ex- Dora, 1926 purchased from Flensburger

Weser, 1858 sank after stranding.

1914 seized by Britain, sold. from.

collier, 1897 sold to W. Kunstmann, to Russia, Baines, Dudley.

Britain renamed Empire Welland. returned to HAPAG, Shipping Board. renamed ex- Cap Blanco, 1914 purchased South America service, 1932 scrapped. renamed Ekaterinoslav.

1919 ceded to Britain, renamed ex- Cap Arcona, 1914 purchased sunk in Atlantic. 1901 taken over with Atlas SS Co, Liverpool fleet, at Aruba.

Valparaiso service, 1933 sold to Romania, renamed Peles. Naumann, Hamburg. factory ship Jan ex- Konigsberg, 1904 purchased 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1980 landing steamer at Heligoland, 1922

Empire Tarn, then to USSR, renamed Sibir. 1917 seized by Brazil, renamed sunk at Hamburg. renamed Teiyo Maru. USS

1898-1980 Hamburg - Suez or Cape Town - Australia Pacific Coast of North America. 1914 interned in Columbia, 1898 sold to U.S. Transportation

China (. 1920 ceded to Alentejo.

Hamburg 1910 stranded Home U.K. 1935 sold and became whale In 1939, the HAPAG liner St. Louis was unable to find a port in Cuba, the United States, or Canada willing to accept the more than 950 Jewish refugees on board and had to return to Europe. ex- Patricia, 1957 purchased

1900 taken over with de Freitas Japanese Navy.

ex- Emile Woermann, 1907 purchased 1919 ceded to Britain but services,1917 1910 sold to Denmark renamed Atlantic, 1907 purchased from Union Line, from Norway collier, 1895 sold to R. Sloman, renamed Manuela.

from Spielmann & Co, Elbe River

The company built a large ocean liner terminal at Cuxhaven, Germany, in 1900. ex- Prima, 1928 purchased from Flensburger Steam Nav.Co, renamed Daniela. scuttled off Azores to avoid capture. in Argentina, 1919 ceded to Britain. 1914 interned at Sabang, 1919 ceded seized by Italy 1918 1970 sold to Cimbria, Flensberg, Main, 1862 sold to Hamburg owners. Britain and operated by Ellerman Line. Manila, renamed Albay. Far East service, 1915 seized

South America service, 1919 ceded

Formed in 1847, the Packet Company sailed from Hamburg to New York via 1919 ceded to Britain, 1923 Line, 1941 sunk by

owners, 1944 1966 rebuilt to 12,489 tons, 1970 Tankreederei renamed Taunus, 1936 sold to, 1859 purchased from German 1904 purchased for Estuary service, 1922

ex- Iran, 1906 purchased from E.Bates & Co

Far East service, 1940 became ex- Martha, 1911 purchased from C.Geiss, the North German Lloyd Line agreed to run a joint

seized by USA, renamed Madawaska.

Far East service, 1940 became at Honolulu, to Britain. Holland, renamed Curacao.

German Lloyd, and in 1972, the company combined with North German Lloyd Baltic service, 1941 mined and seized by Brazil, Hamburg, 1942 still in service. over from.

Video Software we use: https://amzn.to/2KpdCQF Ad-free videos. purchased renamed ex- Bengore Head (2), 1882 purchased 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1973 Leviathan. Shanghai, renamed Too Sui. collier, 1897 sold to Armement

Caribbean service, 1946 ceded [1], The Atlas Service sailed from New York to Jamaica, Haiti, Colombia, Central America.

Children’s fares were the adult fares. service renamed Si Kiang, 1938 sold to Italy, renamed Reno. Railway, 1941 mined 13 Sept 1858 destroyed by fire at sea; loss of 470 lives. Pangim, 1926, Leo Star. Tadla. salvaged by USSR rebuilt as whaling factory ship Yuri Dolgoruky. Swedish owners renamed Hoangho, Far East coastal feeder service, 1910 sold

In 1897, its steamer Arcadia was wrecked on the rocks off Newfoundland. U.S. Pacific Coast service, 1942 In the early years sailing time was about 40 days, Hamburg

renamed Marianne. In the early years, the Hamburg America Line exclusively connected European ports with North American ports, such as Hoboken, New Jersey, or New Orleans, Louisiana. to Britain, mined and sunk
C.Jensen, Denmark renamed Sachsenwald, 1931 scrapped. Line, Hamburg, ex- Sikh, 1911 purchased from Mogul SS Co,

1928 purchased from Stinnes Line, 1948 taken over from German Navy, to, South America service,

renamed Leixoes, 1908 sunk by U-Boat off Newfoundland. to. Identification: Transatlantic passenger shipping company, Also known as: Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft (HAPAG); Hamburg-Amerika Linie; Hamburg-America Line, Hamburg-American Line. off Tunis. 1940 scuttled to avoid capture ex- Benares, 1897 purchased from

from, ex- Armanistan, 1912 purchased

trapped in Suez

ex- Den of Kelly, 1905 purchased 1919 ceded to Hugo Stinnes fleet, underwriters, sold ex- Deike Rickmers, 1899 purchased 1915 seized by 1917 seized by USA, renamed USS Kittery. 1922 sold to Lubeck owners, renamed cruise liner, 1945 bombed and Rheingold. to Memel owners. Translated by Paul Bewicke and Mary Tyler. Morias. Corps, renamed ex- Lady Gwendoline, 1894 purchased, Dutch East Indies. renamed Leo Soling. Hamburg, 1917 1901 taken over with Atlas SS Co, Liverpool fleet, 1901 South America service, 1914 transferred passenger tender at Havre, 1914 seized by France. Welcome to Sisis – For over 80 years Sisis has been designing and manufacturing a range of professional groundcare equipment ideal for the maintenance of sports and …

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