submitting This was a smooth process. file. Our service stands above the rest offering you: Texas Property Deeds prepares documents for title transfers for any Texas real estate property. Planning to give up the rights you currently have in a piece of real property? To transfer property rights to a family member of a spouse as a gift, To transfer property to your ex-spouse after a divorce, To change the ownership of marital property, To transfer property to a business entity, LLC or Corporation. A quitclaim gives no warranty of title, which is why most sellers prefer to use it. counties. Reader is free software that Have a wonderful day! We appreciate your business and value your feedback. submitting rapidly

County Office is not affiliated with any government agency. forms once for all of your your

Review: I found this site to be very easy to use .

In such cases, it is recommended that a buyer use a General Warranty Deed. Save $ instead of paying others to do the same thing you can do yourself. 13.002).

and Administrator Deed Form - Fort Bend County. In most cases, a quitclaim may not be accepted to transfer title in Texas due to lack of warranty.

In short, when you use the quitclaim deed, you should know that the deed doesn’t establish any property title in the person that holds the deed, it only passes the interests held by the grantor at the time of the conveyance. update Information found on is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal, financial or medical advice. state Yes. Do It Yourself Legal Forms available on our Website are not guaranteed to be usable, correct, up to date, or fit for any legal purpose. meet Often when a deed is recorded additional documents are required by the state or local jurisdiction. The name and address of the new owner of the property.

are The recording of the deed is important because, without it, an unrecorded quitclaim only binds the two parties involved and their heirs, as well as subsequent purchasers who acquire rights to the property without paying any valuable consideration. An unrecorded quitclaim doesn’t, however, bind successive bona fide purchasers who pay a valuable consideration. A quitclaim deed that is properly recorded in the proper county in Texas will provide notice to the public of the existence of the instrument and will also be subject to public inspection (Tex. forms for your personal use. This is not recommended in Texas. Use of this document can have a permanent effect on your rights to the property, if you are not completely sure of what you are executing seek the advice of a legal professional.

Fort Bend County Judge KP George has signed a Declaration of Local Health Disaster Due to a Public Health Emergency. If this is not included, the recording fee will be doubled or a flat fee of $25 will apply, whichever amount is greater. rejection They work with you and guide you on every aspect. information in it. Adobe However, quit claim deeds might be a stepping stone to a warranty deed. time and with Web site instructions are detailed and easy to understand. A Quit Claim Deed is a common method to transfer title to real estate property in some states, but it should not be used in Texas.

Quitclaims do not transfer title. Prop. If you select "Yes", the Grantor will retain the right to live on ("possess") the property until his or her death, but legal title to the property will pass to the Grantee immediately. Quitclaims are sometimes used when there is a Boundary Line dispute between adjoining land owners.


Now that we know what you can use the quitclaim for, how does this deed work? forms you ordered with a

A quitclaim deed in Texas is recordable once it has been acknowledged, sworn to with a proper jurat, or proved according to law. installed. Included document last updated 10/1/2020 Review: I found this site to be very easy to use .

If this information is missing from the deed, you will face a penalty, The deed also needs to meet the requirements and formatting requirements set by the county where the property is located. I found and printed what I needed in just a few minutes after getting on the sit . Review: I ordered the Deed package for my state of NJ and the county I needed to prepare the documents. Once the Grantor dies, complete ownership of the property will pass to the Grantee.


You are NOT on the Fort Bend County official website, you are on, a private website that is not affiliated with any government agency. Often when a deed is recorded additional documents are required by the state or local jurisdiction. The maximum size paper accepted is 8.5 x 14 inches. Or email us at

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convenience. and Disclaimer. roughly A quitclaim deed in Texas is state specific, and it will release the interests in property held by the grantor to the grantee. These could be tax related, informational, or even as simple as a coversheet. need it later. TexasFile land and real estate records include deeds, oil and gas leases, mineral deeds, liens, right of ways, plat maps and probates.

This is not recommended in Texas. If the grantee's address is not included in the deed, the recording party may face penalty fees. Review: Very simple to use website for remote recording of documents. information in it. memberships, no recurring fees. Please describe the exemption or statute in complete sentences as the reason this land transfer is exempt from state taxes.

Start searching our records by selecting the state and county, then enter the information you are searching for. with Our form blanks are margin requirements, content installed. No account necessary. Any page that is illegible or oversize or that is missing the print name under a signature will have a double filing fee for that page ($5 for the first page or $4). rejection first we

fee or Homestead exemptions remove part of your home's value from taxation, so they lower your taxes. For each additional grantor or grantee over five, the fee is $0.25.

You may apply for homestead exemptions on your principal residence. example, if you have more than nonstandard This was a smooth process. Have a great day!

A quitclaim deed, sometimes erroneously called a quick claim deed, is a legal document you use to convey an interest in real property. Communication between you and is protected by our Privacy Policy and not by attorney-client privilege. recorder * Provide a return name and address on the front of the document. computer to use our forms. a quitclaim deed) is void against creditors and subsequent purchasers for valuable consideration without notice unless the instrument has been acknowledged, sworn to, or proved and filed for record according to law.

Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey, 2017 ACS 5-Year Estimates.

It is used to show that the party signing the document is not making any claims to the property.

After you submit payment you No.


* A page is considered to be one side of a sheet of paper.

* Instruments must be signed and acknowledged by the grantor in the presence of two or more credible witnesses or acknowledged or sworn to before and certified by an officer authorized to take acknowledgments or oaths. This deed is the instrument that will give the new property owner whichever interests you currently own in the property. Highly recommend to anyone.

In this case, a quitclaim offers no warranties on title meaning that the grantee cannot seek legal recourse against the grantor if the title is defective.

He or she is “quit claiming” the property.

Limit of 5 free uses per day. for are counties. At requirements I was able to complete everything that is required to close on an investment property. * Pages should be of sufficient weight and substance so that printing, typing, or handwriting will not bleed through. Pay securely online. We imposed Use of Legal Forms. To avoid loss of rights to property to someone who pays the full value of the property, it is important to record and have the quitclaim acknowledged. would only need to order our also be emailed, blank or Thank you.

and Quit Claim Deeds are commonly used in other states and many mortgage companies suggest the use of this deed to remove or to add someone to a title. Fill in the blank form formatted to comply with all recording and content requirements.Included document last updated 10/23/2020, Line by line guide explaining every blank on the form.

The seller, or grantor Quitclaims the mineral rights and does NOT accept responsibility to any discrepancy of title (This assignment is without warranty of title, either express or implied) Thank you . Nothing on this website should be considered a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Use of Legal Forms. The best of these forms are state-specific and available in a printable PDF format.

Free Legal Documents, Contracts and Forms. The recording act in Texas states that any conveyance or interest in real property (i.e. If there's an issue caused by our formatting, we'll make it right and refund your payment. Get your Fort Bend County Quit Claim Deed For We really appreciate it.

Because of these issues, most attorneys advice their clients against the use of the quitclaim. You must then record the deed with the county where the property is located so that the transfer is enforceable against third parties. Fast easy with step by step instructions no matter your situation.

to face

So, when it’s signed, the grantee knows what they are getting into. done There may also be formatting standards and specific guidelines as to the type of information that should be included in a quitclaim deed presented for recording in Texas.

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