SO PLS HELP IM SO CONFUSED. To her surprise, Zack breaks through the window, greeting her. 5th, the only thing after the credits was that they showed the window with blood and the knife on the floor, unstained. The man gives chase to Ray, who enters a room and hides in a chest. Since his stomach is cut open, Ray once again tells him to let her stitch it. Inside the mind of a serial killer. - Episode 4, to Danny.

Gosh. Cameras loom above as Ray walks passed a gate to a wall that reads the written text: Who art thou? The door to the elevator is still locked, but from reading the words on the wall that tells them to present their names to God, Ray picks and brings back the nameplates they used for taking mugshot and chose Zack's nameplate to place, opening the elevator.

Another example is her mother's frustration with her (Ray's) lack of empathy. When Gray refuses to hand it to her, Ray tries to threaten him using Zack's knife but finds herself trembling while doing so, which Gray points out. Soon after, police came and arrest Zack who surrenders himself while Ray is taken to protective custody. Gray, however, assures her that he means her no harm. She snapped from her stupor when Zack pushes her back from the snakes. There, she meets the floor master, Abraham Gray, who tells her that the medicine she needs is at Danny's floor and she can go there if she goes with him. A man comes bursting through a door, slicing the bird with his scythe. Ray feigned uncaring of the news and just return to her room. Ray chooses the one that requires her to go to the other side of the room by walking on a rope bridge with guns shooting at her. It breaks my heart to even just think about this ending being real. This later leads to her institutionalization, as the authorities came to feel that she would murder others to make them "perfect" as well after she had killed another puppy at the orphanage she was sent to, just because she wanted to make it "hers" as well since the puppy wouldn't warm up to her no matter what she would do to get it to like her. Her eyes vary in saturation through the game: She wears a shirt that has black and white horizontal stripes where it almost covers her black shorts, a loose white cardigan and clunky black boots with silver buckles. Know thyself, and the gate shalt open.

Zack, in a way, almost seems to take on the role of an older br, other as well, and when I think about it, I feel like that’s more of a relationship that they would have. Without a choice, Danny had to allow Ray to be sent to B7 as a sacrifice, hoping that she'll eventually return to her old self and resume her role as the floor master of B1.
Her desperation in needing a God she believes made her so delusional that she saw Zack as her God. For a while, Ray lived with Danny in B1, who gladly helped her in setting up traps within the floor and would bring her gifts that he thought she would like; even going to the extent of bringing her parents' corpses into her room. Though I think he came to take Rachel when he was already dead so was she. She admits that she can't go on without her God, and now knowing that Zack is not the God that she wants him to be, she accepts that her so-called God is dead. As Ray is still weakened from the gas, she walks slowly that causes Zack to get impatient. One night when spending time in an alley, she encounters a small puppy.

How did Zack get the same clothes and a scythe? This unnerves Ray before she is taken to the trial again. Zack tells her to stop running away from herself and that she's her own person. The serial killer then demands Ray open the door of the elevator instead of asking him with the ridiculous request. I was ugly crying and hoping and dreaming that Zack will get a happy ending. He reveals that he knows everything about her, including about her wish to die and is willing to fulfil it for her. We MUST accept it and move on, no matter how hard it is. Ray tells Zack to get up from the chair as it is an electric chair to execute prisoner, but it was already too late for Zack who then gets shocked. An announcement says Zack has now become a sacrifice as he has broken the rule by attacking a resident of another floor, prompting him to run away. Cuz the police show up earlier in the episode and Zack says he doesn’t have long before they come up and catch him so they have to hurry.. am I missing it? Ray asks why he is here since he's supposed to be in the prison and reminds him that she had said she will carry the burden of their oath. Before leaving with Gray, Zack tells her to go to B6 and bring him his knife in the room where they first met. That would be epically awesome. Ray confirms this and questions, Zack, if he's going to continue to be her God, but Zack makes it clear to her that he is not a God. She then finds a crack where she can get in due to her small size while Zack doesn't and propose she go inside to check. It’s so good, and I can’t bare crying at the ending every single time.

