I have been looking for a new job, which better suits my talents, I have been looking for more personal and career contacts, friends, girlfriends/partners….and well on both occasions I have been feeling very sexual/horny in honesty but in a particular way. Here is when you can take advantage of the best of what’s happening, even if you can’t avoid the worst. Venus or Mars or in this case, Jupiter! When Jupiter starts to station direct, you’ll get moving again. The first Jupiter Return, around age 12, is when your natural interests emerge with more enthusiasm. This will show the way Jupiter expresses itself. This bird can soar to great heights and therefore has a higher perspective of what’s happening on Earth, But Eagle is also ‘eagle-eyed’. When the South Node goes over my natal 4′ Cap Saturn (10th), then things should be interesting! It is a wonderful placement for understanding the mysteries of life. Then at each 12-year interval, Jupiter returns to remind you of what grabs you most. inspect_request_impl: concerns documentation. His presence shows where you are inclined to be generous because you trust that there is enough to go around. Jupiter’s return brings you back to a sense of meaning, and being supported by the universe in a mysterious way. I’m hoping the return provides a bit of relief from the intense Saturn-Pluto energy . He simply couldn’t get enough much to the annoyance of Juno (who gave as good as she got!). The abundance flows and you seem to be in the right place, at the right time….often. Take centre stage. 2nd December 2019– 19th December 2020, Jupiter in Aquarius In ancient times, people used to swear on Jove in court (Jupiter) and from this comes the saying ‘By Jove’! Check the aspects Jupiter makes to other planets and angles. 11th August 2015– 9th September 2016, Jupiter in Libra I have used many of your tips, but wanted to ask a question…..i know my natal Jupiter sign (obviously) but I do not know the natal house. I think of the Jupiter returns as being like the rings of a tree that mark growth spurts. The Jupiter Return period may be marked by a feeling of being luckier, happier, more optimistic, more positive. 9th September 2016– 10th October 2017, Jupiter in Scorpio 25th May 2024– 9th June 2025, Jupiter in Cancer 16th May 2023– 25th May 2024, Jupiter in Gemini We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Fresh starts and new beginnings – Jupiter style! Look to see whether Jupiter is part of any bigger aspect patterns in the natal chart. Here is when you can take advantage of the best of what’s happening, even if you can’t avoid the worst. It also shows what you idealize, and what your ethical, religious, and philosophical standards are. it’s usually something I like (I won’t say it’s personal but I assure you it’s nothing immoral or illegal haha..) and the need to get it has been strongest in these returns. My Jupiter return will be in Pisces and so will Uranus when this happens. Is it aspecting a planet or angle now that it wasn’t at birth? Pluto In Capricorn & The Collective Burden, Pluto In Capricorn: Collective Depression in 2020 – 2021, Pluto In Aquarius: Killing The Individual. Check the Sabian symbol of natal Jupiter for further clues to meaning. It’s been a long 12 years, was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel… Thank you very much for your time and insight. Jupiter is future orientated. But it also means that I can drift, go off into cloud cuckoo land and dream of doing rather than actually doing! Is it aspecting a planet or angle now that it wasn’t at birth? Find out your Jupiter sign with this Jupiter Sign Calculator.

Just looking for additional information on that aspect and stumbled on your site. It’s also a wake-up call, if your heart is not in what you’re doing. Does that muddy it? © 2008 - 2019 Leah Whitehorse. I hope your water heater gets repaired soon but with the heat here too, a cold shower would be welcome . Every 12 years, Jupiter comes back to meet your natal Jupiter. Any comments on the possibilities appreciated. There can be opportunities which will expand upon your knowledge and sometimes lucky encounters. It’s a year when money flows, especially when you’re aligned with your soul’s calling. What will I be releasing and leaving behind? I had lived in the larger house for 1 1/2 Jupiter cycles. It can seem that the traction isn’t there to move forward. Jupiter shows your spiritual quest to greatness – where you can become more than you are. Got plans for 2020?? What is your dream? It can zoom in on the detail. We know this large stellium in Capricorn will form. It’s possible that Jupiter is in the 8th but to be honest, if you don’t know your time of birth, the only way to really gain some idea of where Jupiter might be would be to do a full chart rectification. . Hi Chahal, thanks for your comment. Here are some suggestions of what to do to make the best of your Jupiter return period :-. The timeless fascinations are a big clue to your passions. Check for when Jupiter is transiting your Sun or conjunct your Ascendant for an injection of Jupiter joy. Jupiter may show up as an advisory figure – a lawyer or doctor you can trust, a new teacher, a mentor. My Jupiter return will occur at 11 Capricorn, when Saturn and Pluto are conjunct. Fresh starts and new beginnings – Jupiter style! Your email address will not be published. I nearly have this exact same chart (born 25th December).

Jupiter in the Natal Chart Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. At the onset of my Scorpio Jupiter Return in October 2017, I quickly sold my large house and downsized to a smaller one all within one month! What sign is Jupiter in natally? People show up, and help you, like human angels. 13th May 2021– 28th July 2021 You can cast your chart for free at astro.com. 9th June 2025– 30th June 2026, A repository of the best Astrological content from across the web, Take a course, study, increase your knowledge. Think big. Call on your joy. Jupiter is a kind of north star in the birth chart, along with other factors like the North Node.

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