Great success. Yesterday my little 10 lb Maltese, who I had on leash; darted to a baby bufo and flung it across the patio..she immediately started shaking her head..i grabbed her and using a wet paper towel wiped her mouth out. (not the ocean) Many species of frogs are near extintion and I do not beilive that you should kill them. But they keep getting more coming back.... My favorite is to "catch & smash" it's quick & painless. The goal is to rinse the mouth, tongue and gums without letting your pet swallow the water. Addie on July 14, 2020: Killing frogs and toads? We have a big problem with toad droppings on our porch and I have learned that they are toxic to our dogs and cat. Rainy season again here in the Philippines. I'm 68 years old and sick of cleaning up after them and finding it back in a few hours .A very big thanks to everyone for the ideas.! I have repaired the hole but now the frogs are traped in. One tried to hop into the house this evening and I happen to be here house sitting/watching the dogs. I seriously doubt you would prefer illness, permanent disability, or even death caused by letting the insects go unchecked. They don't like it. Peeing and pooping on the white siding which is really difficult to remove the stain. You cannot eat them unlike bullfrogs - legs fried with hot sauce...yum. Visit for a map of credible cane toad sightings. Turn off outside lights at night. I dont know if they will die or not. Good luck!

The Toads we are trying to get rid of are an invasive species - the cane toad. So lot of good ideas in here just trying to figure what will work the best. There's some seriously sick people in the world. Before you eliminate the frogs, it's best to consider the repercussions! TheMasterAndTHECOmmander on September 29, 2018: Really good advice on this page - managed to wipe out ALL of the toads and probably most of the frogs (method of freezing seems to work better on toads). If your pet is large, use a hose.

It is believed that current populations are the result of pet trade escapes and releases in the 1950s and 60s. Now, due to extremely high levels of rainfall the artificial wetlands have tripled in size flooding 1/4 of my property turning my pastureland of the past 60 years into a swamp. Night after night. grab her, she's the main attraction. There has to be a way to make these vile creatures go away. I can’t stand the neighbors that get in my yard and you don’t see me finding ways to kill them do you? There's slime and poop all over my door and patio.

Or slaps his sloppy self onto the center of the TV screen. And as to a comment below, people before planet? The Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) encourages the extermination of Cane Toads from private properties. Thanks you guys (or women) :)). Copyright 1999 - 2020 State of Florida. !PLEASE Do not kill the frogs and toads! Believe me it works. Deal with it or move to an area with less kids. Scoop them up and out. I thought I was frog/toad free (newts 2), but picked up a plant pot and one of the cheeky S.O.B.’s was staring write at me. This will make the work go faster and easier. Symptoms may include frantic or disoriented behavior, brick red gums, seizures, and foaming at the mouth. You must check what species you are dealing with and learn about your state's laws before you kill any frogs. The main concern is we dont want our dogs to get killed by these lil nasty things. Next day, it moved to. The frogs dont already live where you put it. Make sure the holes are small (smaller even than chicken wire) so small frogs cannot squeeze through. Knocks em out in an instant! Have a lid handy. I understand that there are a lot of frog lovers out there and that by posting this article, I may offend some of you, but let me just be honest here: Frogs are great creatures in their own natural environment, but not in my back yard. We have an american toad chirping ALL night EVERY night.

Once bitten or swallowed, the symptoms of poisoning include, but are not limited, to excessive drooling and extremely red gums, head-shaking, crying, loss of coordination, sometimes convulsions and can lead to death. I still have mosquitoes, I can spray them.

She's usually the small one. You cant listen to a frog sing so you have to kill it? I need a way to “dispose of the problem” (kill them), so I’m sure you’ll all help me out with suggestions. Have used salt and cyan pepper to try and rid them since I do not want to poison my Koi. Don't you have anything else better to worry about? In the summer last year it drove us crackers!

Burmese python is invasive, great boots, taste ok at best, Peacock bass fun to catch, invasive, crowding out native fishes, again, catch them small, ok eats. Like a dog/cat/child picks them up. cuban tree frog hater on October 04, 2018: If you've ever been overrun with Cuban tree frogs, they are an envasive species, you would hate them ,too. Another way to kill a cane toad is to bash them to death with a club or stick. It’s back is marked with spots and will have large, triangular parotoid glads on the shoulders. Unfortunately, a few years ago someone gave me some banjo frog tadpoles, enormous things! My dog lives at my parents house with their dog. Please don’t kill them - they are one of the only reasons we’re not totally overrun by insects. Consider that they were here way before you. Some huge some small. So are you volunteering to pay for the capture and safe removal of the 50+ pond frogs that recently infested our home and no, they weren't here grandfather built it almost 60 years ago and he made sure he wasn't displacing any indigenous wildlife. Or a slimy cold one jumps on my foot. As for the acid, pesticides, and salt, these methods are all incredibly cruel because it has been proven that frogs can feel pain and this would be just like having acid all over your body.

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