Wind speeds generally are higher along coastal areas than inland. Clearance and Damaged Items- No Shipping - Local Pick Up Only (11), Residential External Halyard Flagpoles 15'-35' (7), Commercial External Halyard Flagpoles 20'-80' (34), Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Cam Cleat 20'-40' (13), Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Winch 20'-80' (29), Nautical Double Mast Flagpoles 20'-70' (9), Fiberglass 20'-80' (ON BACKORDER FOR 6-8 WEEKS) (59), External Halyard Flagpoles 20'-60' (ON BACKORDER FOR 6-8 WEEKS) (7), Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Cam Cleat 20'-40' (Silver Temporarily Unavailable, POLE ON BACKORDER FOR 6-8 WEEKS) (5), Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Winch 20'-60' (ON BACKORDER FOR 6-8 WEEKS) (7), Nautical Fiberglass Flagpoles with Yardarm 20'-60' (ON BACKORDER FOR 6-8 WEEKS) (7), Hurricane Series Fiberglass Flagpoles (3), Titan Telescoping Flagpoles - Call For Special Pricing (4), AEP Elite Flagpoles 15'-25'- CALL FOR SPECIALS (22), Flagpole-To-Go (Portable Flagpoles) 6'-20' (26), Uncommon™ Telescoping Flagpole 16'-25' - Call For Special Pricing (23), Sectional / House Mount 15'-25' -Try Our New "Allways Bracket" for Sectional Poles (12), American Flags -Brand Name Flags: Annin, Eder, Flagsource, Valley Forge (ALL FLAGS ARE PREMIUM BOX STITCHED ) (33), Military Flags - Nylon, Single-sided, Only (10), National Basketball Association (NBA) (28), External Halyard Flagpole Finials/Balls/Eagles (20), Fiberglass Flagpole Eagles/Balls/Finials (20), Internal Halyard Flagpole Balls/Eagles/Finials (20), Residential Flagpole Lighting 15'-35' (6), 20ft.

Special engineering may be required for other applications such as wall or roof mounted flagpoles. ), PRICES IN CATALOG DO NOT APPLY, AND WILL NOT BE HONORED. Measure how far the flag extends in the wind. Flags of different sizes are designed to be flown from different poles. All Rights Reserved. Stage four: If the flag is waving more violently over its entire length then the wind speed is 25-31 mph. x 4in. [jaw_section class=”” size=”9″ box_title=”Wind Speed Chart” bar_type=”big” fullwidth=”0″ full_back_color=”#000000″ woo_bar_sort=”” catalog_mode=”off”][custom_text fullwidth=”0″ full_back_color=”#000000″ class=”” use_bg=”0″ bg_color=”#000000″ height=”50″ padding-top=”0″ bar_type=”big” woo_bar_sort=”” box_size=”9″ catalog_mode=”off” ]. Contact us for a prompt response regarding any situation that may require special engineering. Because wind speeds are usually not constant, and gust are involved, flagpoles are listed with a constant wind speed and with a 1.3 gust factor. Your email address will not be published. They are also higher in open country than in the center of cities. If the flag is not moving, then the wind speed is below 11 mph. If it flaps lightly and sporadically the wind is blowing at around 12 to 18 mph. (See the map below). Copyright ©2020 All rights reserved, International Code Signal Flags & Pennants, British Territory & Canadian Province Flags, State & Territory Tangle Free Spinning Flagpole Kits, Municipal Beautification Street Pole Banners, Light Weight Banner Stands & Table Top Stands, RV, Tailgating, & Portable Flagpoles & Accessories, British Territory & Canadian Province Flags & Kits, Solid Color Fabrics with Blacks, Whites & Grays, String Pennant Flags with Yellows & Golds, String Pennant Flags with Blues & Turquoise, String Pennant Flags with Blacks & Whites, String Pennant Flags with Grays & Silvers, Nautical Themed Home & Garden Decorations, American Made Colorful Single Pennant Flags, National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service, Breast Cancer Awareness & Race for the Cure.

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