Crime: Highest in the state. “From living in Sacramento I learned to the way to tell when you’re in the ghetto is when people have fences around their front lawn too.”, “I swear I thought Oakland was ghetto, but Sacramento is on a whole nother level.”, Income: $38,798 To figure out how bad a place is to live in, we only needed to know what kinds of things people like and then decide what places have the least amount of those things. Where is Westmont? Being the 82nd most dangerous place in the state may not sound that intimidating, but keep in mind, we looked at almost 650 cities here. Income: $47,236 Stockton has received more than its fair share of bad press lately. Rank Last Year: 1 (No Change) This may or may not come as a surprise, but Sacramento is really ghetto.

How does the crime rate in Fresno compare to similar sized communities across America? Our nationwide meta-analysis overcomes the issues inherent in any crime database, including non-reporting and reporting errors.

The NeighborhoodScout® search engine is covered under US Patents No. Sacramento is a police town. Our nationally-comparable school ratings are covered under US Patent No. You Californians are too stupid to realize satire at its finest.

Median Income: $37,406 (5th worst) Additionally, high school graduation rates are determined by looking at the total number of people who live in a city, not the current graduation rate of an area’s high schools. High school: 64% In fact, your chance of getting your car stolen if you live in Fresno is one in 214. This is compared to communities of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Barf. 522.000 Einwohnern (Schätzung 2016, U.S. Census Bureau) steht Fresno auf der Liste der größten Städte Kaliforniens auf Platz fünf. Thanks for messing up your hometown for the rest of the residents. Sacramento has a HUGE music and arts scene. I’m only freaking out because your “facts” are whack. Read on below to learn more about these terrible places around Fresno to live. Methodology: Income: $54,657

18,000 local law enforcement agencies in the U.S. But where is the actual ghetto in California? Ghetto is a white supremacist term for too many black people. Crime: 44th worst TBH, Fresno really isn't any more crime ridden than many other large cities in California like Sacramento, San Francisco, Long Beach or Oakland (actually less so with that last one). And Westmont is the most dangerous place in the state. Within California, more than 93% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Fresno. Maybe then you’ll understand that statistics don’t lie. Using Yelp and Area Vibes, this is the criteria we used: Note: For the sake of getting reliable numbers, we counted places within a city’s border, as well as within a short driving distance. More on Roosevelt:  Data. You might be surprised to hear that San Bernardino is ‘only’ the 47th most dangerous city in the state.

Residents here barely earn enough to get by on a daily basis, and 1 in 3 dropped out of high school. Richmond- 530K Your email address will not be published. According to studies, one common theme that all ghetto cities have are high number of drug stores and convenience stores.

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We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible. Crime: 23rd highest in CA

A more interesting article would not be about the “ghetto” but about the vast homeless encampments that are swelling in SF, LA, etc… What’s the point of living in a multi-million dollar house if there are homeless encampments on your street? We used science and data to analyze which cities in CA are ghetto central.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'roadsnacks_net-box-3','ezslot_2',133,'0','0'])); There are lots of people who throw the term ‘ghetto’ around. Other US patent applications are currently pending. Just because there’s a little safe zone inside the city doesn’t exclude the actual city from being what it is.

This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. If there is any doubt as to whether or not Oakland is the most ghetto city in the state, look at the numbers. All rights reserved. According to NeighborhoodScout's analysis of FBI reported crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of one of these crimes in Fresno is one in 173. I suggest you get back into your Hummer and drive back to Laguna Beach. I also miss not losing a third of my check to rent for a one bedroom apartment when in fresno i probably could be buying a house.

This is possible by associating the 9.4 million reported crimes in the U.S, including over 2 million geocoded point locations…. Or skip to the end to see the list of all 12 neighborhoods ranked from worst to best. If i wanted tex-mex i'll go to taco bell. Sacramento is not ghetto! Why is this so heavily focused on Northern California, I live 10 minute from DTLA, Compton, South Central, Maywood, South Gate, Lynwood. According to the most recent census data, Edison looks to be the worst neighborhood in Fresno. Read more. This is our fifth time ranking the worst neighborhoods to live in Fresno. I think those stats need to be updated. We use data, analytics, and a sense of humor to determine the dirt on places across the country. That left us with over 600 places in the Golden State. Although things have changed here (murders and gang activity is down), it might just take another decade before this one-great city can remain off of lists like this. That’s a ghetto no matter what fancy price tag the new buildings have. According to the Urban Dictionary, a ghetto is defined as:eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'roadsnacks_net-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',172,'0','0'])); “urban; of or relating to (inner) city life” and “poor; of or relating to the poor life.”.

Income: $42,335 Compton has notoriously been ranked as not only one of the most ghetto cities in the nation, but certainly in the Los Angeles area. More on Edison:  Data, Population: 14,052 High school: 57% Income: $39,097 Editor’s Note: This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Since a ghetto is defined as a poor area, we used income levels, crime and education levels as a guide to determine where the most broke citizens of a state live. Crime: 29th highest. Rank Last Year: 2 (Down 3) Maybe some other rural areas are just as bad.  

High school: 65%

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