It's a beast of a job and usually involves blood.

However I'm probably going to need to get on with it sooner. Is it possible my teacher is just really mean? It must be just my DD's teachers preference then rather than a RAD rule. I had a private lesson when my teacher went over everything she had reservations about and she decided I was okay to go for it.

I’ve studied the graded syllabus from grade 1 – 8 loosely and it is true, the variations (dance numbers) are not as complex and very ‘dance-y’ with lots of room for expression and artistry. The Royal Academy of Dance originated in Britain. Our teacher said she didn't understand why adults struggled with them so much and ending up doing jete en avant (I think that's the one).

@Viv I was persuaded to get over my panic. or sets adage as developpés en croix. Sorry for double post but I saw the multiquote option too late!, I work incredibly hard & long hours but my 3 hours a week I set aside for dancing cannot be interrupted, for IF the exam specification recommends 150 hours of hands on (lessons to the syllabus) & 100 hours of general dancing exams aren't the be all & end all for everyone but for me it was a nice way to reward / underscore the hard work & you don't have to rush to the exam either, I became super focused on my exam to the point of obsession but then I did load myself under a lot of pressure & expectations it did however take some fun away from dance for the 2 months before the exam, I'm so much happier now using grade 7 as a base & just enjoying it again. We never have grade exams in the same session as vocationals – I think that's a really tough gig doing them on consecutive days! Another in IF has no intention of doing exams because she doesn't want to be a ballet dancer professionally, but she loves ballet and wants to increase her technique. Please let me know it gets easier because at the moment it's practically impossible. all I tried to remember where key things, like pointe your toes, crossing thighs not ankles on the echappe battu, other than the speed the one thing I really struggled with Allegro 2 was the arms going into the first jete, arms in 3rd with the leading arm always felt wrong as you were about to change direction, tool me forever to break that association! I really hope some of this is making sense :-), As for the rest of IF I found singing it in my head worked, like the Tendu exercise, sing along, one with a straight leg, one with a plie, then we prepare the arms, and down, repeat :-). endobj

I absolutely love Grade 6, though I suppose having amazing teachers helped.

Or remembering to plie, or point their feet in between movements. ���� JFIF H H ���Exif MM * 8 � � �( 1 �2 ԇi � H H Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Macintosh 2012:12:03 17:46:08 � 0221� �� � Ѡ n v( ~ = H H ���� Adobe_CM �� Adobe d� �� � I don't realise I'm doing it, I genuinely think I'm working hard, but without my current exam teacher giving me her razor eyed stare and simply saying 'foot' I would really think that I was pointing as hard as I could, until I point harder and realise I was slacking hahaha. But at the end of it all, I look forward to going back to my syllabus classes. I'm interested to know how your teacher was able to enter you for two exams on the same day. Of course, because of where I live if you miss the October session you would need to fly 5 hours to the other side of the country to sit a different session which may make them more amenable to two exams at once.

So apparently yelling at myself is doing the trick! Incidentally, another school may be joining with us for these exams making the exams push out to four days and therefore I may not have to do two exams on one day afterall! However, if I felt an exam was a possibility I would make it a priority to attend...any tips in how to propose this? I fluff every single one my teacher sets but nailed all the ones given on the course. Please help me! For anyone starting pointe (at whatever age), the issue is technique. My DD's teacher told her she needs to start experimenting with different styles of pointe shoe as she's strong enough now to mix things up. endobj Thank you everyone for your comments - I need to be more patient and continue with my strengthening exercises. The age difference in each classes from grade 1 to 6 may vary from four to five years in age gap.

My exam is now 2.5 weeks away, though because of school holidays that translates to only 4 classes!

I have also suggested she thinks about starting things from the left first when practising/marking, so it's not always the right doing more work. For me, I find it's about muscle memory - even if I'm not as strong now as, say (just for example) 6 months ago, if I've got my head around a movement, the muscle memory helps me next time. Anyway if as an adult you have been doing ballet for at least two- three years you may just need some patience!! I have Grade 6 on the 10th and IF on the 11th. I don't know whether to blame my strength, flexibility, shoes or a combination of all the above.

If the former, how long have you been doing it? I feel like they've plagued my year.

I'm very excited about it and love some of the exercises. Confused about the RAD – Royal Academy of Dance ballet levels? 2 years back as an adult isn't very long, really! Part of my reasoning for actually doing the exams is modelling for the boys around me (my sons and others). That's a great mark, especially at 14!

