So, of course, you’d want your child’s name to mean any or all of these things. Yoko – Child Natsu – Born in summer Taiki – Great; large

Kameko – Child of the tortoise; longevity Sikyatavo – Native American origin meaning ‘yellow rabbit’. Any names meaning "Bunny" or "Rabbit" in Japanese? Making it perfect for an Easter themed name. Haiku – A form of Japanese poetry Many foreign-language names have powerful meanings: Enzo. I have learned so much along the way, not only from my own children but also through my professional life. Arledge – English origin that means ‘dweller at the rabbit lake’.

Coella – Galacian origins meaning ‘rabbit’. Nintendo – Live luck to heaven If you’re interested in finding out about some iconic Japanese dog breeds, you may enjoy reading through this informative article. Caldwell – It is English in origin and means ‘cold spring’. Oki – Middle of the ocean Evangeline – It means ‘good news’ and is a name that is both holy and cheerful. Just a few quick tips to help make picking your pet’s new name easy and fun: As much as the Japanese people love their pets, they may love sharing them with the world even more.

Naoki – Honest; straight Lulu – With Native American origins and meaning ‘rabbit’. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Kioko – Happy child USAGI f Popular Culture Means "rabbit" in Japanese. Japanese Pet Names – Amazing Pet Names Inspired By Japan, W.T.F. Akira – Bright Note that Pii and its variants are Japanese onomatopoeic bird calls. Kabuki – Japanese dance-drama More Japanese words for rabbit. Wattle We Call It. Muyal – Indian origins and meaning ‘rabbit’.

Keiji – Lead cautiously

For girl rabbits, Momo was top with 1.7%, second equal were Hana and Mimi at 1.4%, and fourth equal Hime (princess) and Maron at 1.2%.

20 Names That Mean Stubborn - Boy and Girl Names, 27 Names That Mean Alone, Lonely, Loner, or Solitude, 45 Baby Names That Mean Traveler or Wanderer, How to Get a Child Passport With One Parent Absent. Third was Hana (flower) at 2.1%, fourth equal were Sakura (cherry blossom), Piiko, Pippi, Momo (peach, or if it were a chicken, perhaps thigh…) and Lemon on 1.3%, and ninth equal were Koko, Nana and Hina (chick), at 1.0%. Bunny – With origins in both American and English meaning ‘little rabbit’. This list of female Japanese pet names draws inspiration from famous Japanese actresses and warriors. When you do finally pick out a name you both love, please drop back by and post a comment to share the Japanese pet name you chose! amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "whatjapanth0d-20";

Kameko – Child of the tortoise; longevity A French name that means, “he who runs the home.” Javieria. Picking out Japanese pet names for your new friend can be so much fun – but sometimes it can be stressful, too! These male Japanese pet names are inspired from famous figures both current and historical. But there are many names that are associated with the celebration and that time of year. Amaya – Night Rain Usagi -- Sailor Moon -- how many words do they think they have for rabbit anyways?

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