Model was sent to command the Army Group B in Holland and Belgium where he managed to halt the Allied advance.

At the end of World War II, Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz (1891-1980) was hand-picked to succeed Adolph Hitler as reich president and supreme commander of the armed forces. After the war Rommel spent the 1920s as a captain with a regiment near Stuttgart. Commander of the combined American, British, Dutch and Australian (. Removed from office by Badoglio.

The last remaining Polish General holding the Germans off until the battle of Kock, he had never lost a battle until Kock. As head of the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, he spent the years 1934 through 1936 strengthening the country's air power. Jodl's official public record began with his service during World War I in the Bavarian Army, where he was an artillery expert.

His submarine tactics nearly won the war for Germany. During this time, Luise Jodl sent telegrams to England's wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, attempting to appeal to his own sense of military duty and the officers' code of conduct to carry out orders, that he might intervene on her husband's behalf. This former infantry school instructor entered the war under Patton, later becoming his boss. Played a decisive role in the Winter War and the invasion of Poland.

One of the pioneers of US military aviation, Spaatz advocated the use of scientific analysis to bombing raids, and made effective use of long range fighters, tactics which helped the Allies achieve air superiority over Europe. Commander of the disastrous campaign in the. He later fled to Spain living under protection of.

Returned to New Zealand and later became Governor-General, A high scoring air ace in World War I.

Was Chief of Staff of the Italian Army. He was captured by the British in May of 1945 and was indicted by the IMT for war crimes in August of that year. In 1928 he was named chief of naval command and promoted to full admiral. A loyal, self-confident boy, he dreamed of becoming a hero that all of Germany would respect.

He continued to obey the orders of the Führer, but avoided contact with the Nazi leadership as much as possible. Hitler, who respected Model as a soldier eventually gave in and gave him the troops he demanded.

He was popular with young women, in part because of his striking blue-green eyes and blond good looks. After a two-year command of a mountain battalion, he continued his teaching career at the Potsdam War Academy in 1935 and finally--after the annexation of Austria in 1938--took over the command of the war academy in Wiener Neustadt as full colonel. The Commanders of World War II were for the most part career officers.They were forced to adapt to new technologies and forged the direction of modern warfare. Commander-in-Chief of British Forces in the Middle East 1939–1941. Hitler promoted Keitel to field marshal in 1940, and almost immediately he began working on plans for the invasion of the Soviet Union. The Russian campaign proved disastrous for Germany, and Keitel signed orders that decreed that captured Soviet officials were to be shot and absolved German soldiers for war crimes against the Slavic people. Göring, now a collector of fine art, furnished the home with priceless tapestries and paintings.

In the aftermath, Göring was severely wounded. That night the 11-year-old Göring packed his bags and returned home. During World War I he served mainly as a staff officer after being slightly wounded by shrapnel. Despite his disagreements with Adolf Hitler Model was promoted to general in February 1942. Died in 1956 of natural causes (, Was not in favour of Italy's alliance to Germany, and resigned after the. Helped in the capture of Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany.

29 Mar.

Frankly I don't know why I lived anyway.". Some political leaders, particularly those of the principal dictatorships involved in the conflict, Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union), Adolf Hitler (Germany), Benito Mussolini (Italy) and Emperor Hirohito (Japan), acted as supreme military commanders as well as dictators for their respective countries or empires.

In the fall of 1929 he commenced his distinguished career as an infantry instructor at the infantry school in Dresden, where he stayed until 1933. Courtesy of Military Images

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