I have an exam preparation workshop this week so I'll be able to see exactly how far I can push it. It could just be it's an entirely new feeling and one day it'll click and I'll be fine (like with brises - originally I couldn't even work out what I had to ask my brain to tell my feet to do) but it's so frustrating not being able to do something. It's where I make the most progress. Really, however you go about it you just have to ask. I know all the barre exercises and kind of know the pirouettes, allegro and about half of Variation 1, but not yet entirely secure in doing some of it up to speed.

It's when you realise the daily, life-long work that goes into a professionally trained female dancer's apparently "effortless" pointing of the foot! You need to work on back and core strength to be really good on pointe. The syllabus is very specific on what can be set - either sissonnes, assembles or jetes as a focal step, with associated linking steps. I get the frustration, honestly I do, because my pointe work is the worst in the class. Glissade!

I'm inclined to think a swim, a good stretch and a bit of barre work in the morning on days you have ballet classes would be a good plan, working up the intensity of the morning workout gently. It's easy! @The_Red_Shoes Intermediate is lovely, isn't it?

hence the 'free' ... part of the title of the exercise ... You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. But ballet it meant to keep us on our toes. Next stop on train Clapham Junction for the RAD. would also be interested to know how you got on with the unset enchainment in the exam, as you haven't really mentioned that so far? It focuses more on the expression and joy of dancing and performing, rather than on technique. This is not why I do ballet. My shoes are mostly dead by now so it's astonishing how hard it still is to articulate in a glissade. She had awful problems with her shoes which were never resolved despite much help from kind posters here and ultimately she discontinued pointe classes.

In the classes I go to we just do the syllabus as set, but those classes include students who are getting close to being exam-ready and students who are just starting to learn the syllabus. (Technically I guess it would still be possible to pass the exam without showing the pointe work - you would just get 0 for that section - but the rest of the work would need to be of a very high standard to compensate for the loss of 10% of the potential marks, so if there are also concerns on other aspects of the syllabus as you say you have, it would not be worth taking the risk - you will be far better off waiting until your teachers think you are ready, however frustrating it is! Well as you have said yourself a month really is nothing in terms of developing pointe work ability!! Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account. I think I'll just be happy when the exam is finally over haha. Grade 3, Grade 4 & Grade 5 Also known as Bronze Star, Silver Medal & Silver Star Knowledge and skill is what you aim to have coming out of class, not going in.

Yup, I have been desperate enough to get my niece to bring a pair from the UK when she was visiting NZ, and ordered a pair to be sent to a UK friend, who then sent them on... and now my DD doesn't even enjoy pointework I think I will just stop buying them and see what happens. I've found that since I lack the motivation in that class, I don't want to do the exam anymore because it's no longer something that's pushing me (and why would I spend $100 on showcasing that I don't know the exercises and make a complete fool of myself?

Q�����L�+�,�@gx��ҍf�L+]J!�!�;�³�=;���l��+�����r���G:+�)YA>r��:��g� �J�u-Za�`�����+�)�����.�. We've been told that we should be doing every class in soft blocks, so I'm buying some this week and thinking about making a trip to Manchester or somewhere for a pointe shoe fitting. I still have the occasional nightmare about being asked to do the set adage en dedans with a rise at the end. So after the summer break she will have just a few weeks to get back up to speed before the exam. I know many teens are obsessive about their dance but we are just trying to make sure she enjoys her last 2-3 years of semi-serious ballet! but maybe you're really strong in your core. (So you need to be aiming for the pass-merit border as a minimum - then hopefully you will have a good day with a positive examiner and get a merit!). I'm just so happy I've found an adult ballet teacher who's so dedicated to letting us learn the trickier stuff - we may not always be exam standard but testing our limits as dancers makes other things we were struggling with seem like a piece of cake in comparison.

Love that this is a thread. Most of the girls in my class have had 3 classes with an actual scarf and they're quite tricky to use. /

Adult Ballet Diaries is much more than a blog today , it’s a real source of inspiration for many. and glissades not closing in a tight fifth meaning I can't get the right preparation for the jete and assembles in allegro 2. Struggle spots after yesterdays class - weight placement too far back when turning (I think I'm compensating for boobs?)

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