In the case of stubborn grey, or to achieve a more intense colour, leave the mixture for a further 5-10 minutes. Apply enough mixture to cover your roots using the brush. Dry and style as normal! Immediately massage the remaining product through the rest of your hair, using gloved hands, to ensure the colourant is evenly spread. 3. 3. Cleanse your hair with your regular shampoo to ensure all hair colour is removed, then gently squeeze excess moisture from your hair.

Typically, you might see some fading after about 3–5 weeks. If you have any vitamin C powder vitamins, then you're in luck! You can use them on semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair dyes, but they are chemical processes that will be damaging to your hair. 1. Naturtint Colour Fixing Shampoo Sachet (15ml)

But if you don’t know where to begin, the process can get confusing. NOTE!

Black henna is totally impossible to remove, even with bleach.

CLEANSE: Apply the remaining NATURTINT® Colour Fixing Shampoo to gently cleanse and moisturise your hair. Leave the test mixture on the skin for at least 48 hours without washing, covering, or touching the test area. You may also need plastic hair clips for sectioning your hair, or a plastic bowl and brush for root touch-ups. 3. It was a last minute dash to help - so I used what I had, she only wanted a couple of shades lift (meche through the top) and I didn't want to go in with bleach straight away in case it lifted really well ( being natural and all). If you are trying a new colour, why not carry out a Colour Strand Test too, to determine how the colour develops on your own, unique hair colour and condition. Do a Strand Test. Unscrew the caps of both the Colourant and the Colour Developer.
I've used the One N Only Colorfix before. 6. Put on the gloves provided, carefully unscrew the caps from Colorant & the Color Developer bottles. If you have gray hair you should test this type of hair as well. Sign up to receive email exclusive offers, info, and more! This is one that I tend to gravitate towards because when mixed with the ingredients below, it works magic and is the least damaging of the effective treatments. 5. Never used or had any experience with Naturtint, but ~. In the case of stubborn grey, or to achieve a more intense colour, leave the mixture for a further 5-10 minutes. Reflex Colourant Tube (60ml) In between colourings, try to use Shampoo and Conditioners designed for coloured hair like the Naturtint Aftercare Range and always avoid anti-dandruff or strong shampoos as they will quickly remove the colour from your hair. How to Choose Your Perfect Hair Color. However, when I last used it this happened. If you are just going for a temporary colour change and only have a few grey hairs, read on to find out how to apply a Reflex Semi-Permanent Hair Colour and enhance your natural colour. Using gloved hands, first apply the mixture to your roots, using the tip of the Developer/Applicator Bottle to part your hair into small sections. Using gloved hands, pour your required amount of colorant and developer into a plastic bowl and mix with a brush for 2 minutes until totally blended. Cleanse a small area (1-2cm) of skin behind your ear and on your inner elbow and dry gently. 2. Lightly dry your hair and comb through before application. Gently dry the section(s) of hair to reveal your color result, remembering to take a note of your hair’s specific development time. Enter Code WELL25SPE, For personalized help mixing colors, please. Use clothing detergents. RINSE: Once you have reached your desired development time, gently massage your hair whilst thoroughly rinsing it with warm water until the water runs completely clear. Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and tricks. 2.

Naturtint Protective Conditioner Sachet (15ml) An old towel or protective cape to cover your shoulders and prevent staining on your clothes – you may also want a hair grip to keep it in place. Naturtint Multi-Care Mask (50ml). Naturtint is a permanent hair color product. I usually put about 12 large pills in a plastic bag and smash them with a hammer. Pour the total contents of Colorant into the Color Developer bottle and replace the applicator cap. What’s in a box of Reflex Semi-Permanent Hair Colours? Keep your hair well-conditioned.
3. b) If using a Naturtint Root Retouch Creme Hair Colour, rinse the hair clean after 10 minutes. 1. If you are using the Applicator Bottle to make the mixture, IMMEDIATELY unscrew the tip of the lid and proceed to Step 2. TOP TIP! Cleanse a small area (1-2cm) of skin behind your ear and dry gently. My favorite anti-dandruff shampoo for fading hair dye is the Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo, Green Apple. of Naturtint CC Cream.

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