By Doug Olander. Test 1: 9.80 lbs. of 18.4 lbs with those exact same lines.

It is absolutely reliable in all classes of line and can be used with mono, braid and fluorocarbon. Make about 6 to 8 more half hitches. We also have put some knots into groups such as beginner fishing knots, fly fishing knots, saltwater fishing knots and tenkara knots. In the illustration on the left we have removed the hand to better show the lines but keep the lines as you have them on your hand. It’s nice to see that it was above 10 lbs, but the FG knot broke at an avg. Breaking Strain: Many writers claim that it tests at close to 100% of the line’s breaking strain. . However, these claims compare their results to the line’s rated strength, e.g., 30lb line, rather than to line tests performed in the same environment with appropriate test equipment. Scroll to see Animated FG Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

If you’re not losing fish or lures due to getting hung up in structure, then you have no reason to make any changes. I believe if you had a way to apply consistent force at a consistent rate, your comparisons would be more accurate.

Every tome I’ve tied this knot the braid fails inside the figure 8. I believe that the rate of force applied may affect the failure point (viscoelasticity, etc.). Any tests on that?

You want the lines nice and tight. Your are probably aware that the IGFA did a study on the GT knot. Others alternate – as is shown in the Animation here. Repeat this weaving, down one side, up through the middle, down the other side, up through the middle, alternating one side to the other. P.S.

When I tested one of the knots in those videos it was much weaker than the FG knot, so if you’re looking for a strong line to leader knot, I definitely recommend sticking with the tried and true FG knot. breaking strength was 10.1 lbs for connecting 10 lb PowerPro to a 30 lb mono. Doubling the line will certainly add some more strength, but I’d be shocked it if would be able to make up for such a large gap in strength relative to the FG knot. P.S. There’s a ton of misinformation about the GT knot out there, as well as several different ways to tie it. The GT Knot only won in the heavy line category. And I was right! However, the braid is always bruised by the process. Now take your leader spool and pull off a length that is long enough to run from the spool on the ground, with your foot on it to hold a lot of tension and run it up over your knee.

This seems to support Salt Strong’s conclusion.

Continue until the weaving is about 1 1/2 to 2 centimeters (1/2" to 3/4"). There are several methods to tie this knot and many of them result in a knot that is considered difficult to tie. The GT knot is shorter and thicker than the FG knot which is slim buy long. – THE BEST FISHING KNOTS OF ALL TIME [RANKED STRONGEST TO WEAKEST], – HOW TO TIE THE FG KNOT IN UNDER 60 SECONDS [FREE CHEAT SHEET PDF]. Wrap the bight four turns around the Tippet and then another four turns outside the first four turns. © 1996 – Present, Grog LLC. All Rights Reserved. Where failure could cause property damage, injury, or death, seek professional instruction prior to use.

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