TikTok instead encourages users to jump from audience to audience, trend to trend, creating something like simulated temporary friend groups, who get together to do friend-group things: to share an inside joke; to riff on a song; to talk idly and aimlessly about whatever is in front of you. You don't have to keep checking "Download Data" to see if your download is ready. Names, symbols, logos, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, portraits, or other objects meant to represent dangerous individuals and/or organizations, Content that praises, glorifies, or supports dangerous individuals and/or organizations, Content that promotes acts of physical harm, such as assaulting or kidnapping, Content that risks the safety of others, including pranks like swatting, Content that promotes human exploitation or wildlife trafficking, Content that offers the purchase, sale, or trade of unlawfully acquired goods, Content that provides instructions on how to conduct criminal activities, Content that displays firearms, firearm accessories, ammunition, or explosive weapons, Content that offers, sells, trades, or solicits firearms, accessories, ammunition, explosive weapons, or instructions on how to manufacture them, Content that displays drugs, drug consumption, or encourages others to make, use, or trade drugs or other controlled substances, Content that sells, offers, trades, or solicits drugs or other controlled substances, Content that provides information on how to buy illegal or controlled substances, Content that promotes Ponzi or pyramid schemes, Content that promotes fixed betting, get-rich-quick schemes, or any other types of scams. When we confirm reports of impersonation, we remove the violating accounts. Unfortunately, unlike other social media apps, you can't pick and choose the data you want to receive. It’s been a while since a new social app got big enough, quickly enough, to make nonusers feel they’re missing out from an experience. Content that dehumanizes or incites violence or hatred against individuals or groups, based on the attributes listed above, including but not limited to: claiming that they are physically or morally inferior, calling for or justifying violence against them, referring negatively to them as animals, inanimate objects, or other non-human entities, promoting or justifying exclusion, segregation, or discrimination against them, Content that invokes non-consensual slurs, Content that promotes any hateful ideologies by talking positively about or displaying logos, symbols, flags, slogans, uniforms, salutes, gestures, portraits, illustrations, or names of individuals related to these ideologies, Content that denies well-documented and violent events have taken place, Music or lyrics that promote hateful ideologies, Content that threatens an individual with violence, Content that wishes death, serious disease, physical, or other harm on an individual, Content that incites violence or coordinated harassment, Content that sexually harasses a user by disparaging their sexual activities or attempting to make unwanted sexual contact, Content that disparages a private individual on the basis of attributes such as intellect, appearance, personality traits, or hygiene, Content that praises violent tragedies and disparages their victims, Content that uses the duet, react, or effects features of TikTok to create abusive content targeting other users, Content that reveals or threatens to reveal personally identifiable information, including but not limited to residential address, private email address, private phone number, bank statement, social security number, or passport number, Threats to reveal sexual imagery or non-consensual intimate imagery, Content that depicts, commits, or incites non-consensual sexual acts, Content that commits, promotes, or glorifies sexual solicitation or sexual objectification, Content that depicts sexual activities such as penetration, non-penetrative sex, or oral sex, Content that shows human genitalia, female nipples, or buttocks, Content that shows the private parts of minors, Content that depicts sexual exploitation of minors, Content that depicts sexual activities such as penetration, non-penetrative sex, or oral sex involving minors, Content that depicts sexual arousal involving minors, Content that depicts a sexual fetish involving minors, Content that depicts minors consuming, possessing, or suspected of consuming alcoholic beverages, drugs, or tobacco, Content that depicts physical or psychological abuse involving minors, Content that encourages, instructs, or justifies grooming behavior, Content that engages a minor in a sexually explicit conversation, Content that incentivizes or blackmails a child to transmit sexually explicit material, Content that depicts erotic dances involving minors, Content that contains sexual or erotic language involving minors, Share instructions on how to artificially increase views, likes, followers, shares, or comments, Attempt to or engage in selling or buying views, likes, followers, shares, or comments, Promote artificial traffic generation services, Operate multiple TikTok accounts under false or fraudulent pretenses, including coordinated attempts to manufacture inauthentic activity, distribute commercial spam, or otherwise coordinate a scaled violation of TikTok policies, As another person or organization by using someone else's name, biographical details, or profile picture in a misleading manner, Misinformation that incites hate or prejudice, Misinformation related to emergencies that induces panic, Medical misinformation that causes harm to an individual's physical health, Content that misleads community members about elections or other civic processes, Digital Forgeries (Synthetic Media or Manipulated Media) that mislead users by distorting the truth of events and cause harm to the subject of the video or society, Engage in coordinated inauthentic activities (such as the creation of accounts) to exert influence and sway public opinion while misleading individuals, our community or the larger public about the account's identity, location or purpose, Content that violates or infringes someone else's copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights, Do not hack the TikTok website, app, or associated networks, or bypass its measures to restrict users’ access, Do not distribute files that contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or other materials that are malicious or harmful, Do not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or create any derivative products based on TikTok, including any files, tables or documentation, nor attempt to regenerate any source code, algorithms, methods, or techniques embodied in TikTok, Do not use automated scripts to collect information from TikTok.

We also do not allow content that verbally or physically threatens violence or depicts harm to an individual or a group based on any of the following protected attributes: Slurs are defined as derogatory terms that are intended to disparage an ethnicity, race, or any other protected attributes listed above. It unapologetically embraces central control rather than pretending it doesn’t have it. December 2019 . Maybe you saw a photo of some friends on Instagram at a great party and wondered why you weren’t there. Imagine an Instagram centered entirely around its “Explore” tab, or a Twitter built around, I guess, trending topics or viral tweets, with “following” bolted onto the side. Because we do not want such behavior to be normalized or imitated, we remove content that promotes criminal activities.Do not post: To protect our community, we generally do not allow the depiction, trade, or promotion of firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, or explosive weapons.

We are also committed to keeping this community safe. But some early models, which emphasized the creatures’ ability to cover a certain distance as quickly as possible, resulted in the evolution of a very tall, rigid being that simply fell over. Posted by 5 days ago. It is constantly learning from you and, over time, builds a presumably complex but opaque model of what you tend to watch, and shows you more of that, or things like that, or things related to that, or, honestly, who knows, but it seems to work.

Large audiences feel within reach, and smaller ones are easy to find, even if you’re just messing around. Therefore, we may allow exceptions under certain circumstances, as described in the sections below. Only then, and after going public, did it start to become more assertive. It’s full of things that you seem to have demonstrated you want to watch, no matter what you actually say you want to watch. Next, tap "Privacy and safety," then "Personalization and data." TikTok assertively answers anyone’s what should I watch with a flood. Most of it is meaningless. TikTok will change the way your social media works — even if you’re avoiding it.

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