Another glass collection site has been opened. Fairfax City recycling crews will continue to collect glass curbside, until further notice. Information: email, 703-385-7816. • Light Bulbs “We had to separate the glass in order to get it really recycled, and that’s why we started the Purple Can Club,” says Erik Grabowsky, chief of Solid Waste Bureau in Arlington County government’s Department of Environmental Services. Glass collected in these containers will be sent to a glass-crushing facility in Fairfax County where it’s crushed into sand and gravel for use in a variety of local construction projects, such as paving, pipe bedding and backfill.

We can do better! It saves a lot of energy, too. So now there are ten glass recycling locations in Omaha, with plans for more. Keep Omaha Beautiful Inc, and Ripple Glass of Kansas City, worked with the City of Omaha to start the two new sites. Ripple Glass is the answer. Ripple Glass Supports Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic, Recycling Glass in Multi-Family Communities, Message from Michelle Goth, General Manager of Ripple Glass. Empty glass container? Once you get a decent amount saved up, toss them in your car and hustle on over to a glass recycling center near you.

And be sure to check back often for new locations. Most Plastic Film Can Be Recycled. You can toss that in recycling. Labels and lids are accepted in the bins.

Learn more about Ripple Glass and their recycling process by watching the video linked here. • Windows Come prepared to spend a little time there, as there will most likely be a line of people in front of you when you arrive.

“Those are just really good statistics,” he says.

Copyright © 2020 Northern Virginia Magazine. We can take the signed document by email (, fax (385-468-6330), or by person or mail (604 W 6960 S, Midvale, UT 84047) with your name, address, phone, and email legibly printed.

• Mirrors Before running down to the closest recycling center or dumping all your glass items in the curbside bin it is important to know which glass items can and cannot be recycled.

Well, you can toss it into the purple, glass-only recycling container located somewhere around town.

• Porcelain They must be empty, washed of any food waste and dry. ACE Glass Recycling.

- Any colors, shapes and sizes of glass bottles and jars, - Do NOT bag glass (No plastic of any kind), - No lamps or bulbs (Drop off at I-66 transfer station).

Northeast: Solid Waste Main Office. It’s always a good idea to have cleaned, wiped or rinsed out your glass containers. Find the closest glass recycling center near you. Aluminum is the best thing to recycle if you’re simply looking to get the most out of a trip to a recycling center. 3101 Dugan Drive Little Rock, AR 72206.

The Purple Can Club consists of 24 purple, glass-only drop-off containers that can be found across the region. The glass is then brought to Fairfax County’s processing plant (nicknamed “Big Blue” for its blue color and large size) in Lorton where it is crushed into sand and gravel for use in a variety of projects, including pipe bedding and backfill, which protects pipes in new infrastructures. The City of Fairfax has joined other Northern Virginia jurisdictions in the "Purple Can Club", a recycling program for residents to recycle their glass waste. Based on these findings, the City is changing its approach to glass recycling to ensure the greatest environmental benefit. When that glass breaks, all of those little pieces of glass then stick to everything else, causing contamination.”.

Despite the reduced convenience, so far, the new recycling logistics seem to be working. • Light bulbs Glass bottles and jars must be kept separate from the other recyclables. While there are quite a few glass recycling centers in your area, make sure to check the hours of operation for these places. So now there are ten glass recycling locations in Omaha, with plans for more. If you are ever in doubt, the best course of action is to contact your local recycling center or county recycling service and ask if your items can be recycled or disposed of in the normal waste bin.

Notifications will be sent prior to holidays and as notification of delays due to weather. Address / Zip. Check out the map below for specific addresses and directions. Our processing facility and partner companies keep it local. Because of the changes set in place by China, there was also a drop in the market value of glass recyclables, resulting in recycling centers depositing glass in landfills rather than forwarding them on to recycling facilities. It also helps to speed up the process that turns old bottles and jars into new ones. “When you put your bin at home on the curbside, and you put in glass with everything else that’s recyclable, a truck comes by and dumps it into a truck, which transports it to the material recovery facility,” says Eric Forbes, director of engineering and environmental compliance for Fairfax County’s Solid Waste Management.

Illegal dumping at the drop-off sites is punishable by a fine of up to $500, loss of drivers license for 6 months and all clean up costs. • Glass food and beverage containers (all colors, labels can stay on) For a complete listing of the drop-off sites, click here. Here’s everything you need to know about the new rules and practices effecting glass recycling in Northern Virginia.

Illegal dumping at the drop-off sites is punishable by a fine of up to $500, loss of drivers license for 6 months and all clean up costs. That’s positive news.”. Our processing facility and partner companies keep it local.

Recycling may seem like a waste of time to certain people, but it certainly has some benefits if you bother to take the time. The full service drop-off sites also accept all of the recyclables that are collected from Omaha’s curbside collection program.

Smaller grocery retailers may also accept plastic bags for recycling, but you will need to check on your next visit. There are now four glass only drop-off sites and five full service drop-off sites. Enter the Purple Can Club. City residents are encouraged to drop off glass in purple, glass-only containers throughout Fairfax County, including the city's container at 10700 Page Avenue. • Drinking vessels (pint, wine, mason jars) The Purple Can Club consists of over 27 purple, glass-only drop-off containers that are located throughout the region. Some of it gets turned back into glass bottles and some into fiberglass.”. “The fact that China closed its doors meant the market, domestically, was flooded with more material now.

If you receive refuse and recycling services from a provider other than the City of Fairfax Public Works Department, please check with your provider regarding glass collection. Green Stations. Well, you can toss it into the purple, glass-only recycling container located somewhere around town. Once you get a decent amount, take it on down to the nearest glass recycling center near you. Collection Day & Recycling A/B Finder; Collection Email Signup; Elderly/Handicap Assistance; FAQs; Holiday Schedule; Wasteline Publication; Recycling.

• China/Leaded glass

• Windshields & Laminated Glass - No miscellaneous glass items, such as ceramics, porcelain, windows, Pyrex, mirrors or glass sheets. Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option, Vehicle Registration & Personal Property Tax, City Hall Limited Access Appointment Information, Civic Associations Request to Add/Update Listing, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Fairfax City History Sites Re-Opening Updates, Human Services (Information about Services and Resources for City Residents), Public Notices of Council Attendance at City Meetings and Events, Wastewater Lateral Repair and Replacement Program, Small Cell Antennas & Wireless Facilities, Personal Property / Automobile / VRF / Decal, Debit and Forget It (Real Estate Pre-Payment Option). You can toss that in recycling. There are now four glass only drop-off sites and five full service drop-off sites. Then head to the closest Purple Bin to drop off your glass containers. Or into your trash can.

There’s more supply, less demand.”, To counteract the contamination, Northern Virginia’s Purple Can Club turns glass either into sand or peasized gravel for construction projects, or ships it to a glass processor in North Carolina that turns glass into aggregate.

By Thursdays, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. First Saturday of the month, 7 a.m.- 12 p.m. Even considering water usage to clean your glass bottles, it’s certainly less than the water it would take to produce virgin glass. “Where now it’s truly being recycled. Aside from the money you can get for recycling glass there are several other reasons to recycle glass bottles. “To date, we’ve collected 380 tons of glass. Here is a brief overview of the recycling process that shows the infinite loop of glass recycling. Here’s what you can and can’t recycle in the Purple Can Club. Join us for one of our upcoming Recycle Right Webinars.

Glass recycling is now easier and more convenient.

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