She is further distressed when Zack says that he thinks God doesn't exist in the world. She lures the bird with some chips that she found and takes the bird with her.

Ray doesn't understand herself but it's because God won't permit suicide so she won't kill herself. Her parents despised each other and it is implied they would argue at least every night. It’s supposedly being released on Amazon, but only in Japan, which is surprising, because a lot of the viewers are American, including me. Danny praises and obsesses over Ray's eyes, commenting on how he wants to live his life next to Ray's eyes. In this ending, she has an episode of delirium and envisions Zack visiting her and finally killing her. Ray went ahead and finds the door, informing Zack of it. Rachel Gardner(レイチェル・ガードナー Rachel Gardner), also known as Ray, is the protagonist of the game, mangaand anime Satsuriku no Tenshi. She makes her way to the B6 floor, which bears the resemblance of a dark alley. IS NOBODY GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT ON ZACK DOCUMENTS IT SAYS “estimated” AGE 20. When they fall out the window, Zack stabs her and ends her life with his final breath. Zack, however, helps her to get a hold of herself, which also helps her notice the opened vent near the ceiling. In the later episodes, though, she appears to become more expressive.

I watched it on hulu so do the dvds have more in it? As Ray is the only one who can stitch, Zack finally relents to let her. Ray is originally presented as an extremely calm and collected girl, although this likely stems from her desire to die and the other floor masters say that she is ruthless, selfish and manipulative who is willing to do anything to get what she wants. It’s based off the RPG game so I wonder how they’ll do that? If it doesn’t then it means that we aren’t seeing anything about angels of death anymore. She stumbles across a newspaper that contains information about a serial killer. Twist ending: Rachel killed herself and Zack is alive. Also I can’t get off my mind that Rachel and Zack might be the reincarnation of Violet Evergarden and that man… (watch the movie, you WILL know hehehe). Most of us only ship them as a close friendship until they’re older. She is the first playable character of the game who is a young girl that awakes in a building with initially no recollection of why she is there. Finding the elevator at the back of the place where she got the medicine, Ray and Zack proceed to go up again. I REALLY like this theory. It was Jack. Ray denies this, but Danny tells her not to lie and reveals that deep inside, Ray actually wants to make Zack hers and the whole time she's actually using him so she can get away from facing her mistakes.

Oh I like that theory a lot! Although both are respectable, I personally think that 3 might have been the true ending, besides the fact that I disagree a little with a few of the factors mentioned in it, for it would be a perfect way to end the show; Zack fulfilling Rachel’s long desired wish, and dying with her so he could be with her once again in the next life, along with escaping death by execution.

Thanks to this, Ray is saved, but because she showed a sign of delirium and attachment to Zack, Ray is taken to a rehabilitation facility. After hearing Zack's story, Ray admits that she doesn't find the story interesting in any way, but she's happy and glad because she now knows more about him, a sentiment that Zack also shares. And I don’t really understand why you guys are so mad about getting another season. In the novel, Zack mentions that no one around Ray's age has ever been assigned as a sacrifice in the building, meaning that Ray is the youngest to be sent to B7 as a sacrifice. Ray returns and shows Zack hers and his resume that reveals his real name to be Isaac Foster, asking Zack about his background as she reads the resume out loud. Flaws about this ending: How did Zack escape prison? So, no none of it makes sense and I think there’s more to this story and it needs to be told. Deeming her a selfish witch who had tricked the masters of the floors despite Ray's denial, Gray brings her to a courtroom where she'll be judged. That was my take, but like I’d love it more if they escaped together and Zach never ‘wants’ to kill her yet and it turns into just a weird bond that keeps them together and alive. At the elevator on the way to B3, Ray asks Zack if she was useful for him, not referring him by name that doesn't sit well with Zack. The past Zack would never have “saved” anyone. I’m hoping that maybe Zack WILL learn to control it and maybe go after murderers and people like that instead. She then begins to have a panic attack, begging Zack to kill her immediately before he finds out everything. I just wanted to add that fact in there because there’s no proof that he’s 20 years old.

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