Deficiency of iodine leads to . Ans: Femur It consists of skull, vertebral column, ribs and sternum.2.

Ans -: Diamagnetic Q3. Download PDF of questions; Slide Show to project Questions automatically created ; Quick and easy scoring; Try TriviaRoo. [----- ------], One Q41.

Intake of which vitamin is recommended to improve blood coagulation? What does Axial Skeleton consists of:A. SkullB. Lower Arm, Where would you find the Radial and Ulnar loop, Arches and Whorls found ? Q44. Q44) The filament string in an electric bulb is made of which metal? Ans -: Wattmeter Ans -: Hematite Q10) Acid rain is caused when the air is polluted by Gases. Ans: BiopsyTest. 6, After which psychiatrist and neuropathologist is pre-senile dementia named ? Q56. Glucose in stored in the form of by Animals.

Q33. Q100.


What is the process of filtering blood through an artificial kidney called? Q11) The longitudinal mechanical waves of less than 20 Hz are called . Which Gases are used by sea divers for under water breathing? Polio is caused by a . Ans: Anthocyanin Which was the first element to be produced after Big Bang?

Intake of which vitamin is recommended to improve blood coagulation? Q25) What are used to control the chain reaction in a nuclear reactor?

Ans -: Citric Acid Answer: William Harvey. Which structure of the eye is the most sensitive but contains no blood vessels?

By continuing to use our website, you agree to our. Q100) Resistance of a Conductor is inversely proportional to it’s .

The Nuclear Fusion on the Sun’s surface result into formation of Atoms. The yellow colour of the human faeces is a result of the pigment called . All of the aboveAns. Q88) Which instrument is used to measure the scattering of light by particles suspended in a liquid

is the main ore of Mercury. Ribs and SternumD. Q43. I have a query. TibiaD.

Q84) Which instrument is used to measure altitudes in aircrafts? Zika virus is carried by Mosquito. Q53. Who explained about the blood circulation for the first time?

Ans: Eye Orbit A Bee Sting contains which Acid? Which animal respire without having blood in them? is known as the strongest natural fibre. of cells that the human body is composed of? Q2) A dark-skinned man experiences , as compared to a fair skinned man. Q29) Nature of sound wave is ? Which disease is known as ‘silent killer’?

Q23) In the visible spectrum which colour has the longest wavelength? Which is the only element found in Chlorophyll? Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and all links are nofollow. Q88.

Ans -: Fathom Which of the following vitamins promote healthy functioning of eyes in human beings? Which Element is used for making of Lead pencil. Q72. Ans -: Green Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. The Human Body. 4D. Q66) Which element is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors? Ans -: Vinegar Q40) is used to coat Galvanised Iron.

Ans -: Fathometer Q86. A bite of a mad dog causes – Metacarpal Ans. Q58. Which part of the human brain controls Motor skills of the body? Q79.

CStapedius is the smallest muscle which is present deep inside the ear. Q87) The power of electric circuit is measured with a .

Q66. Q13) Aluminium is extracted from which ore? Q80. is created by Alloying Iron and Chromium. Ans -: Wrought Iron Ans -: Artificial Rain Q38. BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) givesimmunity from . What is the body temperature of a normal man?

Q75) What is the unit of magnetic flux?

The Small Pox vaccine was discovered by –. Q36) Egg shell is made up of . The bio-gas used for cooking is a mixture of . Q93. Q78) A Washing machine works on the principle of –. Q20) is the purest form of Carbon found in Nature.

Q32) What is the principle on which a transformer works? Ans -: Rectifier Ans -: Sir J. S. Fleming Ans -: Colourless and Odourless Q73. Ans -: Rat Poison Q26) The Laws of Electrolysis were proposed by –. Silver turns black (Tarnish) because of its reaction with . Q64) Which device is used to find submerged objects? Which is the smallest bone in the human body? The record of electrical activity of muscle is known as .........?A. Which gas is used in fire extinguisher? Q72. Which major chemical compound is found in human kidney stones? Q46. Q38) Which was the First organic compound synthesized in a lab and it was done by whom? Hargobind Khurana Ans: 46

Ans -: Jonas Salk

Q93. Ye current affairs k question ya koi bhi question kha se karte ho. Ans -: Scattering of light

Which is the smallest bone in the human body? What is the name the hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood . Q76.

The coating on non-stick cookware is of .

Ans -: Bone marrow Ans -: Net force It is also known as Heavy Water? Oxygen Q97. During photosynthesis, Solar Energy is converted to .

Q66. Your IP: Ans -: Ductless Glands Q69. Ans -: Copper Pyrite What is known as ‘Suicidal bags of cell’?

Q3) elements are non-metal.

Melting of ice can be prevented with the use of –. Q31. Femur, tibia and fibula bones together support the shank of the leg.3. Ans -: Hydrogen Dog bite can cause rabies. Q50. Name the only movable bone in the skull of man?A.

We all know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, but how is strong is your body of trivia knowledge?

StapesB. Q71. Ans -: Stem Ans -: Light Years Which major chemical compound is found in human kidney stones? Q93) The wire in an electric heater is made up of . Q23. Q30) 1 fermi unit is equal to – James D. Watson, a Nobel Prize winning scientist is expert in the field of . Safety matches are prepared using – Q80. FibulaC. Q79) When a ball is thrown upward, what happens to its Acceleration? same value? Q69. Bite of which other animal can also cause rabies? Q37) Which Vitamins are Fat Soluble? Ans: Magnesium 99% percentage of water is lost during transpiration, True or False? The flow of energy in the Energy Pyramid is always . The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is – Q9) For making of parachute, which polymeric substance used? Ans -: Loss of electrons Ans -: Photoelectric Effect The plants, which grow under water stress conditions are called?

Ans -: Chromium trioxide

Q62. What is known as ‘Suicidal bags of cell’? is an aqueous solution of Acetic acid. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Q89) Which is more elastic – Steel or Rubber? Q26) The Laws of Electrolysis were proposed by – BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) givesimmunity from . 1 2 4 6. Q99. Turmeric is obtained from of a Plant. Q19) If a bar magnet is cut length wise into 3 parts, what will the total number of poles be? Q45) Drag is the force exerted by fluids. Q19. Ans -: Dioptre Ans -: Pascal’s Law

Ans: Frontal Lobes Ans -: Nickle (Ni) Q96.

Ans -: Deuterium Oxide (D2O)

Which Ore is used to extract Radium? Q5) Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is also known as – Ans: Calcium Which Metal is found in the highest proportion in earth’s crust?

Ans: Xerophytes Or aap bhi bhut acha kar rhe h. 300+ current affairs.

Q55. Q21) If the temperature inside a room is increased, the relative humidity will . What is the name of first cloned sheep? Do you know about the body’s important organs, digestive processes and brain functions?

Silver turns black (Tarnish) because of its reaction with . This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. The hearing function is associated with which part of the Human Brain? MyoglobinC.

Q18) One barrel of oil = litres . Q44. Which part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?

Ans -: Tri Nitro Phenol Ans: Urobilin Q5) Acceleration acts always in the direction of the . Which Radioactive Isotope is used in Cancer treatment? Ans: Vitamin K Q9. Which enzyme is present in all members of the animal kingdom except Protozoa? Haematopoies is occurs in . Q87. Q8) Which Acid is know as ‘Oil of Vitriol’?

Q56) Which phenomenon occurs when light passes from a denser to rarer medium? Tomato contains which acid? If you like this Quiz, then please feel free to share it with your family and friends. Ans -: Alkaline Which part of the Plant body acts as the carrier of food and other substances to all its parts? Ans -: Pulse Q8. Ans -: Maxwell

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