a waypoint on the map. Wait near town for one guard to come and kill him without alerting other and wear his armour,do it at night. After all, that was some serious lock on that chest.

That’s who we’re looking for. Your email address will not be published. (He will die), As a reward for having delivered Erharts archenemy, he actually wants to give you the necklace, but since you've stolen it before, he. Treasure XX-20 shows a point of interest northest of Skalitz near a willow tree. Sir Anselm then says he was meeting his friend to bring him into a business arrangement, and you can practically see the wheels in his head spinning at light-speed as he adjusts his story to make use of this Local Lord's helpful manservant (henry). If Henry accuses Anselm of killing sir Alphonse, A… Find the dice player who won Sir Hans' necklace. Three guesses where he might be. You will find a map with directions to the camp of Sir Erhardt.

You can also disguise yourself with an enemy armor, they will let you enter and walk into the camp, but you will have to answer to some guards with speech skills. Of course, I could have told him that Pilgrams was worth his merry band, especially the merchants travelling between there and Prague. I finally arrived there and spotted the camp slightly north of the trail at the east riverside. Pick the following dialogue options to be better prepared for the fight: Sir Radzig will send you to ask Sir Divish of Talmberg for reinforcements. Makes me wonder if Sir Anselm doesn't have some greater role to play in KCD's narrative. Bring lockpicks for the chest with a hard difficulty lock. It’s a pretty even battle, so just get your buffs up and rush into the fray. Treasure map XI-11 shows a path leading east from Ledetchko that travels alongside the river to a cave. You should see some bandits around the upper part of the camp by the church once you reach the top. Me, passing off as a nobleman? Travel south of Sasau until you reach a river winding southwest from the bandit camp in Vranik. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Explore the houses to find a ladder that leads into a cave. Henry's engaged Sir Anselm at least twice in duels, and each time, Sir Anselm reappears no worse for wear, though having died the death.

Instead, I made the acquaintance of Sir Anselm of Domky, a close friend of Sir Alphonse's, as I learned, was the dead nobleman's name. Or perhaps he's just doomed to haunt the riverside mourning the … Travel to Skalitz and follow the road leading northeast until you reach an entrance to the woods. Once across, explore the clearing to the left to find a grave. Reward Start traveling north into the woods until you come across a mine near a rocky ledge. Also, you will not be able to complete the objective "Find out who killed Sir Alphonse." Underneath it will be a chest hidden by some overgrown grass.

There you will meet Sir Anselm. To do this, Henry needs to introduce himself as sir Alphonse in the bandit camp and negotiate with the local robber Baron - sir Erhart. Before that, he also call Sir Radzig a killer too.

I was also likely to find out more about Sir Hans' necklace there that way, probably even the necklace itself. So, where did he say that was? (Optional) Find out who killed Sir Alphonse. 1 Codex entry 2 Actor 3 Associated quests 4 Gallery Following the death of Jindřich III of Pirkštejn (Henry III of Pirkstein) in 1402, Hanuš of Lipá (in KCD Hanush of Leipa) became the guardian of the former's son, Jan Ptáček (in KCD Hans Capon) and thus the acting governor of the surrounding province. Now it is important, that you be, Stay honest and tell Erhart, where the camp of Anselm is. Didn't look it though... After finishing him off, I was called to parley with Sir Erhart. Sir Anselm told me he was to meet Sir Alfonse at this place for business purposes with some brigands, only to find him murdered by the very same men. 650 Nobleman's hat tell Sir Anselm who Sir Alfonse's killer is Good thing I already had some noble-ish-looking plate armour and a nice steed to fit my role. In the barn there is a chest with the Cuman gear. To find this site, ride across the bridge into Sausau Forest and head south along the river until you reach the general area of the abandoned house.

Head to the camp and get inside. "): The last method will, however, have an impact on the questline. The bold Sir Hans Capon inherited a lovely necklace from his great-grandmother... which he lost at dice. Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Everstone, Pokemon Go: How to Beat Team Go Rocket Leader Cliff (October 2020), Pokemon GO: How to Beat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra (October 2020), Beat Legend: AVICII Now Available on iOS and Android Devices, Phantasy Star Online 2 Invites You to a Toga Party With Proud Monarch AC Scratch Collection, Just Some Gaming Memes To Beat the Monday Blues, The Elder Scrolls Online Expansion Markarth Gets Gameplay Trailer to Celebrate Release, Fortnite’s Next-Gen Update Ready For Day One; Epic Details New Features, Kingdom Come Deliverance: Where the Locator Is. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "2fafb8368c3264a0eb6301227634c735" );document.getElementById("e11a39e58c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Trophy Guide. Treasure map VI-6 shows a path leading north from Ledetchko alongside a river.

Walk through them and into the bushes to find the grave with the treasure. Also interesting that Sir Anselm appears to have dug Sir Alphonse a grave not too far away from camp. © Valve Corporation. Once the river ends, travel northwest until you find some ruins. Brown And since playing dice is no fun without stakes, I bet 1000 Groschen. You won't get the whole dice tournament prize but only the necklace. You may have to fight him to get to the chest. Bring some lockpicks for this chest with an easy difficulty lock. Divish’s locator will just be sat inside one of them chillin’, waiting for you to untie them and get them back home. After reaching the gates of the fortified bandit camp this objective will trigger. Please see the. Head west from Skalitz, following the river into the woods. He started attacking me but I parried the shit out of him and killed him without a sweat, and suprisingly, his sword is bloody already although he never hit me once. Look for the mine southwest of Skalitz hidden on a rocky hill. Matoodeloo then!

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