Wudu is a verbal noun which refers to water used. Allah does not intend to make difficulty for you, but He intends to purify you and complete His favor upon you that you may be grateful. Required fields are marked *, >"Allah has ninety-nine Names, one-hundred less one; and he who memorized them all by heart will enter Paradise. ‘Affan while he performed ablution. In the Arabic language, Wudu is known as the action and also the water used. How to Perform Wudu. There are some certain steps every Muslim needs to follow in order to make the wudu properly. Your email address will not be published. You should swirl the water in your cheeks and it should reach back of the throat. Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “The prayer of a person who does Hadath (passes urine, stool or wind) is not accepted till he performs the ablution.” A person from Hadaramout asked Abu Huraira, “What is ‘Hadath’?” Abu Huraira replied, ” ‘Hadath’ means the passing of wind.”, “Whoever of you performs Wudu carefully and then affirms: `Ash-hadu an la ilaha illallahu Wahdahu la sharika Lahu, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan `abduhu wa Rasuluhu [I testify that there so no true god except Allah Alone, Who has no partners and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger],’ the eight gates of Jannah are opened for him.

He poured water over his hands three times and then washed them. Powerful Wazifa for Girls Marriage Proposal – [100% Result], Darood Sharif in English and Arabic [Translation and Transliteration]. He may enter through whichever of these gates he desires (to enter).” [Muslim]. Wash arms three times, begin with right arm from fingertips to just above elbow. And if you are in a state of janabah, then purify yourselves. Indeed, Allah is ever Pardoning and Forgiving. Start with the right niyyah (intention), say Bismillah. Then wash the right arm from the wrist to elbow for three times and then wash the left one in the same way also for three times. Next, a Muslim cleans their … Be careful, do not leave any part dry. Do not leave any part of feet dry. So, in Sharia, the wudu is defined as the use of clean and cleaning water to wash up the certain parts of the body as prescribed and explained by Allah Subhana Wa ta’ala. Posted by Ahmed Abdulla | Islam Teachings |.

Assalamualaikum, welcome, in this article you will learn the step by step process of how to do Wudu (Wuzu or Wudhu) the correct way according to the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Perfect for beginners and new Muslims. [5] I said: Messenger of Allah, tell me about ablution. He then washed his right arm up to the elbow three times, then washed his left arm in a similar manner; then wiped his head; then washed his right foot three times, then washed his left foot in a similar manner, and then said: I saw the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) performing ablution like this ablution of mine. ..Wudu is important for prayer, one of the five pillars of the Islam and also for the recitation of Holy Quran or any other prayer. Do it for just one time. Wudu is required before praying salah. Whether you are doing wudu for the first time or just want to refresh your memory, our step-by-step guide makes it easy. Water should be reached from the edge of the hair to the chin.

The right hand is cleaned before the left. Do not leave any part of feet dry. Here you will get the Islamic Wazifa and information with reference! You have entered an incorrect email address! Do this for three times. [6] Abu Dharr said: […] Clean earth is a means for ablution for a Muslim, even for ten years (he does not find water); but when you find water, you should make it touch your skin, for that is better.

(Surah An-Nisa Ayah 43), Your email address will not be published. "Allah has ninety-nine Names, one-hundred less one; and he who memorized them all by heart will enter Paradise.". They both are the traditional ritual and a practical way through which Muslims pursue to maintain good health and hygiene in term of physical and as well as  mental. In this post, I’ll tell you, what is wudu and how to perform wudu and its importance. The first step is to make the niyyah or intention to perform the wudu. The second step is to wash the right hand up to the wrist with the left hand and wash left hand with right hand three times. And if you are ill or on a journey or one of you comes from the place of relieving himself or you have contacted women and find no water, then seek clean earth and wipe over your faces and your hands [with it]. Do this three times and then with left feet also for three times. In order to inhale the water into the nose, use the right hand to cup water and inhale water into the nose. You make sure to rub between the fingers of the hand. It doesn’t involve saying anything verbally or out loud. [1,2] Also, wipe ear from inside out. He then rinsed his mouth and then cleansed his nose with water (three times). Do this three times and then with left feet also for three times. If we do good for the sake of doing good we will be rewarded. Wudu is defined as the ritual of washing the body parts to perform the preparation for prayer and worship. Moreover, see this post about the benefits of Wudu in Islam. I am a woman with tight braids. So feel free to contact us with inquires, partnerships, advertising, comments, or site images, photos and any content issues. Use the wet hands, not the water to wipe your forehead from eyebrow to hairline. Repeat this for three times. (Surah Maidah Ayah 6), [9] O you who have believed, do not approach prayer while you are intoxicated until you know what you are saying or in a state of janabah, except those passing through [a place of prayer], until you have washed [your whole body]. ", Sections: Dua Center Online Quran 99 Names of Allah Islamic Teachings Prophet Stories Prayer Ramadan Contact Us, Importance of Tawakkul (Putting In Trust In Allah), Learn Attahiyat Full Dua (Attahiyat lillahi wa salawatu). No part of the hand should be left dry. Washing hands three times, begin with right hand. To perform wudu, a Muslim first cleans their hands.They use clean water to rinse their hands. Before entering into the prayer (Salaat), the Muslims are required to perform wudu in Islam which is a certain purification and cleaning process, without this Muslim’s prayer would not be acceptable in Allah Subhana was ta’ala view. Wash feet three times, begin with right foot from tip of toenail to just above ankle. That’s why it is referred to as the mental as well as physical cleanness for the preparation of prayers. Grade: Sahih (Al-Albani), [2] It was narrated from Abu Sa’eed that: The Messenger of Allah said: “There is no ablution for one who does not mention the Name of Allah (before doing it).”. Should I undo them when I take a bath to cleanse myself from the state of sexual impurity?” He said: “Rather it is sufficient for you to pour three handfuls of water over yourself, and you will be purified,” or he said: “In that case you would have become purified.” Grade: Sahih (Darussalam), [8] O you who have believed, when you rise to [perform] prayer, wash your faces and your forearms to the elbows and wipe over your heads and wash your feet to the ankles. Then wipe the hair and back of neck and temples. Make sure not to waste water and know that your wudu washes away minor sins. To put water into the mouth, use your right hand to cup water into your mouth for three times.

In the Sahih hadith of Sunan Abu Dawud, it was reported that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “The prayer of a person who does not perform ablution is not valid” thus making it a necessary act before you begin your prayer. Grade: Sahih (Al-Albani). [4] Humran b. Abban, the freed slave of ‘Uthman, said: I saw ‘ Uthman’ b. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Bi Rahmatika Astagheeth Meaning, Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Dua Meaning. He said: Perform ablution in full and make the fingers go through the beard and snuff with water well except when you are fasting. Wudu is a physical and spiritual act to purify oneself before starting prayer.

[7] It was narrated that Umm Salamah said: “I said, O Messenger of Allah! This purification ritual is a mandatory step which involves washing of the hands, mouth, nostrils, face, arms, head and feet.

But if you are ill or on a journey or one of you comes from the place of relieving himself or you have contacted women and do not find water, then seek clean earth and wipe over your faces and hands with it. How to Perform Wudu Properly and Why is Wudu Important? [1], What is Wudu? Performing wudu is the first, essential step of Salah and is itself an act of worship, that's why it's important to make sure it's done correctly. All remaining food should be removed. Use the water to wash the right foot properly that water reaches between toes. If you do good for public praise or to feed your ego it can be said your niyyah was not pure. Repeat it for three times. Do it for just one time. Also, wipe ear from inside out. In the end point of wudu the right index finger to the sky and recite the prayer of witness.

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