The indefinite article defines a word as unspecific—it is anyperson or thing (a man,a car, problems). Look at these examples: is used for most singular nouns. Going back to the cats' beds, we start with the singular noun cat, then pluralize it to cats, then make it possessive as cats'.

class board committee jury Rule 20: The use of the apostrophe with letters, numbers, and symbols is in a state of transition.

(eggs, the egg’s, the eggs’) The cook needs a dozen _____________________.

6 0 obj For example, "dog" is a common, countable, concrete noun. These form their possessive by. The difference between the definite and indefinite article usage is the same for both the singular and plural. English possessives of nouns are usually formed in two ways: (1) by placing of before a noun or (2) by adding -’s to the noun. (your parents, your parents’) Is this _____________________ new house?

/Subtype /Image A plural possessive noun represents more than one thing or person, place, or thing and shows ownership. (Mr. Roberts, Mr. Roberts’) _____________________ daughter now lives inSeattle. Look at these examples: the color of the car, the car’s color the depth of the river, the river’s depth the face of a man, a man’s face the roar of the lion, the lion’s roar, one goose                  two geese                two geese’s eggs, one man                    two men                  two men’s suits, one woman               five women            five women’s shoes, one mouse                ten mice                  ten mice’s babie, bus, buses buzz, buzzes wash, washes box, boxes perch, perches baby, babies laundry, laundries country, countries try, tries job, jobs kid, kids song, songs ladder, ladders shipment, shipments, the boy, the boys the clock, the clocks a river, rivers an apple, apples. The list of irregular plurals is quite short: child, children; foot, feet; goose, geese; man, men; mouse, mice; ox, oxen; person, people; tooth, teeth; woman, women.

<< There are certain basic rules that English follows fairly consistently when it comes to constructing possessive nouns.

The girls have tents on the other side of the lake. See more Preparing to Write: Pronouns – Writing Better English For ESL Learners. class board committee jury The use of the apostrophe with letters, numbers, and symbols is in a state of transition. 4. >> The preposition of tends to be used with inanimate objects, and -’s tends to be used with people or living things. However, an apostr. The jury = singular noun The jury comprises many jurors = plural possessive adjective I'm not sure if I confused the issue more, or clarified it. The possessive form of the singular noun representative is representative's.example: The representative's appointment is at four. The difference between the definite and indefinite article usage is the same for both the singular and plural. ���� JFIF � � �� C jonquille.

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This year our team _____________________ playing was much improved. All Rights Reserved, our in-depth exploration of irregular plurals, Management of the many stores - Stores' management, Decision of the executives - Executives' decision, History of the governors-general - Governors-general's history, Attention belonging to the passers-by - Passers-by's attention, Roles of the editors-in-chief - Editors-in-chief's roles, Hill of Jack and Jill - Jack and Jill's hill, Relationship of George, Jerry and Elaine - George, Jerry and Elaine's relationship, House belonging to Mom and Dad - Mom and Dad's house, Jan and Tony own two separate cars - Jan's and Tony's cars, George and Harriet receive separate grades - George's and Harriet's grades, Matilda, Yvette, and Marianne have different ambitions - Matilda's, Yvette's, and Marianne's ambitions.

The dark brown _____________________ her eyeswas beautiful. (soups, of soup, the soup’s) A large bowl _____________________ costs twodollars. The choir comprises many singers = plural possessive adjective: their music So, for your question: The jury... unanimous in their verdict. The. 2. /Type /XObject All the nouns in these groups consistently follow the plural possessive rules described above. A singular noun names one person, place, thing, or idea, and a plural noun names more than one.

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