Gender Es wäre ein Dilemma, wenn diese besondere Konstellation auseinandergerissen würde. Wie geplant, soll er spätestens im Juni 2020 seinen Wehrdienst antreten. In actuality, Xue Yang was beaten half-to-death before escaping. When Meng Yao was about thirteen or fourteen, he was kicked down the stairs and fell unconscious after trying to defend Meng Shi from a dissatisfied john. [13] Jin Guangyao even went so far as to help rebuild the Cloud Recesses exactly as it was before, and to protect Lan Xichen from Nie Mingjue's fierce corpse.[5].

Lan Wangji’s inner dialogue when he goes on nighthunts with the pack of juniors. Absolutely fucking NOT. Novel

Season 1, Episode 9 Zeit: Montag, den 28. Doch alle Proteste scheinen dem Sänger nicht helfen zu können! Lan Xichen once more had to intervene to keep Nie Mingjue from killing Jin Guangyao. Jin Guangshan (Father, deceased)Meng Shi (Mother, deceased)Qin Su (Wife, deceased)Jin Rusong (Son, deceased)Jin Zixuan (Half-brother, deceased)Mo Xuanyu (Half-brother, deceased)Jin Zixun (Cousin, deceased)Jin Ling (Nephew) T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists.

Live-Action Actor Now I’m not sure if Lan Wangji’s opinions of Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi are very canonly stated, but humor me for a second. how about this: your uncle is holding you hostage with a garrote? [5], Unbeknownst to the two, Wei Wuxian had entered their room as a paperman, where he found the head of Nie Mingjue and the land deed for the Guanyin Temple. [4], Jin Guangyao's last words were "Fuck you, Nie Mingjue! fine, I’ll take yours, and his death will be the core of your downfall”, anyways my favorite replies to this are the ones asking why im 23 meters tall and my girlfriend is 21 feet tall, if have to plagued by this thought so will you reader, this hc has been living in my head rent free for a good 24 hrs now, a lot can come from being in love with your captain, honesyly i understand the distaste for his character, but hes so much more complicated than just good or bad, i [23m] gave my girlfriend [21f] my discord password and she used it to hack into my account to change my theme from dark theme to light theme the new age of cyber crimes is here.

[11] In his own words, he had killed "his father, brother, teacher, wife, son, and friend" by the end of the book.

He accused Lan Xichen of thinking him unworthy of life, just like Nie Mingjue, before staggering towards the coffin housing Nie Mingjue. He was born in a brothel, he is USED TO thinking some lives are worth more than others in the big scheme of things. He hoped that his mother, a prostitute, would receive enough worship to reincarnate into a better life. Animation [Image description: a screenshot of Jin Zixun with Su She behind him, saying “Why are you everywhere?” End image description], Jin Guangyao with wet hair for tonight….

Akira Ishida (audio drama) [8], Xue Yang was eventually caught after using the Yin Tiger Tally to massacre the Yueyang Chang Sect. Voice Actor (Chinese) Through Empathy with Anxin, he recognized that the temple stood on grounds where Jin Guangyao grew up. Courtesy Name 2013 hatte er … [1], Like all members of the Lanling Jin Clan, he wore the standard clan uniform embroidered with a white peony motif, and bore a vermilion mark on his forehead. Immediately, Lan Xichen mortally wounded Jin Guangyao without a glance behind. Xue Yang, in fact, was the only recruit who showed any talent for demonic cultivation, to Jin Guangyao's joy. Chapter 57 Although tradition held that he should denigrate the accomplishments of his late brother, he allowed Jin Zixuan's murals to exist alongside his. Clan [6], Jin Guangyao planned the night-hunt on Phoenix Mountain, which inadvertently resulted in an initial confrontation between his cousin Jin Zixun and Wei Wuxian. Jin Guangshan (Father, deceased)Meng Shi (Mother, deceased)Qin Su (Wife, deceased)Jin Rusong (Son, deceased)Jin Zixuan (Half-brother, deceased)Mo Xuanyu (Half-brother, deceased)Jin Zixun (Cousin, deceased)Jin Ling (Nephew)

In revenge, he murdered Jin Rusong, and Jin Guangyao tore down his sect in revenge. His features were clean, attractive, and ingenious, with the shadow of a smile playing on the corners of his lips and brows. He is referred to in the Chinese fandom by the cutesy name "Yao Mei-Mei," which translates to "Little Sister Yao" (瑶妹).

Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.

[6], Incensed, Nie Mingjue kicked Jin Guangyao down the stairs of Carp Tower, calling him the "son of a prostitute" who was "beyond redemption."

Jin Guangyao was saved by Su She, though his hand was poisoned and looked as though it had been burned raw. Either way, Meng Yao was recognized by the Lanling Jin Sect at last, taking on the name Jin Guangyao…

Er ist Sänger und Songwriter. He continued to beg her to tell him who wrote the letter, and she continued to refuse. Meng Yao eventually pretended to agree to Nie Mingjue's insistence that he turn himself in to his father, but instead stabbed himself.

