For a horse to have a successful, long, sound career, however, we want to work their muscles to their best benefit.

Sole thickness is a key component of keeping a horse sound, as a horse with thin soles is going to be more sensitive to the surfaces they're navigating and be more prone to bruising and abscesses. It is easier for the horse to fall into the bend of an S-curve than to come through the bridle, which causes the horse to fall onto the inside shoulder, and makes it difficult for the rider to straighten. Navicular is a degenerative disease that affects the Navicular bone and surrounding tissue.

As a whole, the reactive horse over-develops all the muscles he typically uses to react: jaw muscles, underside of the neck, etc and he often experiences topline atrophy - a weak upper neck and weak abdomen and dorsal muscles. #wpcomm .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-text *{ Ponies tend to be more susceptible, but any horse and in particular cross breeds are more predisposed to developing cresty necks because they tend to be “good doers”. The online horsemanship gets launched Feb 28th!!! This fault is common and seen in every breed, especially in long-necked horses. Particularly reactive or flighty horses will especially develop the underside of their neck, because they are contracting and tensing those muscles on a constant basis.

Horses in competition need the physical ability to perform at required levels in order to be competitive, a strong topline means the horse is more able to carry both themselves and their rider effectively. A horse needs fat to convert into muscle, so if she is skinny then it won't happen easily. Click here to sign up for our daily email newsletter to keep up on this and other stories happening in the Thoroughbred industry.Copyright © 2020 Paulick Report. Symptoms of unhealthy soles can be addressed so the condition can be maintained and corrected.

Keeping horses’ bars aligned and healthy are key to prevent a “stacked sole,” or worse, a bruised sole or abscess.... Read More, When horses show lameness, but the prognosis isn’t obvious, it is often diagnosed as Navicular Disease. Do not ride for long periods of time because if your horse has little muscle it is weak. Owners can help ensure the transition from shod to barefoot is a comfortable process...... Read More, Optimal arch support is achieved by having a healthy frog and sole on a hoof. For more information please visit out disclosure page. #wpcomm button, post #8 of 34 Old 02-01-2012, 09:12 PM. Reply.

This helps determine how much to trim and what padding is needed for the horse to remain comfortable and healthy. ... Read More, Proper hoof trimming is vital to preventing injury causing lameness in horses. #wpcomm .wc-form-wrapper{ background:none; } /* ->formBGColor */ Like abdominal fat in humans, neck crest fat in horses has been suggested to be associated with insulin resistance and increased risk for laminitis.

Those horses with weak toplines will have hollow areas along the back, sunken areas either side of the withers, a protruding spine, and boney hips. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Are the soles soft and flexible when touched? #wpcomm .wc-follow:hover i, The amount of moisture in a horse's environment can dictate what type of pour-in pads will be best. Whats her body condition like? The following two tabs change content below. The frog is the soft, cushioned area at the rear of the sole of the horse’s hoof. A horizontal Horse Neck Conformation is the ideal and should be sought out. A major component of keeping a horse sound and healthy is regular trimming and proper farrier oversight. Topline is the muscle groups that run along a horse’s spine and stretch along the spine from the end of the neck at the wither area, down the back, land over the top of the hip into the croup area. A long, skinny neck, with poor muscular development on both the top and bottom. LOL, Hey moonlight, you need to get weight onto her. The relationship between farrier and horse owner or trainer is an important, yet often overlooked, part of the success of the equine athlete. A weight lifter would not make the mistake of incorrect training but horses train in the way we ask them to, so it is up to us to have a training program that includes developing their topline. Below are a few examples of some potential causes: Environmental: A wet environment weakens the sole, and when the sole is moist, abrasion from rough surfaces wears down the sole quickly. There are three main muscle groups which surround each side of the horses back. A knife-neck is relatively uncommon, although any breed can be affected. Tildren (tiludronate disodium) received FDA approval for the control of clinical signs of navicular s... Read More, Prolonged wet situations may cause soft feet that are susceptible to more serious problems, including hoof wall separation, thrush and sole abscesses.... Read More. Muscle atrophy as a result of not using the muscles, or carrying itself incorrectly and developing the wrong muscles. High head carriage is usually a result of the horse not effectively using their hind end. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The neck is not too bulky, thin, long, or short. #wpcomm .wpdiscuz-front-actions{background:#F9F9F9;} #wpcomm input[type="date"], Now, he is gone. Losing some weight can help with the appearance of your neck. There are no sunken areas and when you look at the horse from the side it has a filled in back with no areas sinking away. Easy right? #wpcomm .wc-comment-left .wc-follow-user{color:#00B38F;} You can transform your horse into a strong and effective athlete in no time by developing the proper muscles along his topline. When the horse moves, the coffin bone and sole are moving downward toward the ground.

Thanks DD and Cav.Will do what Cav has said , and yes am getting lessons in that area soon.To get her to move forward and so she is using her bum should i try and get her to lower her head.Will that hep? #wpcomm .wc-blog-administrator > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author, #wpcomm .wc-blog-administrator > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author a{color:#00B38F;}#wpcomm .wc-blog-administrator > .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{color:#00B38F; border:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #dddddd; }#wpcomm .wc-blog-editor > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author, #wpcomm .wc-blog-editor > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author a{color:#00B38F;}#wpcomm .wc-blog-editor > .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{color:#00B38F; border:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #dddddd; }#wpcomm .wc-blog-author > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author, #wpcomm .wc-blog-author > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author a{color:#00B38F;}#wpcomm .wc-blog-author > .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{color:#00B38F; border:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #dddddd; }#wpcomm .wc-blog-contributor > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author, #wpcomm .wc-blog-contributor > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author a{color:#00B38F;}#wpcomm .wc-blog-contributor > .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{color:#00B38F; border:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #dddddd; }#wpcomm .wc-blog-subscriber > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author, #wpcomm .wc-blog-subscriber > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author a{color:#00B38F;}#wpcomm .wc-blog-subscriber > .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{color:#00B38F; border:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #dddddd; }#wpcomm .wc-blog-wpseo_manager > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author, #wpcomm .wc-blog-wpseo_manager > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author a{color:#00B38F;}#wpcomm .wc-blog-wpseo_manager > .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{color:#00B38F; border:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #dddddd; }#wpcomm .wc-blog-wpseo_editor > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author, #wpcomm .wc-blog-wpseo_editor > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author a{color:#00B38F;}#wpcomm .wc-blog-wpseo_editor > .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{color:#00B38F; border:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #dddddd; }#wpcomm .wc-blog-post_author > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author, #wpcomm .wc-blog-post_author > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author a{color:#00B38F;}#wpcomm .wc-blog-post_author > .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{color:#00B38F; border:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #dddddd; }#wpcomm .wc-blog-guest > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author, #wpcomm .wc-blog-guest > .wc-comment-right .wc-comment-author a{color:#00B38F;}#wpcomm .wc-blog-guest > .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{color:#00B38F; border:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #dddddd; } #wpcomm .wc-comment .wc-comment-left .wc-comment-label{ background: #ffffff;} Consistent, proper trimming and treatment, allows a horse to maintain healthy sole thickness.

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