It tastes divine. The mixture was more moist so I cooked for an extra 15 mins in a fan oven – did cover the top with a sheet of foil for the last 30 mins. Do let me know how it works. Thumbs up from us, Hi Caroline. Sorry to hear that. Hope you enjoy the cake! Hi Dorothy, Leave the temperature the same and test after 50 minutes. Hope you enjoy the cake Cheers – Susie. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). Glad you like the cake! Hi Rachel. It’s never too early to get children cooking! Hi Caroline, So pleased you like the cake – and thanks for letting me know Susie. The way to convert one tin to another is to fill the tins with water and pour it into a measuring jug to see the volume.

I have made this cake twice now, I absolutely love it , and it is a great hit with my mum and dad too, I also put chopped nuts and chocolate drops in mine , still adding up to 400g , oh also chopped dates and apricots, so moist and moorish, I’m going to try adding less sugar next time though.. Thank you . I omit the spices and added a teaspoon of rum though I can’t really taste the rum. For a special cake you can soak it in rum or brandy! I do not have a fan based oven… Can you please guide on the temperature and baking duration? I’m in the middle of baking this cake for the second time and I’m hoping it comes out of the oven just as delicious as my last attempt which was lovely and moist. (For many years, I used this technique and didn’t buy caster sugar). If it’s sticky, leave for 15 mins. Reducing the fruit is fine if you prefer less. I always have problems in timing. The next cake I made I used a good tablespoonful of Apricot jam, that also worked very well. x, Hi Dorothy, Glad you and your grandchildren like the cake. If your cakes turn out dry, it’s probably because of the bake temperature or time. I double up the ingredients and make two cakes at a time and slice, wrap up well in clingfilm as a whole one of them and freeze it, it freezes well.

I soaked my fruit overnight in brandy makes a lovely moist cake . Cheers – Susie. Amazing, turned out so well! Susie, Hi I have followed your recipe to the T and my cake came out absolutely gorgeous I cannot thank you enough for posting this recipe thank you so much, Hi Sam, So kind of you to let me know I’m pleased you like the cake. I had no trouble with burning or under cooking and as with a fan oven used a lower oven setting.

Mine didn’t crumble as others have but the colour wasn’t golden as shown in the picture but more darker not sure why. I particularly like that it is adaptable with the type of fruit/nut mix you prefer. Hi Tina, Glad you like the recipe. I also make this vegan by using the equivalent of 3 flaxseed eggs (1 egg replacement – 1 tablespoon flaxseed and 3 tablespoons water, blitzed until its smooth and starts to thicken up). Hi Jacqui. A butter paper on top will do the trick if you want to cover it. Cheers – Susie. But dumplings don't have to be savoury; this list is for those who enjoy sugary sweet delights in dump... keep reading.

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