Nearby plantings might include burfordii holly, variegated arboricola, Knock Out rose, African iris, and vinca. Description. Fertilize 3 times a year - in spring, summer, and autumn - with a top quality granular fertilizer.

As long as you work organic soil amendments into its soil occasionally (including feedings of manure tea), additional fertilization should not be necessary. This artful shade tree deserves an artful touch, so be creative in your placement. It has an attractive fern-like foliage, hence the name (most commonly called "Japanese fern tree", though why Japanese I don't know, when, according to the research I've done, it comes from either India or tropical NE Africa). F. decipiens is native to Africa and the Indian subcontinent, not Japan, and it’s not a fern. Tree ferns are found growing in tropical and subtropical areas worldwide, as well as cool to temperate rainforests in Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring regions (e.g. Despite its name, this tree is not from Japan, nor is it a fern. We appreciate your patience while we load more content about sustainable Fort Lauderdale. This is a very elegant little tree, and it's one of the best small shade trees to tuck into any size yard. 11 years ago. The roots of this tree are not especially invasive but they will travel out nearly two times the diameter of the canopy. Japanese painted fern is a lot different from the plain green ferns that many gardeners are most familiar with, such as the interrupted fern (Osmunda claytoniana).True to its name, Japanese painted fern is more colorful, offering triangular, silvery leaves (called "fronds," technically) that sport an arching habit. gcmastiffs.

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Northerners have more choice in the matter. Add top soil and composted cow manure to the hole when you plant. Lord Howe Island, etc. The Japanese fern tree propagates by seed. This regal specimen will add instant elegance to any spot you select. tropical look.

It’s neither.

Its genus, Filicium, is rare and contains limited species. The name “Japanese fern tree” is actually a misnomer. Just make sure you don’t plant them too close to your house.

Plan on at least a minimum of 10 feet so the crowns can fluff out nicely.

Its symmetrical crown magically grows that way — naturally rounded with no need to prune except for removing lower branches as it matures.

This shade tree is considered an evergreen and it does best in full to part sun. Pursue growth through self-motivation and learning. That’s 41 minutes from e-mail to job done. small size - 20 or 25 feet - makes the fern tree a good choice for a But don’t assume it’s a fern or Japanese in origin.

These photos were taken in October, 2013 there and in the Poinsettia Heights neighborhood. They’ll take their time, thank you very much, but will reward you with jaw-dropping tropical elegance year round. It is a tropical tree and would not do well below zone 10.

While Japanese painted fern is listed as being a plant for partial shade or full shade, the decision is often made for you based on where you live. It’s neither. Let their need for shade guide you when deciding on how to use Japanese painted ferns in your landscape.

The Japanese fern tree, or Filicium decipiens, is a pleasant and graceful specimen whose small size makes it ideal for your yard or home landscape.

All rights reserved. Japanese fern trees require minimum care, which is surprising since they look like the high-maintenance exotic type.

In terms of any measures needed for pest control with Japanese painted ferns, it is a mixed bag.

Make sure not to sow them too deep. For planting along a walk or drive, come in about 8 feet or more so people and vehicles can get by when the tree fills out. Still, the fact that the plant achieves its best color in the North if grown in partial shade more or less makes the decision on plant location for you. ( Log Out /  While called the Japanese Fern Tree, it is originally from India and Tropical East Africa. All you have to do is plant in a well-drained area (allow to dry out between regular watering). It’s also important that the seeds don’t get planted in soaked or soggy soil. Japanese painted fern is one of the easiest plants to grow. Japanese painted fern is a lot different from the plain green ferns that many gardeners are most familiar with, such as the interrupted fern (Osmunda claytoniana). Water on a regular basis but allow time for the tree to dry out a bit between waterings.

That would be a Japanese fern tree. Fern Trees are not very cold tolerant so they need to be planted where there are no freezing temperatures.

These shade-loving plants are excellent: Some other shade plants that make excellent companions for Japanese painted fern include: David Beaulieu is a garden writer with nearly 20 years experience writing about landscaping and over 10 years experience working in nurseries. Probably the neatest feature on this tree is the winged stem holding the leaves, giving it a flat appearance.

At the more southerly end of its range, Japanese painted fern should be grown in full shade. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

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Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. This small shade tree is evergreen and prefers full to part sun. Its bushy growth creates dense shade and the globe-shaped top means no trimming required.

It can get 20 to 25 feet but that takes quite a while, since it's is a slow to moderate grower.

Once the rains started, it grew some new leaves, but since then die-back has gotten worse.

There's no need to trim for shape, though you'll probably want to remove lower branches as the tree matures. You can see how it grows in a perfect globe shape. According to our Urban Forester, there is evidence that these trees survived Hurricane Andrew in areas where ficus trees toppled, so that may be reason to believe they are fairly wind tolerant.
This tree works well if you have limited yard space, as it will grow to only 20-25 feet. Please note that some of our features are still under construction.

If that isn’t a record response time, it’s got to be close. Consider adding composted cow manure to the soil in order to help the seeds germinate well.

For instance, F. longifolium, listed in some botanical sources as a relative of decipiens, may actually consist of several different and obscure species all lumped together under one name.
GOOD SNOWBIRD PLANT? If you'll take a little closer look, you can see how this plant got its name.

Deer seem to leave the plants alone, but rabbits love to eat them. Contact Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 or, and she’ll schedule you with one of our award-winning designers.

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Remember that its crown will widely expand as it ages, so plant at least eight to 10 feet away from your house and driveway.

Japanese painted ferns spread via rhizomes and may even naturalize over time.

The only major effort it will require from you is regular watering and cleaning away any leaves it might shed as it ages; this is a low-maintenance, symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing little tree. ).Like all ferns, tree ferns reproduce by means of spores formed on the undersides of the fronds..

My desire is to share through original photos the beauty of nature that surrounds me. It requires no trimming. An ebook by Chase Landreauthor of

conjunction with other plantings, because the foliage has a unique © Fort Lauderdale, FL All Rights Reserved, The Fern Tree, also known as the Japanese Fern Tree, is a great small to medium sized tree that actually gives a nice canopy.

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