The default spear is probably one of the first weapons that’s worth maxing out. Forgot when you're switching keepsakes you also have a well you can check. Broken urns have a 3/4/5% chance to contain healing items. Hestia is an extremely solid weapon that does a lot of damage. Hades Tier List: Weapon aspects, Boons and Keepsakes full tier list, TFT Fates Set 4 Official Release Date Announced: Know All About TFT Fates Items, Tier List, Summoners War Tier List: The Best Monsters In The Game, Ranked, Dragalia Lost Tier List: All Adventurers And Dragons Tier List, Genshin Impact Full Tier List And Best Characters To Start The Game With, Aphrodite – gives a Weak or Charmed status effect on enemies. Sounds fun to play around with for a run or two but ultimately not as viable as other options. Crystal Beam + Artemis flourish is a good option to unlock Crystal Clarity, but any powerful flourish boon will make this weapon usable. Curious if people value anything way higher/lower. When you take lethal damage, miraculously survive with 50/75/100 Health. To preface, I’d remove all god keepsakes because their functionality and purpose is unique, and doesn’t compare to other keepsakes well, and move everything else up one tier, removing F tier. All rights reserved. Sigil of the dead I need to play around with more but overall it doesn't seem better than olympian calls to me, so I don't see how it's worth the commitment. On the other hand, if you're doing so poorly that you need Patrocles that badly, well... Good point! More time will be offered in higher biomes, and in special encounters, such as bosses, mini-bosses, and Thanatos Encounters. Hades Keepsakes tier list S Tier: Evergreen Acorn, Old Spiked Collar, Pom Blossom A Tier: Black Shawl, Cosmic Egg, Distant Memory, Lambent Plume, Lucky Tooth, Pierced Butterfly, Sigil … Your Attack, Special, and Cast each deal +40/60/80% damage while not empowered by a Boon.

Read more to know about different Hades Tier list. It pairs well with Artemis thanks to its big burst shot at the start of every clip. If you’re playing XCOM Chimera Squad, you’re going to want to know what skills Cherub can learn when he levels up so […]. There are tons of Keepsakes in Hades, and each offers you something … I didn't attempt to rank the olympian keepsakes but instead just made this their tier. This is my review of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Your email address will not be published. In a run where you die a lot early, then get Patrocles, that's 200 HP. 5 instances of damage can be huge, scales well at higher heat. Hades All Keepsakes List If it was 6 seconds it’d probably be a tier higher.

If you have 3+ DD, it equates to 125+ extra health over the course of the DD's. Perhaps the best thing about it is you don’t even need to invest any blood in to reach this weapon’s full potential. Bloodless is coming to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night as a bonus playable character, Watch Dogs Legion used real political podcasters to deliver in-game talk radio, Ghost Rider Fortnite Skin Revealed, Here’s How To Get It, Gabe Newell is shooting a real Gnome Chompski into space for charity, Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension Gameplay Trailer, Apex Legends – Stories from the Outlands: “Promise” Trailer, Marvel Realm of Champions – Battleworld Cinematic Trailer, Fallout 76: Steel Dawn – “Recruitment” Teaser Trailer, Nvidia RTX 3070 review: the new 1440p king – and great value for money, Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra DLC Review, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Review, Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 1 Review, Amnesia: Rebirth reviews round-up – all the scores, Evidence Of Resident Evil 3: Cloud Version For Nintendo Switch Seemingly Uncovered, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will be in stock at Best Buy over Black Friday, Every Switch Star Wars Game Is Currently On Sale, But You’ll Have To Be Quick, Third-Party Custom PS5 Faceplate Manufacturer Gets a Name Change to ‘Customize My Plates’, Reminder: My Nintendo Offering Discounts On Mario, Zelda And More Until The End Of The Year (Europe).

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