In September 1986, Judge Alvin Schlesinger overturned Featherstone’s conviction in the murder of Michael Holly. At that point the information provided by the Featherstone's resulted in the arrest of Coonan and several other Westies on state charges of murder and other crimes. Coonan reportedly killed a loan shark victim who could not pay his debt, dismembered him and cut off his hands.

Coonan had forgotten to puncture the lungs and Stein's torso was found washed ashore. Bad blood between Coonan and Featherstone, in part due to Featherstone’s distaste for Coonan’s Italian Mafia connections, eventually led to Featherstone being framed for the murder of Michael Holly, a construction worker and neighborhood bar owner who refused to give the Westies protection money. The Genovese crime family wanted to run all mob activity associated with the convention center. From time to time, the Westies worked for the Gambino crime family as a contract killer squad. He received a medical discharge in 1967 after just a year, claiming to have hallucinations. He volunteered for combat in Vietnam and would claim he spent time killing with the Special Forces. Holly became an enemy of the Westies gang when an off-duty policeman saw John Bokun shoot Michael Holly in Holly's bar. With Coonan's cunning and Featherstone's reputation, the two men ensured a notoriously vicious stranglehold on the already brutal racketeering circles of Hell's Kitchen. Despite being innocent of this particular murder, he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. In the 1970’s Coonan worked as an enforcer and bodyguard for loanshark named Ruby Stein. In 1980, the Secret Service put Featherstone in jail for using fake currency at a massage parlor. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS | More, Jimmy Coonan brought the Westies into the 20th Century and presided over the most bloody and violent gang in New York City history. By 1976, Coonan and Featherstone were engaged in taking over Spillane's territory, culminating in the 1977 shooting of Spillane, for which Featherstone was arrested and acquitted, and the death of Stein. Edna put out a family memorial, about their family being chained together in hell in the afterlife. In this case, he was found not guilty due to insanity.

When Coonan was a young man, Mickey Spillane, a well-known mobster who frequently employed the kidnap-for-ransom racket of local merchants to their families, had kidnapped, pistol-whipped and severely beaten Coonan's father John, a local accountant. James Coonan was born in 1946 in the Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan area of New York City.When Coonan was a young man, Mickey Spillane, a well-known mobster who frequently employed the kidnap-for-ransom racket of local merchants to their families, had kidnapped, pistol-whipped and severely beaten Coonan's father John, a local accountant. He was blond haired and baby-faced. A number of the Westies owed large amounts of money to Stein and were looking to escape these obligations. Featherstone, if still alive is in the Wit Sec. West Bureau. [9][a], "The last few years had been good to Jimmy Coonan. Learn how your comment data is processed.

His reign lasted through the mid-1980s. I thought the lads on her would appreciate it. The Genovese crime family took over Spillane’s construction business, and all of his organized crime businesses, and from that point on the Genovese crime family also ruled all of Hell’s Kitchen with an iron fist.

The hit-squad killed 68 members of Spillane’s gang with most of them killed by being gunned down. He became known as “Jimmy C.” As we said last week, Jimmy C. took over the Hell’s Kitchen Irish mob after he made a deal with Gambino member Roy Demeo to kill the previous boss, Mickey Spillane, in 1977. This was a method of disposing of his victims that Coonan would repeat many times. He went on trial with Coonan for the killing of Harold Whitehead, and they were acquitted in December 1979 after one witness killed himself and another refused to testify. Coonan learned how to dismember murder victims from Edward Cummiskey, a fellow Westies member, prison-trained as a butcher, and he disposed of the mangled remains in the swift currents of the East River. This was a racket that Spillane ran to collect a ransom from the victim's family. Coonan is considered one of the most violent Irish gangsters of all time. To subscribe on iTunes click here, give me a review and I will send you a link to see the film for free. Mickey Spillane or someone in his gang kidnapped Mr. Coonan for ransom and someone pistol whipped Coonan’s father.

The gang then tipped the cops that Featherstone killed Holly. He passed the money to a girl who remembered seeing his name tattooed on his forearm. James Coonan was a baby boomer born December 21, 1946. He opened up the gang to the lucrative drug dealing rackets as well as continuing extortion, numbers, loansharking and counterfeiting rackets in the area. He was born on the upper West Side and his mother worked with the VFW and his father was a U. S. Customs officer. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Spillane eventually went into hiding and was killed by the Gambino crime family (rumored to have been at the hands of Roy DeMeo) as a favor to Coonan. From time to time, the Westies worked for the Gambino family as a contract killer squad. Jimmy Coonan was sentenced to sixty years in prison on assorted charges. He instead told prosecutors that Bokun had committed the murder, and he became an informant. Featherstone achieved neighborhood fame for single-handedly running a group of toughs from New Jersey out of a Hell’s Kitchen bar with a rifle. Roy DeMeo, his Gambino contact, was murdered and Coonan’s Gambino family connection became Daniel Marino, a capo from Brooklyn. Those who took Spillane's side were subject to beatings, kidnappings, store vandalism, and robberies, all at the hands of Coonan's younger generation of Irish hoods. James Michael "Jimmy C" Coonan (born December 21, 1946) is an Irish-American mobster and racketeer from Manhattan, New York who began serving a 75-year prison term in 1988. Instead of a cross, she hid an inverted pentagram in a flower engraved into the stone., Westies Part 1 from Owney Madden to Mickey Spillane, Boston Organized Crime with Emily Sweeney, Halloween Extra – St Valentine’s Day Massacre. Coonan is serving his time at the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary. Jimmy C. purchased a machine gun and got on top of a Hells Kitchen tenement building waited for Micky Spillane. Morgethau said the gang began as gamblers and loansharks but have committed 28 murders, five of which have been solved. The war became so intense that citizens of Hell's Kitchen had to choose sides. He put the hands in bags in a freezer with the intention of using them to put the fingerprints on a gun he would use in an upcoming murder he had in mind. Jimmy Coonan’s criminal career started in his teens. A Westie named John Bokun went to Holly’s bar and shot him. During his time as boss of the Westies, they gained a reputation as a vicious crew of murderers and came to dominate the narcotics and counterfeiting rackets in the Hells Kitchen area. In 1969, Police arrested Coonan on kidnapping and murder beefs.

Several Westies owed money to Stein and were looking to escape these debts.

Jimmy was ashamed that his father was treated like this and he swore revenge against Mickey Spillane.

Coonan's criminal career began to take of at the age of eighteen, when he swore to seek revenge against Mickey Spillane, the boss of Hell's Kitchen because Spillane had kidnapped and pistol whipped Coonan's father who was an accountant not involved in criminal activity. During the early 1970s, Coonan recruited a gang of young Irish hoods and they began kidnapping, beating, and murdering any Spillane loyalists. An off-duty policeman in the bar saw John Bokun shoot Michael Holly, then he shot and killed John Bokun. Jimmy Coonan is currently being held at Lewisburg Federal Penetentiary, he is 59 years old and is Inmate Number 13874-054 his projected release date is November 6th, 2036, he'll be like 89 or some shit if he lives that long. Featherstone’s wife, Sissy, wore a wire and engaged other Westies in incriminating conversations to help her husband get out of jail. In retaliation and to set Mickey Featherstone up to take the fall, Billy Bokun, John’s brother got a car identical to Mickey Featherstones and put on a long haired wig and fake mustache to look like Featherstone.

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