and i have to say i think its gone good.

Generally Johnnie's were for the wine, and Fanny for the food, but there were a few that they both 'secured'. The makeup is late career Bette Davis, if Davis was a porcelain doll, eyebrows and lips drawn on. Enjoy! The snobby, bigamist culinary hurricane will be on-screen again after the BBC announced it would be putting Fanny … All ingredients found so the next free weekend I have I am going to make this cake and introduce it to as many people as possible. That aspirational snobbery was part of her act, part of her gimmick and persona. “That’s what happened in those days, and they had another child, but it wasn’t a happy marriage. Fanny Cradock was the original celebrity chef famous for exotic recipes. After asking the question of the esteemed Webmaster of this amazing site and also in a local cake decoration shop as well as some internet research I came upon a solution, which worked and continues to work. Volume 1 of 'A Lifetime in the Kitchen' purchased from Amazon for £0.26p!! Once, statist chefs instructed the nation on how to boil an egg - now Nigella Lawson raises our temperatures with her finger-licking antics. Flours are different, fats contain more or less water, eggs are different sizes etc etc. Was Fanny as much of a maverick, even eccentric and outrageous, as she often seemed on screen? Fanny did occasionally use ingredients that you wouldn’t find in your nearest grocery store, especially back in those days. That's the one, so tasty. Add the bacon dice and fat from the pan, about a tbsp of cold stock and the beaten egg and a few drops more stock, working up to a firm stiff paste.Place in a nylon piping bag without a nozzle and pipe into the cavity of the bird. :). Her apronless cry, both on screen and on stage, was that "cooking is a cleanly art, not a grubby chore". I reminded me a bit of Delia Smith's 'How to Cook' books. Fanny could come across as a bit grand, but was she like that in real life? It isn't following Fanny's method but it works. i found that the 9.5 ins baking tin was too big so i have reduced it to 8.5 or something like that.Heading all ur advice ive added just a bit more flour but not much. Enjoy! It has never failed me. Obviously the eggs, rose water and orange flower water are essential but take care when adding the orange juice as I found that using all of it as per the recipe was too much and the mixture was too wet. She was the first real queen of the celebrity cooks – and if Fanny Cradock was around today, she’d be bigger than Mary Berry, Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson put together. Don't mock - Will my doughnuts turn out like Fannys? Spread mixture into buttered shallow cooking dish. To emphasize Cradock’s glamor? Sage & Onion Stuffing4 pint measures filled with very fine white breadcrumbs4 tbsp minced Spanish onion2 rounded tbsp finely chopped fresh sage2 mean flat tsps salt1 flat eggspoon freshly ground black pepper2 eggs14-16 fl oz water at blood heat10oz liquefied lardPlace all ingredients in a bowl, work in the lard adding raw beaten eggs at same time. I certainly abide by one of her favourite recommendations, which is to scour the 'thrift' shops for hidden treasures.

Using language that would never have found its way into her Bon Viveur columns, she spat: "Only a slut gets in a mess in the kitchen.". Divine! do u know how long it will last after its been iced? She took any job: washing up in a canteen, hawking penny cures for tired feet at the Ideal Home Exhibition and selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. She spent a lot of time when she was in the public eye trying to create a smokescreen around it, so she created this image of a happily-married woman, mother, grandmother, that kind of thing, with Johnny Cradock.

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