(dont mean to be offensive, just trying to describe) maybe something traditional but a bit effeminate and fancy? Fact and fantasy come together when Lewis Carroll (an awkward mathematics teacher of Oxford London, who was young at heart) develops intimate feelings and falls deeply in love with an aristocratic yet headstrong adolescent girl from a high society family named Alice. Alice is the protagonist of Disney's animated film Alice in Wonderland, voiced by Kathryn Beaumont. [2] It ranked as the 172nd most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2010. It may well also be a generational issue as I still squirm when I hear it – yet it’s used quite frequently these days.

In the dark avant-garde, surrealist Czech film Alice, the character is played by Kristýna Kohoutová; the English dubbed version features the voice of Camilla Power.

A grown-up Alice returns in Disney's 2010 live action and semi-sequel CGI adaptation directed by Tim Burton. Disclaimer: These names aren’t exclusively used by the British upper classes, and the upper classes don’t only use these names.

This trait normally gets the better of Alice and leads her into many chaotic situations. Mad Hatter and March Hair and the Door-mouse await... A mysterious and interesting plot line of an intriguing dreamlike quality that shows the tender, complex and eventually controversial relationship between Alice and Lewis himself. Looking at her own reflection in a large looking glass hung up upon the wall above a high mantel, Alice began wondering what life was like on the other side of this mirror.

Like Adelaide, Alice's name day is 16 December, for Adelaide of Italy. Her love interest, Shino, appears as the Mad Hatter in the credits.

The garden was filled with gorgeous flowers, just in bloom, marble water fountains and even garden mazes. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Despite that fact, this is still a very famous and well-known version; being credited for being the first version out of the dozens of Alice films and plays and can be watched anytime on YouTube. [vague][1] The name ranks in the top 100 most popular names for baby girls in Australia, Belgium, France, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, and Northern Ireland.

In the Dora the Explorer episode "Dora in Wonderland", Dora dresses up as Alice.

The Red Queen shows her a view of the countryside, which is divided into an enormous chessboard. Just like the original story, she desperately follows a White Rabbit doll stuffed with sawdust into "Wonderland," which is a strange mix of a household-like areas with very little concern for logical space or size and it inhabitants tend to be strange mixtures of junk and other useless rubbish and rotting dead animals, such as a bed with bird legs, or a stuffed lizard with glass eyes. In this episode of Dora the Explorer, Dora and Boots chase one of their kittens into Wonderland where Dora is dressed up as Alice. Join Facebook to connect with Posh Alice and others you may know. [citation needed] In recent years in the US, the variants Alicia, Alison, and a short form, Allie, have been more popular names: in 2010, Alison was the 38th most popular; Alicia was the 220th most popular, and Allie was the 189th most popular.

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