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Jungjong of Joseon (16 April 1488 – 29 November 1544, r. 1506–1544), born Yi Yeok or Lee Yeok, ruled during the 16th century in what is now Korea. Jungjong is famous for appointing Jang Geum, the only known female royal physician in Korean history, as one of his personal doctors. Jungjong of Joseon (중종) (1488 – 1544, r.1506–1544), born Yi Yeok, was the eleventh ruler of the Joseon dynasty in what is now Korea. Political confusion in the court during Jungjong’s reign made Joseon vulnerable to attacks from the Jurchen and from Japanese pirates. Imperial court officers were persuading the king to punish all medical women who treated the king's wife (that includes Jang Geum) severely.

Despite efforts made to conceal the injury, Seongjong's mother, Queen Insu, discovered the truth and ordered Lady Yun into exile.

Daughter of Ki Myeon (기면), & elder sister of Ki Geon (기건, ?-1460), Duke Jeongmu (정무공). Princess Insun (인순공주), 4th daughter of Queen Munjeong. Jeongjong of Joseon (18 July 1357 – 15 October 1419), born Yi Bang-gwa, whose changed name is Yi Gyeong, was the second king of Joseon (or Chosun) Dynasty (1399–1400). Princess Hyosun (효순공주), 2nd daughter of Queen Munjeong. In 1504, he killed two of his father's concubines as well as his grandmother, Queen Insu. Never in Korean history had a woman become a royal physician. Yun Im's faction became known as ‘Greater Yun’ and the Yun brothers' faction as ‘Lesser Yun’. He was the second son of King Taejo of Joseon, the founder and first king of the dynasty. They returned home in November through Nanjing and Beijing. Yeonsangun was a cruel and ruthless ruler, and many attributed his cruelty to the extreme jealousy and bad temper of his mother, Yoon.

He succeeded his half-brother, Yeonsangun, because of the latter's tyrannical misrule, which culminated in a coup placing Jungjong on the throne. Wokou pirates and privateers often plundered southern coastal regions, while the Jurchens attacked the northern frontier numerous times, seriously depleting the resources of the military. In the early days of reform, Jungjong encouraged the publishing of many books; but publications declined dramatically after the literati purge in 1519. – 1461) (이원생 의평군), Yi Mu-Saeng, Prince Seonseong (10 December 1396 – 7 July 1460) (이무생 선성군), Yi Gun-Saeng, Prince Sunpyeong (? The Seungjeongwon (King's Secretarial Office) wrote down the experience of the slave Manju, one of the 12, in Nanjing. General Bak Bo, who persuaded Bang-gan to fight against Bangwon, was executed. Those who were listed were not reigning monarchs but posthumously recognized; the year following means the year of recognition. The same year he moved the capital back to Gaegyeong, the old Goryeo capital. Later married Park Gaeng (박갱), son of Park Deuk-jung (박득중); created Lord Jidon (지돈녕). This incident is known as the Third Literati Purge of 1519 or Gimyo massacre of scholars.

– 1520) (, Princess Hyojeong (1520 – February 1544) (, King Jungjong Gonghee Hwimun Somu Heumin Seonghyo the Great of Korea, Portrayed by Kim Beop-rae in the 2016 MBC TV series. More recently, some historians have suggested that Jungjong was not actually manipulated by his ministers and in-laws, but rather used them to get rid of one another to strengthen regal authority albeit not so successfully. Their conflict led to the Fourth Literati Purge of 1545 after Jungjong's death. As Inspector General, he enforced the laws strictly so that no official dared to receive a bribe or exploit the local populace during this time according to Annals of the Joseon Dynasty.[1]. However, Yun Im, ally of Kim Anro, was able to keep his nephew as crown prince since the new queen, Queen Munjeong, did not have a son until later. Prince Yeongyang (영양군), 1st Son of Royal Noble Consort Chang from the Ahn clan. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. ✪ Fall Of The Joseon Dynasty ☆1 Of 3☆ 【Corruption & The Japanese Connection】. The title given to the biological father, who never reigned, of the kings who were adopted as the heir to a precedent king. He was the second son of King Taejo of Joseon, the founder and first king of the dynasty. Yun Im plotted against the Yun brothers, who were the new Crown Prince's uncles.

Prince Bokseong(복성군), 1st Son of Royal Noble Consort Gyeong from the Park clan. That's it. Born in 1357 as Yi Bang-Gwa, he was a prudent, generous, brave, and able military officer. The wind caused them to lose their way and they ended up at Hwaianbu, China. However, Yun Im (윤임), an ally of Kim Anro (김안로), was able to keep his nephew as Crown Prince, since the new queen, Queen Munjeong (문정왕후), did not have a son until later. Grand Prince Gyeongwon (경원대군), 1st Son of Queen Munjeong, later. However, historians judge that he was a fundamentally weak king due to circumstances of his ascension to throne, too easily swayed by both Jo Gwang-jo and conservative ministers who placed him on the throne. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. Royal Noble Consort Chang (1499-1549) from the Ahn clan. He suc­ceeded his half-brother, Yeon­san­gun, be­cause of the lat­ter's tyran­ni­cal mis­rule, which cul­mi­nated in a coup plac­ing Jungjong on the throne.

