Your answer will be used to improve our content. This product is formulated with stabilizing anti-oxidants and special metal deactivators that ensures the smooth performance of the engine and gear applications. I had never in driving General Motors pickups for 27 years had a bad differential. I’ll probably look at trading my Ford and going back to GM trucks. Remember, these are sounds new to your automobile, not the regular everyday racket: A worn pinion bearing noise indicates excessive clearance with the ring gear, generating a humming or whine. On a part-time 4-wheel drive, the front and rear differentials lock together when engaged. If you notice small pieces or filings of metal in the oil, you should remove the cover plate and clean and inspect the inside as much as possible. We also look at what it can cost to repair or replace a differential. Lubricant life depends a lot on the temperature it reaches. Pinion gears with damaged or broken teeth can cause a banging or clicking noise every 2 or 3 feet when increasing or decreasing speeds. Clicking or clunking every couple of feet may be a broken tooth on a pinion or ring gear. In terms of lubricants, one very good example is Boost Performance Product’s CleanBoost® EMT™ Engine and Metal Treatment. Because bearings are incorporated in each wheel and also in differential, most of the times it’s very tricky to discover if the the noise that is produced is a rear differential noise or a wheel bearing noise.

It requires dismantling the differential and possible replacement of side or pinion seals. This very purpose is the reason behind the name ‘differential’—because it can distribute different kinds of speeds to wheels especially during a turn. But there are times when a noise coming from under the car can be a serious matter. The most common differentials are front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive differentials. Fixing a noisy differential is possible to do yourself, especially if you’re mechanically inclined, have the tools, and time.

Having a chipped or missing high spot on a gear tooth sounds closely similar to a broken gear except that the rear differential noise only happens while accelerating or decelerating. Worn axle shaft splines or chipped gear teeth can lead to a knocking or clicking rear differential noise from the differential. The differential is made up of different gears that split the rotation of the engine power to the left and right wheel assemblies.

Hearing the noise when accelerating may be due to worn or loose axle or yoke splines, spider or U-joint wear, or differential backlash noise. They mesh with the side gears at 90° to drive each axle, transferring drive rotation but preventing flexing of the co-axial axle. A noise that maintains the same pitch or intensity when steering at any speed often indicates a problem with the meshing of gears within the differential.

Replacing or rebuilding a differential are two other options for fixing differential noise, and both can take several days to accomplish.

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