However, the program does also come with exercise alternatives ranked from best to worst for each exercise. After situps, work up to a comfortable one-arm snatch for 10 reps. Use that weight for the rest of the workout. I’m Jeremy – a Kinesiologist and FMS, NASM certified. The intermediate program requires you to train 5 times per week. Complete 10 rounds of the above couplet for time. Days per week. Get Intermediate SHRED by Jeremy Ethier at

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This workout plan is designed to help you shred fat and get in shape in only 12 weeks. You’ve been in the gym and because of that, you’ve got some nice muscle development and are already one step ahead. If you knew a better way to get ripped, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this. 0000022712 00000 n A lot of guys who have been following a traditional body-part split might balk at these CrossFit elements.

Every single exercise, workout routine, and protocol within your program comes with an in-depth video showing you exactly what to do and why.

Seeing Results: When Will My Abs Show and How Much Will I Weigh? Because with it, you’ll be able to reach your goal in the most effective, time-efficient way possible – and that’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do. But with that being said, you will see results quickly and you can expect to drastically change your physique within 12 weeks of consistently using the program. 0000001975 00000 n 0000197773 00000 n However, as you’ll see, the program is designed to give you as much freedom as possible with your diet without hindering your progress. Also note that there will be a 5th course available in the near future that will act as the “transition program” for those who have finished my beginner program to then use.

Then simply to Add the product to Cart, then checkout with the auto system via or contact us for other payment options: Skrill - Bitcoin - etc... You will receive the download link immediately in your Downloads page after payment, or a receipt with the download link or respond from our Email Supporter within 8 hours. The Intermediate SHRED program is designed for intermediate lifters to shred off stubborn body fat to reveal a lean, well-developed physique. 02-13-2019, 12:41 AM #4. The Intermediate Bodybuilding Program builds on the novice program by increasing volume globally. But don’t look for an out with every move that makes you uncomfortable. The reason for this is because a beginner shouldn’t train like an intermediate does and an intermediate shouldn’t train like a beginner does. If you don’t like that I wear a backwards baseball hat in the training videos… Anything… If there’s ANY problem whatsoever, then just email me within 30 days and I’ll send you a full refund.

If an intermediate were to train like a beginner, they would not see optimal results. But it’s even more beneficial for cancer patients. The Built with Science approach is to maximize the time you spend in the gym and with your nutrition. Staying active can also help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and reduce your risk for some cancers.


And the same is true with the BUILD program – you’ll receive a protocol to use in the event that you’d like to focus on leaning down after you’ve put on size. 5. After purchase, you have lifetime access to the course and everything that comes with it – it’s designed such that you have all the tools available and laid out for you such that you have years’ worth of training at your disposable. If it doesn’t work for you. Made specifically for this course to help you optimize your nutrition. WORKOUT PROGRAM Cardio acceleration is critical to Shortcut to Shred. This section explains why the program is designed the way it is and provides you with both the tools and what to focus on in order to see the best results with it. However, within the SHRED program you will also receive a protocol to use in the event that you would like to focus on adding size after you’ve leaned down. © Duration. You’ll learn how powerful science really is when it comes to transforming your physique. Sign up below to receive our newest workout routines, recipes, news stories, and offers from our partners.

And the only way you’re gonna lose that layer of fat and reveal that already well proportioned, sculpted physique, is by getting into a “fat loss phase” that enables you to, Here you’ll learn exactly how to optimize your nutrition based on your goal and training experience, and is where you’ll also be introduced to the Nutrition Software – enabling you to know.

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