Per Sejong, her alternate title is "Princess Ansong" (안성군주). Many liberals, including Jo Gwangjo were killed or exiled. Yi Bang-won's force attacked and defeated that of Bang-gan's, Bang-gan was then sent into exile along with his family. He also made efforts to improve self-government of local areas and succeeded in reforming the civil service examination. King Jungjong refuses, saying, "Jang Geum deserves credit for her role in the safe childbirth of palace ladies, but I have never rewarded her for her actions until now, because of other affairs. Many of the Merit Subjects were yangan and landlords. Those who were listed were not reigning monarchs but posthumously recognized; the year following means the year of recognition. Per Sejong, her alternate title is also "Princess Sang'won" (상원군주). – 1449) (이덕생 수도군), Yi Nok-Saeng, Prince Imeon (1399 – 1432) (이녹생 임언군), Yi Bok-Saeng, Prince Seokbo (1399 – 1447) (이복생 석보군), King Jeongjong Gongjeong Uimun Jangmu Onin Sunhyo the Great of Korea, Portrayed by Tae Min-young in the 1996-1998, Portrayed by Oh Hee-joon in the 2012-2013, Portrayed by Seo Dong-won in the 2015-2016 SBS TV series, This page was last edited on 28 July 2020, at 06:15. In his early days of reform, Jungjong had encouraged the publishing of many books, but after the massacre in 1519 all publications were stopped. They launched their coup in 1506, deposing the king and replacing him with his half-brother, Jungjong.

Per Sejong, her alternate title is also "Princess Incheon" (인천군주). Mentions of Jang Geum, or a "female doctor," happened on these occasions: "Medical Lady Jang Geum, whose origins cannot be traced, received the right to be called 'Dae Jang Geum" under an edict issued by the 11th Emperor of Korea, Jungjong, in the 18th year of his reign.

Choi Han-gi, Lord Yeongheung & Duke Jeonghyo, 6. Since Jungjong's reign, Korea has never had another female royal or presidential physician. Officials and scholars gathered around the two centers of power, and each group developed into a separate political faction. In the events leading up to the coup, Yeonsangun had conducted two violent purges against Confucian officials in his court, setting up a backlash that affected Joseon politics for the next half-century. During the era of unsophisticated ships and sailing techniques, fishing ships or merchant vessels sometimes went adrift, mostly to China, Ryukuguk (Okinawa), Japan, and Anam (Vietnam). daughter of Hong Gyeong-ju, one of the minority officials who helped Jungjong rise on the throne. King Gonghee Hwimun Somu Heumin Seonghyo the Great, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, t, Grandfather: Yun Ho (1424 – 9 April 1496) (, Grandmother: Lady Jeon of the Damyang Jeon clan (, Princess Hyohye (13 June 1511 – 6 May 1531) (, Royal Noble Consort Gyeong of the Miryang Park clan (1492–1533) (, Yi Mi, Prince Bokseong (28 September 1509 – 18 June 1533) (, Princess Hyesun (12 February 1512–1583) (, Princess Hyejeong (27 October 1514–1580) (, Royal Noble Consort Hee of the Namyang Hong clan (1494–1581) (, Yi Yeong, Prince Geumwon (9 June 1513 – 7 April 1562) (, Yi Wan, Prince Bongseong (1528 – September 1547) (, Royal Noble Consort Chang of the Ansan Ahn clan (1499–1549) (, Yi Geo, Prince Yeongyang (24 April 1521 – 27 July 1561) (, Princess Jeongsin (5 October 1526 – 16 April 1552) (, Yi Cho, Grand Prince Deokheung (2 April 1530 – 14 June 1559) (, Royal Consort Gwi-in of the Cheongju Han clan (1500 – March 1571) (, Royal Consort Suk-ui of the Naju Na clan (1489 – 5 October 1514) (, Royal Consort Suk-ui of the Kim clan (? During the early days of his reign, Jungjong worked hard to wipe out the remnants of the Yeonsangun era. After twelve years of misrule, he was finally deposed in a coup that placed his half-brother Jungjong on the throne in 1506. in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. Many people were afraid of his despotic rule and their voices were quelled, in stark contrast to the liberal Seongjong era. – 1562) (, Royal Consort Suk-ui of the Namyang Hong (, Yi Hee, Prince Haean (15 June 1511 – 4 August 1573) (, Royal Consort Suk-ui of the Gyeongju Lee clan (? In 1444, Sejong bestowed the posthumous title of "Lord Jangcheon" (장천정) to Jeongjong's youngest son, and in 1872. Yun Im's faction became known as "Greater Yun" and the brothers' faction as "Smaller Yun.". He challenged the generous awards which had been given to the descendants, known as the Merit Subjects, of the group that was historically responsible for King Sejong the Great's ascension to the throne. In February, 1534 (the twenty–ninth year of King Jungjong), Kim Gi Son and eleven people went adrift while sailing to the mainland to deliver singong, a tax of hemp cloth, ramie cloth, cotton cloth, rice or money that slaves paid instead of their labor, to the King. When Yeonsangun succeeded Seongjong in 1494, he did not know what had happened to his biological mother until the truth was revealed to him by several officials, including Lim Sahong and You Ja Gwang. Korean Empire Culture of Korea Koreans Korean Buddhism Gojoseon Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. – 1456) (이군생 순평군), Yi Ui-Saeng, Prince Geumpyeong (? To install click the Add extension button. Soon after the birth of Yeonsangun, Queen Yoon became wildly jealous of the King’s concubines. In the latter days of his reign, he realized the importance of defense and encouraged military service.

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