They changed the intake and went to a smaller turbo to improve performance, but hi-po fans got a 310kW version in the FPV F6 models – the first Aussie car to make more than 100hp per litre. The amount of adjustment is determined by comparing the position of the camshaft with a pre-mapped calibration. Drive-by-wire is fitted as standard to all BA models. Using the VCT management system to provide the late closing of the exhaust valve removes the need for a bolt–on external EGR system, saving weight and cost. Serious builds skip straight to larger full-frame new-generation billet-wheeled turbochargers from Garrett and Precision. To ensure perfect seating of the camshafts, the four VCT oil control galley plates are bolted to the top of the cylinder head before the galleys for the camshafts are bored.

What improvements have been made since the Barra engine, besides power and torque. Driveability is substantially improved over the previous unit thanks to power and torque increases and the addition of new dual variable camshaft timing. The valves are sized for maximum volumetric efficiency. All petrol engines in the Barra family now feature failsafe-cooling protection (previously restricted to I6 engines). Variable cam timing allows the valves to be operated at different points in the combustion cycle, to provide performance that is precisely tailored to the engine’s specific speed and load at that moment. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. The new aluminium cylinder head is cast using a best practice gravity casting method in place of the former low-pressure die-casting method. The aluminium mounts are stiffer to dial out NVH transmission. Roller-finger camshaft followers used in the cylinder head are both more efficient and quieter than non-roller designs. BARRA TURBO CONVERSIONS The first turbo Barra the 240T came out late in 2002, production continued through until it's final evolution the 325T, production ceased September 2016. Mounting the oil control valve within the cylinder head removes the need for separate oil ways and offers greater durability and reliability, as well as packaging efficiencies and weight savings. Ford’s noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) engineers used computer modelling to design vibration-resistant ribbing and reinforcement into the aluminium intake manifold. The factory oil pump gears have been known to fail with enthusiastic driving and a few revs, even in lightly modified cars, leading to catastrophic engine failure.

The dual variable camshaft timing is one of the first applications of this technology in the Ford world.

Your IP: The cross-bolted alloy sump, designed for the new I6 engine in 1998, has been further refined and modified.

Common Ford Barra engine problems also include oil pump gears and valve springs failing, but they are generally considered to be exceptionally robust motors which is one reason they’re beloved for engine swap jobs.

The oil pump mounted on the front of the crank was specifically designed to meet Falcon’s needs, with its high rev limit. YES!!!

The BA Falcon’s I6 block is made of cast iron but topped by an alloy cylinder head. In addition to the improved performance across a broad rev range, there is a noticeable decrease in fuel consumption, especially at part throttle.

At cruise on highway, where throttle openings are reduced, the system is able to retard the timing by as much as 50 degrees. It is activated across the entire rev range.

We Import Engines & Parts from Australia. For use on the Falcon I6, the coolant and oil passageways were redesigned using computer-aided engineering. As inlet tract volumetric efficiency increases, so too does peak power and breathing across the rev range. Whether you want a little extra grunt or a drag strip dominator, there have been few engines more ripe for tuning than’s Ford’s iconic 4.0-litre. The result is an engine that provides maximum torque of 450Nm from 2000 rpm through to 4500 rpm.

BA’s adoption of Electronic Throttle Control leads the Australian market. The transition through the 60-degree advance/retard range is seamless, unlike some less advanced systems where there is a defined point at which one or other program takes effect. A more refined engagement of the rev limiter function.

A new induction system has been developed to work with the advanced Electronic Throttle Control while a new balance hose and new ductwork and piping improve under-bonnet layout and reliability. Advantages for customers are enhanced if they run on Premium Unleaded fuel. The use of two intake valves enhances fuel-air mixing prior to combustion. The pump housing slips over the end of the crank at the front of the engine. Above that there are now several aftermarket ECUs on the market, including the Haltech Elite, which provides full control over wildly modified Barra sixes. Falcon is the first Ford to use this engine which now boasts VCT variable camshaft timing on the single overhead camshaft bank as well as three valves per cylinder, electronic throttle control, failsafe cooling system and unique designed inlet and exhaust manifolds for the Falcon application. Behind this cover, a new tensioner, reshaped to control small side-to-side chain movements, further reduces the sounds of the chain drive system. It was reliable and we didn’t have any issues with it. The coil-on-plug set-up also provides more power to the spark plug, while the absence of a distributor pack on the engine saves weight and improves exterior packaging appearance. Pressure build-up inside the combustion chamber occurs more slowly during each firing, particularly at lower engine speeds. It provides precision control of acceleration, helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and doubles as the cruise control actuation system, saving weight and improving NVH. It was developed in the aviation industry where its reliability and durability was proven under arduous operating conditions.

Like the improvements in overall engine performance, improvements in the new three-valve engine’s refinement result from a host of design features, rather than a single breakthrough.

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