Durability: Small Building level+, higher with Indestructible. Seeing his lifeless body with a somewhat peaceful happy smile was really painful to see, at least to me it was. Basically everyone who fought him. Not to diss Jonathan’s skill with the blade and boxing, but Ohma was able to impress Kuroki, a ridiculously skilled karateka capable of countering adaptation based martial arts, even while on brink of death. Gaolang would be overjoyed if his child expressed an interest in boxing and would personally train them from the earliest age possible. I just enjoy that Cosmo is able to make such an impression on a character like Adam and the two become and unlikely but endearing duo to see throughout the story, even if it’s just in small panels most of the time. A subreddit dedicated to the fighting manga and anime, Kengan Asura and its sequel Kengan Omega! Speaking of the dojo, Joji thinks it’s important to cultivate discipline and does so by allowing his child to train at the youth classes.

Building level+ with Advance (Can match Removal Raian, who is 3.33x stronger than before and should be stronger than Takeru's Raging Vigour) | Building level+ (Managed to damage Kuroki even on the brink of death. Cosmo Imai: Someone who balances out his kind and bubbly personality. Secret softie but only like once every six months so someone who takes initiative. To be precise he didn'nt died.

People don’t really know how, but it seems that Cosmo has mellowed out Adam. Or they could've just not killed him? It's extremely rare for me to like protagonists, and the ones that I actually like end up dead. Saw Paing Yoroizuka: Someone kindhearted and openminded. R.I.P Ohma Tokita At least he died happily and peacefully but still, I would've preferred if the injuries made him permanently unable to fight anymore so now he lives a common quiet life. You must be logged in to post a comment. I really like seeing the camaraderie between fighters. 1. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Varies with Demonbane. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy. I swear this is a curse.

All of this with only small breaks in between matches where he is consistently pushed to his limits, and training extensively during longer breaks. He proved himself the strongest and got all he wanted. MEN, now a new incredible world of events can happen, because the BOYA there is the real mothafucking Tokita MC Ohma! However, there’s a catch: You’re completely naked. The increased heart rate and resultant high blood pressure damages the blood vessels causes bleeding within the brain tissues and leads to temporary memory loss and confusion. They need a lot of mental stamina.

This is a really stupid asspull and Ohma should have stayed dead, really lessens the impact of Ashura's finale. “Who is playing you?” he’d ask curiously, mind still lingering on your figure. Building level with Advance (Took hits from Base Raian). Seki is all about kisses. It’s nothing provocative, and he can’t help but take you in. Mokichi Robinson: Someone passionate about their work or someone who helps others. Hajime Hanafusa: Someone who he can bounce ideas off of and feels comfortable and respected by. Someone who is sweet and will spoil him with affection. The panic in your voice as you apologize, explaining you were having yourself fitted for a suit/dress, and your tailor, who is also a close friend, needed to see your proportions to figure out something (idk lmfao) calms him down because now he knows he’s not the only flustered one. So The Numidium's tier is stated as possibly higher than 1-A with that World Refusals thing, and I know he's not a tier 0 with it. Normally, he would find this great, and send a pic of him flexing. It is one of the reasons why I have developed a "reverse spoiler" personality. The Niko style is very effective even when the user, Ohma Tokita in this case, isn’t well versed in all the Katas but is this style real. Weaknesses: The Advance hampers his fine motor control while also causing severe damage to his blood vessels. Ohma's return was forshadowed a bit at the end of Ashura.

Joji doesn’t teach those classes because he would have no issues squaring up with four year olds, so when he has time or is on his break, he goes to the classes to see what the kids, more specifically his own, are up to. Prior to regaining his memories, Ohma had a tendency to recklessly use the Advance at maximum output with every use, instead of optimizing the output for the right situations, as he does after regaining his memories. Only fan arts of him being happy in the afterlife with Tokita or some his deceased loved ones will definitely make me happy but unfortunately, those don't exist.

Im enjoying the sweeter interactions in it a lot. D&D Beyond Since he was on your mind, you accidentally typed his name instead of your tailor’s. He will delete- not before he apologizes to you and opens the thread to see the full body image of you. He enjoys a chase and someone who is adventurous in all aspects of life. You start to hype yourself up about a pouty picture in particular and go to send it to your friend so you can both gas you up. They could have done so much more that will leading to volume.

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