The jackal is often used to refer a small-midsized wolf. The recognized word for "wolf," ze'ebh (compare Arabic dhi'b), occurs 7 times in the Old Testament. A jackal as your animal totem is a very powerful one.

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They use every opportunity to scavenge food leftovers from other animals, and they don’t have a problem eating even obviously rotting food.
If you have a jackal as your totem, you are most likely a born opportunist and you don’t miss any chance for progress and achieving your goals. (function(){

If you keep seeing Jackals or they have appeared before you in your thoughts then take notice.

The message of this spirit animal is to cherish by your family and friends - make them feel special and important.

Their teeth are long and thin: proof that they are made for hunting and their strong legs gave them the ability to endure long distance of running, they are well able to keep up a speed of 9.9 mph for a long period of time. In short, they are selfish animals. Jackals have been present in many different cultures since ancient times and they were attributed different meanings. The wolf is connected to a false prophet as stated in Matt 7:15. The jackal as your totem animal is teaching you to seize every opportunity which comes your way and be determined to seize them before someone else grabs them.

Often when one raises the cry others join in. Let’s now look at some interesting traits that could be connected to the spiritual symbolism. They are always fighting for their own survival; they are lonely and whatever they do, they do it for themselves. Thus, it is connected to howling. Jackal symbolism and spiritual meaning. Jackals certainly represent resourcefulness and cunningness. It is smaller than a large dog, has a moderately bushy tail, and is reddish brown with dark shadings above.

"Wild cats" have been suggested. It is a warning sign that our life or a person close to us is in danger or in need of help. If you are born under the Jackal or are protected by it as your animal totem, then it means that you are tactical when it comes to day to day activities. You have an opportunistic nature and you seize opportunities as they come your way. Bibliography Information The jackal (from Persian shaghal), Canis aureus, is found about the Mediterranean except in Western Europe.

Most of their activities are performed during dawn and dusk. It ranges southward to Abyssinia, and eastward, in Southern Asia, to farther India.

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