74 Fans. if i can be your clothesi’ll hang off all your bones, xiyao doodles.. i cannot stop thinking about them

[3], Jin Guangyao was an excellent actor, easily switching from cold to panicked, shedding tears on will. Watch the latest video from AYA (@jin.guangyao). Eventually, he promoted Meng Yao to be his right-hand man, and was greatly pleased by Meng Yao's capabilities and conduct. [7] In fact, Meng Yao was Wen Ruohan's principle torturer in the Fire Palace, and often invented devices to please his sadistic master. 78 0 obj <> endobj

[10], After realizing that Jin Guangshan would never love him, Jin Guangyao elected to retaliate against his father by murdering him in a deeply embarrassing manner, revealing a ruthless side to his personality.

All posts. BTS sind die absoluten K-Pop-Überflieger. Sensing Madam Jin's fury, Jin Guangshan ground the pearl to dust and ordered Meng Yao kicked down the stairs of Carp Tower.

[19], Resigned to the fact that he had committed many atrocities for a father who would never love him, Jin Guangyao elected to kill the ailing Jin Guangshan in a deeply cruel manner. As he continued to play the guqin to calm Nie Mingjue's growing saber spirit, he was in fact slowly catalyzing his impending qi deviation.

Voice Actor (Japanese)

Jin nicht mehr bei BTS? Courtesy Name When Jin Guangyao entered their bedroom, he found his wife on the floor with shock. before Nie Mingjue broke his neck. Audio Drama

Voice Actor (Japanese)

[6], On the surface, Jin Guangyao showed a caring and humble demeanor. ?” as Jin Ling and Jingyi endlessly bricker in the background. because JGY had definitely figured out what was going on with “Mo Xuanyu” when he suddenly rocked up at Koi Tower on Hanguang-jun’s arm (he’s spent twenty years gossiping with Xichen about Wangji’s love life he knows okay, he KNOWS), but in canon there’s so little time for him to process the revelation of Huaisang’s “betrayal”, so I don’t know if it ever entirely clicked for him exactly how far Huaisang went. Though some sects initially objected, suspecting that he merely wished to gain more power for the Lanling Jin Sect, but Jin Guangyao persisted. Meanwhile, Su She accompanied the cultivators to the siege and led his sect in a song that sealed everyone's spiritual powers. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community.

Height [8] His father commanded him to slaughter the Wens who surrendered,[38] and he was not even allowed to hold Jin Ling after his birth.


Furthermore, he hired thugs to kidnap many juniors, including Jin Ling, Jin Chan, Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and Ouyang Zizhen, and place them in the Demon-Slaughtering Cave as bait.

MDZSQ I think it is fair to assume that he doesn’t really approve of them much (between the fighting, name calling, relation to Jiang Cheng, spoiled behavior, and overall loudness), but he esp doesn’t like Jin Ling, but he respects Sizhui’s choices. As a result, Jin Guangyao committed many violent acts, even killing his sworn brother Nie Mingjue after Jin Guangshan deemed Nie Mingjue a political inconvenience.

When Jin Ling rushed at his uncle, screaming to know why, Jin Guangyao seized another chance for escape. Moreover, if he had seen someone more than twice, he could remember all of their likes and dislikes, and thereby cater to their needs. Fans befürchten, dass sich diese Pflicht negativ auf die Band auswirken könnte.Jin nicht mehr bei BTS? [2], Unfortunately, he had arrived on the birthday of Jin Guangshan's only legitimate son, Jin Zixuan. Jin Guangyao brought the entire TIngshan He Sect for execution, even the children and elderly members. "[6][9] Moreover, he was desperate to earn Jin Guangshan's approval; in his own words, as long as his father commanded him, "no matter how foolish it was, no matter how hated I'd be, I'd obey regardlessly." Der 26-Jährige wird im kommenden Jahr seinen Armee-Dienst antreten müssen. [1] Because of his memory and intelligence, his sworn brother Nie Mingjue considered him a rare genius. They were thus nearly defenseless against the onslaught of corpses. Einige Fans fürchten schon das Ende der Hit-Boys, andere vermuten, die Band würde zu sechst, oder mit einem neuen Mitglied weiter machen. Male Jin hat sie sofort angesprochen und die Frau versucht zu trösten. [24] He went into seclusion, and in his last appearance in the novel, still seemed to be suffering profound grief.

mo dao zu shi drama mo dao zu shi jin guangyao jin zixuan mo dao zu shi live action the untamed cao yucheng. Frustrated, Nie Mingjue reminded him of the men he had killed for political gain in the past, prompting Jin Guangyao to ask him how he could arbitrate who deserved to live and die.

[36], After being mortally wounded, Jin Guangyao asked Lan Xichen to stay and die with him. His figure was a bit small, and his demeanor calm. [19], As he held out the dagger, Qin Su snatched it from his hand and killed herself before the sect leaders. Animation [17] [1], Lan Xichen then regained his spiritual powers and captured Jin Guangyao.

孟 mèng – eldest amongst brothers瑶 yáo – jade, precious stone, 金 jīn – gold光 guāng – bright瑶 yáo – jade, precious stone, 敛 liǎn – to hold back, hide芳 fāng – fragrance尊 zūn – an honorific.

[28], After somehow discovering that everyone had survived, and that Bicao and Sisi had spoken to the recovering cultivators at Lotus Pier, Jin Guangyao allegedly destroyed the Yin Tiger Tally and prepared to flee to Dongying.

[42], Moreover, Mo Xuanyu was accused of harassing his half-sister Qin Su instead of Jin Guangyao. Manhua Am I justifying JGY actions?

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