Stag goes for moral equivalance because he’s unable to do math. She did not endorse anybody to be her running mate and after three ballots Spike Cohen was nominated. And sometimes a good slap upside the head is just what is needed. You won’t find the words “polygamy” or “polyamorous” either. “If you want to give up your intellectual property to go be in China … there should be no law against being stupid,” she said dismissively. GOP Gov Mike Dewine in Ohio is calling a special session in Aug to pass gun control, and Governors in MA, TX, MD and many in the US Senate support more gun control.

We cannot do Switzerland here… it works there, won’t work here….

[21][22], In 1996, Jorgensen was nominated by the Libertarian Party as its candidate for vice president in the 1996 election.

Sadly, too many tiger talking chatroom commandos make self-serving excuses for refusing to do their duty as citizens. This Presidential candidate is the most pro-2A of the three. Protecting your rights has never been more important than it is today. Never Seen Anything Quite Like You Meaning, But when it comes to the rising issue of confronting a mounting threat from China, Jorgensen’s lack of political or national security experience may explain why she has few answers. Toms King Kennel Reviews,

The Libertarian candidate goes over her plan to address 2A issues, including repealing red flag laws and abolishing the ATF. [33] Jorgensen opposes the war on drugs and supports abolishing drug laws, promising to pardon all nonviolent drug offenders. Jorgensen, … Poison Ivy Rash, I like it. [8] Jorgensen had previously been the Libertarian Party's vice presidential nominee in 1996, when she ran on a ticket with author Harry Browne. Small-government advocates need to offer alternative free market solutions — doing nothing at all won’t satisfy voters. I am all for an armed society. amzn_assoc_asins = "B081YDDJTR,B0751GGVP5,B07TV4G93W,B084RRD3CT,B085MSHJKF,B07TVW7DQT,B07T99R1N3,B07VVN7B6L,B083N5L39R,B07VKG7CP5,B0751LJ1M6,B07P6ZPZGX"; It’s obvious the NSSF doesn’t care about 2A candidates considering they dont even include all of the candidates on their “gun vote” website. [15] Podcaster Spike Cohen—Vermin Supreme's original running mate—was selected to be Jorgensen's running mate the next day, despite Jorgensen having expressed a preference for fellow presidential candidate John Monds. Become educated and keep yourself informed before it’s time to #GUNVOTE. Jo Jorgensen supports the 2A 100% and wants to abolish the ATF.-3. She supported Ed Clark for president … Lemon And White Beagle Puppy, Distance From Gilgal To Gibeon, Boat Won T Fit In Garage, inform as many people as you can about the seriousness of this election and the attempt to take away civil rights from the citizens, 1st, 2nd, 4th. Either we will pushback as necessary to have one country or we will pushback and have a peaceful separation with two Americas. It is time you make a choice and take a stand.

Russn8r loves gun control. Voters can end RINO gun control by getting involved, volunteer-donate-organize-SACRIFICE to help loyal Americans defeat RINOs in primaries. Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen has parked her blue campaign bus in Centennial Park for her "Real Change For Real People" tour. But to suggest that the federal government would have done little or nothing at all to help revive the economy under her watch isn’t going to win over many voters. My problem, though, is that the government is the one who decided it and not the individual person. [28][42][46], Jorgensen opposes government mask mandates, considering wearing a face mask to be a matter of personal choice. Becoming educated about the views, votes, and decisions of officeholders and those positioning themselves to run for office should be an ongoing concern. I realize that trump is a verb, an adjective and a noun as well as a proper noun – but still annoys me.If Biden didn’t pay you for that comment, you’re selling yourself short.Russn8r wants Trump. This makes her far more extreme on the issue than 2012 and 2016 Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, who took a more centrist approach. “Let’s become more pro-business in the United States … so businesses can respond quicker to China,” she concluded. We believe in individual freedom and that people should be able to go about their lives as they choose. Her name recognition upon entering the race is also widely considered to have been lower than Johnson's.
All she can do is take votes away from Trump, and then where will we be?

The US lasted reasonably well as a neutral country until WWI. Extra Gum Puns, [20] She is the party's first female presidential nominee. “Why would you want the government in charge of that?” She compared government-run healthcare to a monopoly and noted that “monopolies don’t cater to their customers.”. ALL Dems are gun grabbers.

Transit Bus Salvage Yard, Bts War Of Hormone Apology, Nope. Hot Springs In Ohio, But the people who are healthy or who have already had the flu let the economy go on and don't destroy the economy in the process.SIMON: I want to follow up on your use of the phrase house arrest. Russn8r wants Trump. Current news about Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen and her running mate Jeremy “Spike” Cohen. But perhaps her absolutist stance can win over some of the most die-hard Second Amendment voters — even voters who don't want tanks in their garage can be darn sure that the candidate who would allow private tank ownership isn't going to take away their guns. Ikea Stig Bar Stool Hack,

Worse than RINOs & weak appeasers, they’re vastly more destructive than Dems.
Either we will pushback as necessary to have one country or we will pushback and have a peaceful separation with two Americas. Tala Ashe Husband,

“Rather than punishing the citizens of the country and getting into some kind of trade war with them, I would try to take to court the [individual] people who were responsible,” she said. In times where there is instantaneous communication around the globe and beyond, and weaponry that can reach out and touch someone across continents in less than an hour, the idea of a super-power being neutral, “one giant Switzerland,” is not even a fantasy, it is a farce1.

Chocolate Schipperke Puppies For Sale,

Even between elections, target shooters, hunters, and gun owners would do well to stay informed about the issues that affect us. All rights reserved. Sadly, too many tiger talking chatroom commandos make self-serving excuses for refusing to do their duty as as if your life depends on it. Of course, when has any politician ever let honesty get in the way of a power grab? No such thing as a pro-gun Dem.NOT ALL Republicans are gun grabbers. Anybody else notice spell checker automatically capitalizing biden but not Trump?

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