Each unit that receives an enhancement update will get additional "levels" to 2 or more skills, with each level requiring a varying amount of Enhancement stones and Gil. Select the Rainbow Crystal in the upper right.

JP, Dark Visions -

7* Era - A new sheet to calculate the damage of NV units - includes both STMR and non STMR builds, A tier list for non-DPS units, in trial environments.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. More posts from the FFBraveExvius community.

Press J to jump to the feed. STMR List: Here; Older units 7★ Batches: Link; Great FAQ by /u/Rozaliin: Things to Come: An FAQ on 7★ Units, STMRs & UoC Tickets; How To Make a 7★ (Requires two copies) Go to Units tab and pick the Awaken Units menu. These are broken into White (Magic), Black (Magic), Green (Magic), Power, Guard, Healing, Support, and Tech. Not rated for DV, FFBE GL Damage Comparisons for NV Units - With Vision Cards and Dark Visions Focus, STMR rankings to see the most valuable STMRs, Damage calculation sheet without STMRs, goes up to release of NV, Damage Calculations - Press J to jump to the feed. User Info: thrillee. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. T5s can only be acquired from Story Events and Moogle King Event, while the rest can be obtained from the Enhancement Materials Daily Vortex. Until then I'll slightly lower one of my gungnir and refer to this list for my next rant. My bad it seems there will be a safety net, we have yet to see if the cost is reasonable or not. There are different "types" of Enhancement stones for different types of skills. Enhancements are a way of upgrading older units to bring them in line with newer units. Damage Calculations - 7* Era Damage calculation sheet without STMRs, goes up to release of NV by Shadowalker3065 Sheet Whatah’s JP BiS Damage Sheet. Event Challenge of the Brave - Transcendent Heroes (GLEX unit) Event Challenge of the Brave - Hero of the Lapis Rebellion (NV Rain, NVA Dark Veritas & NVA Loren) Custom flair icons are not available on the reddit redesign at this point. Event Curse of the Tree Demon - Daily Bonus Battle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Awakened Rain, CG Lasswell, CG Sakura, CG Fina, CG Jake, CG Lid, CG Nichol, CG Reagan, CG Citra, CG Sieghart, CG Folka, CG Ignacio, CG Cid 12/11/18 (Batch 27) Shantotto II, Shadowlord, Santa Roselia, Kupipi, Joachim, Shatal Trial: Shinryu | Gigantuar | Swarm of Bugs | Chocobos | Sworn 8 | Behemoth K | EX-Intangir | Coeurl | Antenolla | 2H Dragon | Tonberry | EX White Dragon. Dark Visions - Cute, but Limited time Neo Vision without safety net? Select the Base 5★ Unit you want to turn into a 7★ Awakening Mat. End Time: Start of Maintenance, Listing "most recent" only, for a full list: Click Here, Start Time: 17:00 JST | End Time: 23:59 JST. Enhancement Materials Daily Vortex (晶石の間), Cecil, Chizuru, Delita, Garland, Garnet, Fina, Karl, Krile, Kuja, Lid, Lightning, Rain, Ramza, Roselia, Snow, Dark Knight Cecil, Firion, Kain, Lasswell, Majin Fina, Medius, Nichol, Vanille, Refia, Seven, Ace, Agrias, Cloud of Darkness, Gilgamesh, Hope, Jake, Mercedes, Sakura, Bartz, Charlotte, Exdeath, Hayate, Leonhart, Luneth, Marie, Nine, Seria, Soleil, Eileen, Fina, Fencer, Juggler, Popoi, Primm, Randi, Ruruka, Shine, Thief, Emperor, Gaffgarion, King, Queen, Rosa, Soze, Tidus, Warrior of Light, Orlandu, Dragonlord, Grace, Orochi, Liquid Metal Slime, Killer Machine, Golem, Robbin''Ood, Slime, Rem, Forren, Amelia, Illus, Garnet, Zidane, Vivi, Kuja, Trance Terra, Runera, Blanc, Wilhelm, Helena, Roselia, Terra, Kefka, Ruggles, Y'shtola, Yda, Minfilia, Papalymo, Thancred, Balthier, Ashe, Rasler, Vaan, Mercenary Ramza, Knight Delita, Meliadoul, Orran, Noctis, Onion Knight, Aria, Desch, Aura, Ulrika, Heretic, Nyx, Vargas, Maxwell, Tilith, Crowe, Glauca, Gouken, Sylvia, Roy, Ayaka, Lorraine, William, Chloe, Moogle, Cloud, Elfried, Julian, Katrina, Harid, Demigod Adel, Shaly, Orif, Gladio, Mistair, Iris, Duke, Cor, Kunshira, Wado, Hawkeye, Riesz, Kevin, Carlie, Hero, Estark, KingLeo, Uberkilling Machine, Slime Knight, Squall, Nalu, Pezzotta, Shinju, Awakened Rain, CG Lasswell, CG Sakura, CG Fina, CG Jake, CG Lid, CG Nichol, CG Reagan, CG Citra, CG Sieghart, CG Folka, CG Ignacio, CG Cid, Shantotto II, Shadowlord, Santa Roselia, Kupipi, Joachim, Shatal, Xenogears: Fei, Elly, Bart, Citan, Maria, Emeralda, Billy, Rico, Chu-Chu.

