Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'm doing a few different macros and I want to use emote icons and item icons for the macro's icon instead of the usual ones. Not common, not a big quality of life improvement. You can also create nested hotbars, though this is quite a bit more complicated. Eventually figured out that the game rounds up fractions, when tried 2.4 and 2.5. /ac “Elixir Field” If macroing Embrace, you thankfully only need one button for both fairies even though they both have their 'own' Embrace. I’m not going to stop using them because of that because they serve the purpose I made them for. Note that many crafting macros are too long to fit in one, so they use two with an echo (/e Macro #1 finished ) to let you know when it’s time to use the second macro. Macros can be assigned icons and set to your hotbar for easy access.

/micon “Shirk”. Macros do not queue. /ac Bootshine. /ac “Raise” /macroicon “Dragon Kick” That's also good to know, thank you. Essentially you get a message in chat with a sound effect that only you can see and hear, because it’s an echo (/e). There aren’t a ton of different uses for gathering macros, but collectables are made much simpler with a one button macro to boost collectability rating. This macro activates Botanist job switch, Truth of Forests and Mountains, Collector's Glove, and your Chocobo. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Strategies change as people try new things with the fight, and come up with more efficient tactics. These can be as simple or as complicated as you like, limited by the number of lines in a macro, that is. These are ones pulled from the original 2.2 patch notes, so they probably opened it up a bit since then. There’s also some use for chat notification macros, but be warned these can be considered spammy or annoying by some players. Seems the other replies already covered the syntax, so here is a gallery of all icons with names! Kinda a protip, kinda not: Use the auto-translation dictionary to avoid spelling mistakes for those long and wacky skill names.

/merror off

So, you cannot wait 2.5 seconds, it will round up to 3.
It’s very common to only use normal quality materials if your crafters are geared well enough, especially with the changes to crafting in Shadowbringers which made it a little easier to get 100% quality.

Dropping almost 20% of your GCD skills because you didn’t want to set up another hotbar is completely not worth it. /micon a waymark. Better late than never! (I have it on mouse over macro in case I want to heal a different target than the one I'm manually healing. A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also … In a situation where the boss is off the side of the arena it will be placed on the main tank instead. /hudlayout 2. /ac “Asylum” It's slightly annoying but... eh. I’m glad you found the guide helpful! User Macros Create and save multi-step macros to execute complex commands with a single button press. Cookies help us deliver our Services. While this may not seem super useful to everyone, there are plenty of people who play on PS4 and don’t happen to use a plug-in keyboard. Also I should point out that you (unfortunately) cannot use a mouseover macro to cast ground placement aoes on the ground. /micon unearth. The GCD (global cooldown) is 2.5 seconds, further reduced by the skill speed or spell speed substats. Again, stupid game system. Pressing a macro repeatedly doesn’t tell it to progress to the next line in the macro. Played for more than 2 years and didn't know that. Once I get 450 gear I’m gone. Utilize as many combos and actions as possible while I pay attention to mechanics and what’s happening on the battlefield. Note that there’s a lot of filler commands because many of them are the various emote actions. If a macro performs an action that was unsuccessful, like trying to resurrect a living party member, shield your target with no target set, or use a skill without the resources to do so, you will receive an error message in chat. If someone wants to make the informed decision to use macros like that, it’s fine, I’m not concerned. These are specific types of skills though, and in general macro use should be limited in regards to combat. With a macro selected in the user macros window, click on the grey box to the left of the name of the macro, and select from several pages of default icons.

Stupid game system. I’ll also show some common lines that are added to most macros to affect the icon, timing, and potential error messages. Tomestones of Phantasmagoria. /p Raising New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you’re in Labyrinth of the Ancients you may sometimes hear someone playing the danger bongos during the ‘Ancient Flare’ cast.

I recommend following a YouTube tutorial, that’s what I did. /micon “Asylum”. Players have roughly a good 1.5 seconds of leeway for their inputs to be more optimal than a macro ever could be.

Why cap your potential there if you are capable of exceeding it? /ac “Shirk” <2> 235 votes, 73 comments. These can be annoying, and if many can go off, can flood the chat window. /ac “Heart of Stone” <2> I don’t have enough fingers to try to have them on their own individual button. The body of the macro gives you 15 lines. It’s not a matter of bias.

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