In January 1977 the UK extended its territorial waters from 12 miles to 200 miles to create an exclusive economic zone for fishery rights. The ship was then transferred to Western Approaches Command, and deployed in the South-Western Approaches laying deep trap minefields as a countermeasure to U-boat activities in inshore waters. She was launched on 15 October 1970 and commissioned on … [1], On her return Apollo prepared for service with the British Pacific Fleet, departing from Portsmouth at the end of June. [4] On 25 August 1960, the destroyer Battleaxe was carrying out steam trials while moored alongside Apollo at Portsmouth, when steam was let into Battleaxe's turbines, driving the ship forward and breaking Apollo's mooring lines. Admiral Sir Peter Halkett, 6th Baronet (c. 1765 – 7 October 1839) was a senior Royal Navy officer of the early nineteenth century who is best known for his service in the French Revolutionary Wars.The younger son a Scottish baronet, Halkett joined the Navy and by 1793 was a lieutenant, becoming a post captain after service at the Siege of Williamstadt in the Netherlands. Apollo was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders of Scotstoun.She was launched on 15 October 1970 and commissioned on 28 May 1972, making her the penultimate Leander.. HMS Apollo, the fourth ship of the Royal Navy to be named for the Greek god Apollo, was a fifth-rate frigate of a nominal 36 guns. [1] With minelayer Plover she laid more than 1200 Mk XVII moored mines across the coastal convoy route along the north coast of Cornwall. [1], Apollo took passage to Sheerness and then to the Tyne for repairs, which were completed in September. She served during the French Revolutionary Wars, but her career came to an end after just four years in service when she was wrecked on the Haak sands off the Dutch coast.

[1], On 15 January 1945 she returned to the Western Approaches for minelaying in the Irish Sea. She returned home in October. [20] The ship was renamed PNS Zulfiqar, and commissioning in the Pakistan Navy on 14 October 1988.

Apollo was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders of Scotstoun. [1], After the end of the war in Europe Apollo sailed to Oslo in company with sister ship Ariadne and heavy cruiser Devonshire, returning the Norwegian Government-in-Exile and Crown Prince Olav. Wikimedia Commons. French Revolutionary Wars. July 05, 2019 . After exercises with the Mediterranean Fleet at Malta in July, she finally arrived at Melbourne on 1 August, by which time her services were no longer required, as the Japanese surrendered on the 15th.

[1], Apollo was then employed in repatriation work carrying former British prisoners of war to Shanghai for passage back to the UK. Apollo was positioned between HMS Hardy and HMS Salisbury. HMS Apollo, in 1955.

For more information, please see our privacy policy, Please enter a password with 6 characters or more. The ship was launched on 20th August 1936 by Lady Fisher, the wife of the renowned Admiral 'Jackie' Fisher and was the 10th Royal Navy warship to carry the name, first used in 1758 for the Prize ABENOIRE. [1][2] She was laid down at Yarrow Shipbuilders' Scotstoun, Glasgow shipyard on 1 May 1969[3][4][2] as Yard number 1002. On the night of September 22, the bloodiest mutiny ever suffered by the Royal Navy erupted aboard the frigate HMS Hermione off the western coast of Puerto Rico. Big Mollie says. Members who served with HMS Apollo. [1][2] She cost £13,577 to build; this rising to a total of £20,779 when the cost of fitting her for service was included. Mutiny aboard HMS Apollo 1958 I am interested in knowing whether anyone else has some more knowledge of the events in March 1958 aboard HMS Apollo that led to the arrest of over 40 seamen. As captain of the Second Frigate Squadron, Apollo was responsible for anchorages of all warships at the Royal Fleet Review. Welcome to Forces Reunited the place where you can find information and friends from HMS Hardy. On 12 March 2010, Zulfiqar was sunk as a target in the Arabian Sea. [1] She was launched on 18 March 1794 and was completed at Woolwich Dockyard on 23 September 1794. Written by John Fisher. It all came to light when a member of the press phoned the local CinC to ask if it was true, and the reply was more or less "What mutiny ?". It was the Agere that rammed the Appollo as I was in the senior rates dining hall when it rammed us.Made a hell of a dent in the side. Members who served with HMS Apollo. A fictional Navy drama set in the Pacific during World War II, it was directed by Edward Dmytryk and produced by Stanley Kramer, and starred Humphrey Bogart, José Ferrer, Van Johnson, Fred MacMurray, and Robert Francis.The film is based on The Caine Mutiny, the 1951 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel written by Herman Wouk.

HMS Apollo was an ‹See TfM› Abdiel -class minelayer of the Royal Navy, the eighth RN ship to carry the name. Below are just some of our members who have served at HMS Apollo. HMS Apollo was an Abdiel-class minelayer of the Royal Navy, the eighth RN ship to carry the name. HMS Apollo in 2010. There are some Apollo missions that outshine the others: the fated Apollo 1 fire, the Apollo 13 near-disaster, and the Apollo 11 moon landing. She also carried mail and stores to ships and establishments in the Pacific, including the British Fleet Base at Manus, Shanghai, various Japanese ports and Hong Kong. There was indeed a mutiny aboard APOLLO in Guzz in 1958. We can reunite you with your friends who served at HMS Apollo and we have a wealth of information on different units, bases and ships in the site.

She was the name ship of the Apollo-class frigates. After Hurricane Charlie struck Jamaica on 17 August 1951, Apollo made a high speed run to deliver relief supplies to the island. Put into reserve in 1946, she was recommissioned in 1951, serving until 1961, and was sold for scrapping in 1962. She served with the Home Fleet during World War II, taking part in the Normandy Landings before being transferred to the British Pacific Fleet.

HMS Apollo, the third ship of the Royal Navy to be named for the Greek god Apollo, was a 38-gun Artois-class fifth rate frigate of the Royal Navy.She served during the French Revolutionary Wars, but her career came to an end after just four years in service when she was wrecked on the Haak sands off the Dutch coast.. Construction Edit.

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