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Type of Hero

She has a dark blue hat with feathers on it that she holds with her left arm when idle and wields an épée (fencing sword) in her right arm. Piggy's design was originally based on the character design of Granny, like that antagonist she wears a long red dress that fades in color the higher up the player looks.Her skin is a slightly faded light pink color, as well as her ears, snout, and arms; her cheeks are a slightly more tinted color than her skin, visually being more red than pink. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

You see Mimi and Giraffy next to the … On her left arm she has a single stripe. Pony and Zizzy stay behind to fight a crowd of soldiers who have gathered.

1 Storyline 2 Transcript 3 Hints 4 Notes 5 Trivia It starts with you, Zizzy, and Pony in a store searching for batteries. After that, they try to find the shadow.


Goals Oops! In Piggy: Book 2 itself, she is seen in the ending cut-scene of Alleys. George and the player follow him and the transition to Chapter 12 begins. Status Zizzy in Book 2 Chapter 3 At the end of Chapter 11, she and Pony can be seen for a few seconds before going off-screen. At the ending of the Chapter, She has said that she was a fencing coach and that she had coached her little sisters how to fence as well. She has black stripes around her head and has pink cheeks, wears what seems to be a black bracelet or a black stripe. hostile

Who is staying? It's so nice to see you again!


", "I was a fencing coach.


Heroic Achievements

Items needed: ", "Then it looks like it's us three once more! We start off after Chapter 9, where the player follows a shadow to a mall, which turns out to be George Piggy. Click here to see all Zizzy pages! Zizzy is the deuteragonist of the Piggy franchise. In-Game At the ending of the chapter, she and the player find George Piggy in the mall. 1 Description; 2 Trivia; 3 Gallery; 4 Music Ambience; Description. Player, Pony, Mimi, Giraffy, Zee and Zuzy Zizzy uses zebra noises for her jumpscare.

She has black stripes around her head and wears a magenta dress, and a … She accompanies the player to investigate the sound of the mysterious stalker behind the dumpster. Carnival - Chapter 8 (Ending)City - Chapter 9Mall - Chapter 10Outpost - Chapter 11Plant (Good Ending) (True Ending), Alleys (Ending)Store (Ending)Refinery (Ending). Weapon

She helps knock out the infected person in the store.

", "Are we ready to face whatever is in there?". "[Player Name], take George with you in there. No She helps knock out the infected person in the store.

Physical Appearance. They are based on Zuzu and Zaza Zebra from the Peppa Pig series. She knocks out the soldier Pigs and where as Pony knocks out the Piggy. No information They are mentioned in Chapter 9 by Zizzy, and they appear in the ending cutscene of Mall - Chapter 10 in the Safe Place. Zizzy is a zebra. In Chapter 10, She has the same functionality as she does in Chapter 9, knocking out Piggy if given grass. He passes them off as "the people he has let down in the past coming back to haunt him," and leaves. The Zizzy skin is based off the Peppa Pig character Zoë Zebra.


Player Enemies She is a zebra.

Enemies After you make it out, you and the rest go back to the safe place with the batteries. Piggy also has music when you are close to him and you can hear Piggy's pounding footsteps. In the ending cut-scene, she is led off by Willow and some members of The Silver Paw for further questioning.

Apparance . If we get into trouble, we know how to get out of it.


", "They'll be surprised that we found someone. She has a magenta dress and has purple legs. They have the least amount of … She is the tritagonist of Book 1, and a major character in Book 2.

She is the tritagonist of Book 1, and a major character in Book 2. Zizzy

I'll stay safe and come back, I promise.". Zizzy(last name unknown)

Friend No information "Pony and I are going to the store to get some supplies. She wields a rapier in her right hand and has a black stripe on her left arm and has purple legs, she is first seen at chapter 8 ending cutsene with pony, Chapter 9:Zizzy and Pony bring player to their safe place. Zizzy is a skin in Piggy and costs 450 Piggy Tokens to be unlocked. She questions if the player recognizes George or not (with the player's initial reaction being yes) and took George to the safe place. Infected (presumably) Zizzy also appears in the gameplay and cut-scenes of Chapter 2. In the Piggy 2 Trailer, Zizzy is seen in some kind of room/cell.

Fencing sword She was the most expensive skin before the Chapter 10 update was released.

This makes her design different than Zoe Zebra's. Oops! She has a hat accessory based of her, the Zizzy head. Powers/Skills ", "Remember, we're going for batteries and getting out of here!


However, the way to differentiate the Piggy and the bot is that Zizzy will only attack bots, not the Piggy. Zizzy's first appearance is in the ending of Chapter 8, answering the Pony's question of whether the player is infected or not.

Chapter 10:It is a fairly simple map, but with twists and turns.

I think I may have pulled a muscle. The character Zizzy is based on (Zoe Zebra), Zizzy as seen in the Piggy: Book 2 Trailer. The Zizzy character is based off the Peppa Pig character Zoë she isn't a playable character, she can help you by knocking out Piggy in City - Chapter 9 and Mall - Chapter 10 if given Grass. The color of text for when she talks is Magenta. The hat based on Zizzy that can be bought for 75 Robux. In the trailer for Piggy: Book 2, Zizzy looks like she's shouting, ready to pick up a fight, or she might be surprised.

Zee & Zuzy are the younger sisters of Zizzy .

"We came here looking for survivors. ", "It's ok, Pony. I used to teach my little sisters. In Chapter 9, She serves as an NPC that can knock out Piggy for a few seconds if given grass. This makes her design different than Zoe Zebra's. "Pony! The bots don't have music or loud footsteps. The player and Zizzy bring him to the safe house, and they meet Zee and Zuzy, Pony, and we have cameos of Giraffy (Character) and Mimi (Character). Click here for all the Zizzy pages! Clear View

Zizzy is a zebra with a purple dress and pants, and a black stripe/wristband on her arm. She introduces the player and George to her sisters and then bids goodbye to her sisters, later to accompany Pony and the player in finding Mr. P. In Chapter 11, She works a bit differently.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Protecter of innocence Yes She was released in the Chapter 9 update, although her NPC counterpart was introduced in the Chapter 8 update. 450 The Infected and Mr.P She is shown to be loyal, determined, cautious, and a bit rebellious. After finally escaping, you hear a noise and Zizzy comes with player to find out what that sound is.

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