It doesn’t sound cringe like “Prismatiiiic Puniiishmeent” and she sounds like “hand massage” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lady from ff7r, Indeed cringe worthy, if there’s one thing about NV Elena everything is a mess, Coupled with the zoomed in animation the whole lb for Elena just spells out silly, non BS: Lightning mage with TDH BS: Dark mage with TDW. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by Alim and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. Event FFBE Elemental Battle - Curse of the Tree Demon. Select the character that you want to enhance (units that do not have skills that are able to be enhanced will be blacked out), Select the skill that you want to enhance, If you meet all of the requirements, click the button at the bottom to go through with the Enhancement, This list got too big.

So here I sit, being nosy as usual and was wondering just how many of the CG units you have managed to pull since they were released. Hope I can pull her out of my belly button. I like the voice acting.

Data Dump Builder tool Pulling Odds TMR Macros FFBE Chain Progress List Unit Collection List Update Schedule [JP/GL] Useful Links [JP] Data Dump [JP] Important Terms FAQ: 7*s, STMRs, UoC Awakening Tracker Raven Quest Guide Spark Chains Trick [JP] Rerolling Guide Not gonna lie, she looks really cool. Yeah. Please have a safety net. FFBE GL Damage Comparisons for NV Units - With Vision Cards and Dark Visions Focus by /u/Fatalderp Sheet GL Damage Sheet. Retired - ... FFBE Global - ID 415.369.377 - Lolikura Lead FFBE JP - ID 397.788.141 - 1927 ATK CG Hyou. Event Unit Intro Quest - Ibara.

Gumi probably decided that the GLEX NV unit with CG animation tag is enough to get players to pull. No news about it means it's really unlikely to see one. Has not been updated for a while but still useful, NV Damage Comparisons w/ Dark Visions Focus, FFBE NV Damage Comparisons w/ Dark Visions Focus. I shall henceforth refer to her as Cleavage Demon. Use individual unit pages instead: Link (Or batch list above), Start Time: End of Maintenance Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by Alim and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. Cookies help us deliver our Services. JP, Damage calculation of BiS including STMRs, goes up to release of NV, List of killer sources to use for DV (PDF), All AR chainers sorted by modifier, and their breaks/imbues/imperils/killers/covers, Sheet to see which bundle is the most cost efficient, Dark Visions 5 Monster skill-sets and stats, Material farming sheet for efficient farming, List of quests and rewards in the world. Dark Visions 6, Burst damage calculations for the purpose of DV, A damage calculation sheet for the purpose of rating units for the wiki unit rankings, Neo Visions - New Global Original Halloween Unit Trailer + CG LB. New unit Enhancements are released in a batch with a story event, which also give enhancement stones as a reward. That screams SKIP! Damage Calculations - Now, this topic also applies to the JP version as well so feel free to chime in. Trial Reborn: Moose+ | Aigaion+ | Iron Giant+ | Bomb Family+ | Demon Wall | Tiamat | Malboro | Mad Doll | … Amongst these types, there are 5 different "tiers" of stones - commonly referred to as T1, T2, T3, T4, and T5 in ascending rarity. Announcing a safety net would have generated a lot of hype.

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