You can & download or print using the browser document reader options. This White Rose Maths compatible pack builds a mastery approach to converting pounds and pence by providing varied opportunities to develop fluency, reasoning and problem-solving across both the PowerPoint presentation and activity sheets. Question 2: What is 566p in pounds and pence? If the coins can be easily counted into groups worth 100 pence, then it is easiest to group the coins into collections of pounds and add them.

We can also add pounds and pence by writing the pounds in terms of pence.

We then look for combinations of coins that add together to make a pound.

In total we have £3 and 90p. We first separate the pound and pence coins.

This small step focuses on developing mastery when converting pence to pounds and pence. We have three pounds made from the £2 plus the £1.

For combinations of coins that cannot be made into pounds, then column addition can be an easier method for adding money.

Separate the coins into pounds and pence. Therefore 50p + 20p + 20p + 10p equals £1. In total we have £3 and 20 pence.

Here is another example of adding penny coins.

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We have £1 in pounds and we will look for combinations of pence coins that add to 100 pence. Here are some examples of how to make a pound using different pence coins: Any combination of coins that add up to 100 pence are worth £1. To write pounds and pence, the pounds are written first, before the decimal point and the pence is written after the decimal point. Pence To Pounds - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. Two 50p coins are worth £1. In this example we have a £1 coin along with two 50p coins and two 20p coins. In this example, we have two pound coins and some pence coins. The decimal point separates the pounds and the pence. We can see that we have ten 10p coins. When converting pounds into pence it is easiest to turn the pounds into hundreds of pence, and then add the pennies we had to start with: £5 and 60p = 500p and 60p = 500p + 60p = 560p. We have £1 and 19 pence, which is written as £1.19. 110p is worth £1 and 10 pence. Converting between Pence and Pounds. We have the combination of five 20p coins. The number of pounds you have is the same as how many hundreds you have. Counting the pence coins, we have 50p + 20p + 10p, which equals a total of 80 pence. Each group of 100 pence is worth a pound. View all Products, Not sure what you're looking for? Each group of 100 pence is worth 1 pound, which can be added to the pounds total. It is easiest to start by adding the largest value coins. £1 is equivalent to a 50p coin, two 20p coins plus a 10p coin.

Here is another example of adding money using column addition. Why Do Some People Say That Say Captain Kirk Has Three Ears, Newtons Second Law Of Motion Problems Answer, Classification Of Animals According To The Food Eaten. Now try our lesson Reading Hours on a Clock where we learn how to tell the time to the hour. We can add combinations of coins by grouping them into totals that equal 100 pence. Convert pounds and pence to total pence, divide by 82 then multiply the result by 100, finally convert this number back to pounds and pence. We have two 50p coins which both add to make 100p.

Here is another example of finding the total of a combination of coins. Worksheet will open in a new window.

Here is a collection of coins, with £2 in pound coins and some more pence coins.

10 × 10p = 100p. Your time starts after you answer the first one. We have a £2 coin, two 10p coins and a 5p coin. To download/print, click on pop-out icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download. We write this as £3.20.

Here is an example of a collection of coins that will be added together to find a total. Read our guide, Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Tests. When turning pence into pounds, we should first split it in to hundred and “everything else”: 837p = 800p and 37p We have 90p made from the 50p plus the two twenty pence coins. If we say “837” out loud and look at our answer, we can see that the number of pounds we have is the same as how many hundreds we said! We write this as £2.40. We have two one pound coins making a total of £2. Here are some examples of how to make one pound. We can count money more easily by separating it into pounds and pence.

Each pound coin can be written as 100 pence and then the totals can be added using column addition. We move these coins over to the pounds total. £2 and 33p = 200p and 33p = 200p + 33p = 233p. Count the remaining pence separately.

Use the 'Enter' key or press 'Go' to submit each answer. Add the pound coins together to find the total number of pounds. We do not have any pound coins and so, we first look for groups of penny coins that add to make 100 pence.

When converting pounds into pence it is easiest to turn the pounds into hundreds of pence, and then add the pennies we had to start with: £5 and 60p = 500p and 60p = 500p + 60p = 560p, £3 and 85p = 300p and 85p = 300p + 85p = 385p. Gather the pence coins into groups worth 100 pence. So, 566p in pounds and pence is £5 and 66p, By clicking continue and using our website you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy, Book your GCSE Equivalency & Functional Skills Exams, Not sure what you're looking for?

Here is another example of counting pounds and pence. In the pounds column, we have £3 and 10 pence. Found worksheet you are looking for? To help see how many pounds you have you should say the number out loud. We have a two pound … To add pounds and pence coins use the following steps: For example, here is a group of British coins, which we will add to find a total.

The first step is to separate the pound coins from the pence coins.

Some of the worksheets for this concept are To convert between pence p and pounds, Mathsphere, Money work rounding pound amounts to the nearest 5, Money money money activity key, One pence 1p two pence 2p five pence 5p, Money pounds and pence, Mad maths minutes, Math mammoth british money. 57 pounds 40 pence represents 82% of regular price. We will move the 50p and the three 20p coins over to the pounds column. £3 and 90 pence is written as £3.90. There is 10 pence remaining in the form of two 5p coins. We write this as £3.90.

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