most males do well alone or in community tanks, but as many people have mentioned, it depends on the male. *Awarded Answer Posted by Daniele N: It’s fun breeding fish and possibly selling them to other fishkeepers and stores. The theory is that when you feed these young fish they are surrounded by food instead of having to go searching for it. Although he is credited with discovering the wild Guppy in 1866, Spaniard De Filippi found the fish in Barbados in 1862 and labelled it Lebistes poeciliodes. Not only did I manage to pin down Scott Fellman of Tannin Aquatics for an in-depth on botanicals, I finally lured famed American aquarist Richard Ross to write me a piece on cephalopod care. If the females do not become pregnant in two months, add an additional male (brother) to the tank.

Everyone once in a while the pleco scares him but no aggression anywhere. Besides cultured food options, there are other foods that you can prepare at home to avoid feeding them only flake foods. Aside from just wanting something exciting and new to work with there may be some specific reasons that you have decided to outcross. I carry out weekly changes of 25%. This is normal and can take up to a week before they are swimming and acting as guppies should.

If you are reading this because you are thinking about breeding FANCY GUPPIES. With out-crossing, it's critical to ensure strains are compatible - some colour strains mix, others don't. Cross: Are the fish being bred brother to sister (siblings), parents to daughter or son (backcross), or to a genetically related strain (outcross)? This article was first published in the January 2006 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine and may not be reproduced without written permission. The smaller, more active males impregnate the females first. In the member's section you will find the Judging Book from the IFGA. Buying a Cat | Find out Which Cat is Best for You? It’s the good stuff. Technically, yes guppies and mollies can cross as they are both Poecilia. What's more, you will reap the benefit of having them during their peak breeding period, which runs from about three to seven months of age. You will find that the interaction with other guppy enthusiasts will make this a more rewarding hobby. Later, sperm are transferred by modified anal fin (gonopodium).After the internal fertilization, eggs develop inside the oviduct and are retained by female until the hatching time.It is easy to understand pregnancy by observing the female body; when the female guppy is pregnant, her abdomen enlarges and a gravid spot develops on the abdomen (becomes darker and darker closer to the birth). It is possible to choose parents and to obtain guppies in desired colors.

The aim is to restore the strain to its original format, but with the trait fixed. some are possibly introduced for mosquito control but most of those are actually mosquito fish from the Gambusia genus. Generation: Start with P for parentage, followed by F1, F2 etc. The fry tend to die right after birth, or during birth or are still born. Read more…, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to At about three to six weeks, the time has come to separate males from the females. Hopefully, you have researched the wide variety of color strains that are available and have contacted a reputable IFGA breeder for breeding stock. Guppy back crossing is essentially used to reestablish traits that have disappeared even though it wasn’t your intention or to eradicate certain traits. Huge amounts of guppies can be produced very easily in a short time. The most common method is to break your strain into two lines for inbreeding.

Fish at this age ship better and acclimate easier than mature fish. It is intended, however, to give the beginner a start in the right direction. Therefore, the process of culling guppies refers to removing guppies with undesirable traits or with abnormalities or diseases from the genetic pool. The newborn guppies should be kept in the tank until they are old enough to survive in community aquarium (in about 4 to 6 weeks). By eliminating fish in each of the steps, you will end up with the best fish for breeders or show fish.

While inbreeding reduces the variations of your offspring and line breeding helps keep your gene pool intact, out-crossing corrects or adds a gene to your strain. From what I understand it’s better to set up the tank with the other fish and add the betta later to be less territorial. Assign your guppy fish a number or letter. Out-crossing is mating two different compatible pure strains (same color that are produced from different breeders). Beyond the high number of tanks, you’ll also need all the equipment that’s needed to set up a guppy aquarium including a heater, a filter, air pump, live plants, etc. Betta Fish Diseases | How To Treat Betta Diseases. Parents: What was the identity number of the parent fish?

Leaving all the fish together to breed causes rapid deterioration of the strain. LINE BREEDING: Breeding two separate lines branching from the original trio with eventual backcrossing or the breeding of distant relatives such as half siblings, cousins to cousins, etc. One of my male guppies had a sexual encounter with my female balloon molly. Find out what the ideal shape should be. I wasn’t aware of what causes the balloon molly shape. Get a strain that is already established and does not need much work to begin with. The cost is also influenced by scarcity (rare strains are more expensive), the time it took the breeder to achieve that particular type of guppy fish and the health status of those fish. As a guide, if your fish do not eat all the food you put in the tank in two minutes, chances are you're overfeeding them - or they could be ill. It is an exciting hobby and guppy breeding show guppies can really bring a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Generally the fish themselves don’t allow the pregnancies.

This species has a beautiful and colorful body structure that make sit interesting to keep and produce many of them. He took these home and over the next few years, perfected the now familiar Coffer Tail shape. The Complete Guppy Care Guide 2020: Breeding, Tank Requirements, Fancy Varieties… September 13, 2018 Robert Freshwater Fish 50. If you continue to use this site we’ll assume you’re happy to receive all cookies. They are useless and you will be wasting your time and money. Because of this, the Endler's Livebearer is not its own species, and is actually just a unique guppy variant. I have a couple of Bettas who will not even tolerate a mystery snail.

I also pointed out that these guppy strains don’t come as cheap, especially that it’s recommended to buy them from a reputable breeder. And I mean plenty, such that the water above the filter looks like it is boiling. Harvesting them, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. For example, reds, greens and blues grow rapidly and can be selected at 3 months. It describes in detail the requirements for all strains, and is very valuable in allowing you to recognize good show fish.

Still, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your hand at selective guppy breeding but do make sure to follow the advice in this article and document yourself about selective breeding techniques. You can add some extra ingredients to the paste like spirulina, shrimp, vitamins, minerals, etc. With balloon mollies, this would be particularly fortunate because of the severe spinal deformity that has been kept in them. Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are the most popular freshwater aquarium species. This portion of the International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) site is provided as help to those new to fancy guppies. You are sure to enjoy the hobby and the experience. Also, female guppies can store their mates’ sperm making it possible to give birth at different times without the presence of male guppies. In the first case, good results are produced, while in the second case, the chance of results opposite to what you envision are high.

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