Epic hats/wands are purchasable despite the physical Epics/Epics codes being discontinued.

They have a white underbelly, and the inside of its paws and legs are white as well.

They are a 1st stage evolution. It's a mystery. Solarix resembles a large, light yellow canary with a black beak and black legs. Solarasis resembles a bird that has golden plumage, with blue feathers. It gains 89 or 90 hearts when it levels up. Luminite also has two small teeth hanging out of its mouth. These creatures are rarely ever seen.

This also allows you to use only your Epics in battles, though you can use your Epics as pets in regular battles. Prodigy Education no longer officially sells the Epic Dragons, and will not for the foreseeable future, therefore rendering the Epics Subspace obsolete, unless the user already owns an Epic but you can still buy some helmets and wands from Macha. Prodigy Math Game Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Storm Stats Storm

If the player purchases one of the Epics, they may battle in the Epic Arena to challenge hordes of enemies to gain rewards. Solarasises? It's a mystery. Two yellow feathers are coming from the top of its head, and it's appearance is much like that of Ashlet's old sprite. Soral (evolves from)Solarix (evolves from) Base Health

It has purple feet, a white underbelly, and amber eyes as well. It's rare to find more than one Solarasis at a time, and so few people know the plural form of Solarasis. https://prodigy-math-game.fandom.com/wiki/Solarasis?oldid=474253. It’s no longer obtainable, due to it being replaced by a new starter.

https://prodigy-math-game.fandom.com/wiki/Solarix?oldid=476021, It is currently unobtainable. 448 Evolution(s) It also resembles the Native American legendary bird, the Thunderbird. This also allows you to use only your Epics in battles, though you can use your Epics as pets in regular battles. "The sun's rays reflect off of the Solarix in all directions, making it appear to glow yellow. Evolve Soral

Nebluff Has two ears that are pink and purple, and a spiraling ping horn in the center of its forehead. Information

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9303 Location(s) Found Icon Solarases? Max Health Evolve Solarix Solarasises? Evolution(s) They have a pale yellow crescent moon on their forehead and a plumy tail fringed with white fur. It has a black beak and black talons, and shiny blue-gray eyes. 448 The Epic Subspace is the only place where the Toy Merchant (Macha) is located. Dark Tower (uncatchable)Epics Subspace (uncatchable) Base Health

Macha is the owner of the shop, Wandering Wares. If the player visits the Subspace for the 1st time, visits the Epic Zone and Old Dragon Lair, and comes back to Mystic Rotunda, they will receive 500 gold as a reward. Element

Similar to an odd-colored kingfisher, or a halcyon. Similar to an odd-colored kingfisher, or a halcyon. Solarasis resembles a bird that has golden plumage, with blue feathers.

It has black legs that protrude from behind. ", Soral ⟶ Level 17 ⟶ Solarix ⟶ Level 32 ⟶ Solarasis.

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