They have to fix this and it will be ok. How do you swap to 2nd hotbar using esohead's calc? This build made it possible for me to kill single targets very quickly with low chance of dying. From here you keep running and keep the Hidden Blade debuff (snare) up until you have enough magicka/stamina for another rotation of the above(aside from the initial stealthed auto attack). -Shadowy Disguise (when tied in with Death Stroke for 100% crit) I've farmed a few sets recently to only find that I'm low on magicka or my recovery isn't where I need it to be.

Veiled Strike I can't complain about the health recovery, health regeneration, and armor/spell resistance while using my small selection of offensive spells. This ability has great damage, and a very decent heal. Fin!

Whether you are building a Bow wielding Templar or a summoning Sorcerer with medium armor, your possibilities are almost endless. G: WEAPONS -MORPH WHATEVER YOU WANT (ALTHOUGH I PERSONALLY THINK MY MORPHS ARE THE BEST) - Doesn’t show increase in passives when placing points in them. This makes it hard to take on more than one group of mobs. Wide variety of different builds for all classes and setups. -Veiled Strike (to apply/reapply debuff) Obviously we need Ransack to keep them on you, Extended Chains to pick up adds or runaways, Choking Talons to root the enemy down for a few seconds so you can apply Ransack while having them deal less damage. The first bar you will see is used when its better to fight and the second bar is used when its better to heal (both have healing but the second bar focuses on healing). I also choose Assassin's Blade from Assassination skill tree as a finishing move to complement just my weapon damage. I also would max out Alchemy. Remember to level passives. Skill Calculator. Ultimate: Consuming Darkness-Veil of Blades (4 out of 5) -Teleport Strike (for stun/damage) Use it. Ultimate: Death Stroke-Soul Harvest (5 out of 5) Thanks! Elder Scrolls Online provides a great deal of flexibility when deciding what type of character you want to play. High DPS, Two-handed DK w/ self healing abilities AND an AoE, Destruction Staff Dk with astonishing mob grinding abilities. With the introduction of the Champion Point system you get two talent trees to play with and optimize your character even further for end game. LEVEL 30 ABILITIES:(I am level 38--still do not have this ability, don't sweat it) Let's get started! View the build Test Build from the user Hietala in the ESO Skillfactory. BAR 2: Your Ranged, AoE, Buff Bar Couldn't decide on an ULT, so I just went for my personal favorite.

Shadow Cloak 2 Piece Ice-Heart This ability should ONLY be used when a mob is under 25% HP--otherwise save the magicka.

BAR 1: Your Single Target DPS Bar And there you have it. -Death Stroke Another major break in skill pick ups, also Deshaan and Shadowfen are quite a drag because of this. That is why I have made a priority list that goes as follows: A lingering HoT that bumps itself to a direct heal if the target goes under 20% health. They all say different things.

Level 38 Khajiit Nighblade. And that's my character suggestion I might be using during launch. This should be used to apply/refresh the 40% armor pen debuff, or when you need a stun for survivability/control--otherwise save the magicka. Let your creativity take over and share your builds with other ESO players.

ESO Blackreach Greymoor Caverns Treasure Map Locations, ESO Western Skyrim Treasure Map Locations, Antiquities Leads Locations & Hidden Entry Relics, At The Top Of A Waterfall In The Lightless Hollow Skyshard, Tucked In The Dwarven Ruins South Of Dark Moon Grotto Skyshard, In A Hidden Cave Beneath The Moon Gate Of Anequina Skyshard, Civility And Etiquette: Wood Orcs I Lorebook, ESO Iliac Bay Time Breach Locations – Breaches on the Bay Quest, ESO Stonefalls & Skyrim Time Breach Locations – Breaches of Frost & Fire Quest, ESO Rivenspire Time Breach Locations – Time in Doomcrag’s Shadow. Complete all the content ESO is giving you (skyshards, open world dungeons, solo instances, dark anchors) everything gives you experience. We are also proud to present a beta version of ESO Champion Point Calculator that is also updated to 2.0.1 game data. Obviously we need Ransack to keep them on you, Extended Chains to pick up adds or runaways, Choking Talons to root the enemy down for a few seconds so you can apply Ransack while having them deal less damage. the NIGHT MAGE and the UNDYING BLADE. Also Reflective Light is a prerequisite to get Purifying Light. Agony is great if you are facing two or more mobs. 3. You will mainly be using Bar 1. Unlock level is in progress for a future update. Great damage per second if used right. 5 Medium Armor and 2 Light Armor, with Two-Handed Weapon. Teleport Strike->Veiled Strike->Flurry OR Death Stroke -> Assassin's Blade His build with detailed explanations can be found here: Incorporate it with all the boosts I have mentioned below. I don't know if I trust them yet.

Head - Chokethorn ------------------------------------------------- Can be used with Drain Power (in the siphoning tree) for even more AoE damage. ENHANCEMENTS OVERVIEW: This is your switchable button. Find hundreds of ESO build for all classes in our ESO Skillfactory. To help you tailor your character even outside of the game we present our Talent Calculator. A. Introduction/Brief Explanation At this point you switch to Bar 1 and attack with a 5 second stun window (thanks to Veiled Strike/Shadow Cloak combo). Login Register. You will need to rely on your party to do most of the damage and healing, you are there to make the fight clean and controlled. Mutagen & Restoration Staff. FIRST BAR (fighting/casual healing) CHOICES: Use it to hog the AoE dps meters, or to simmer down certain boss mechanics with it's defensives. Expend magicka with the DS, then use your blue betty and swap to the OH+S to expend stamina and regen magicka. Sanguine Altar, Ring of Preservation, & Radiant Aura. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dealing a moderate amount of damage, with extra damage increasing based on target's health loss, up to name maximum of 300%. Please update your builds accordingly. Insane Single Target BUFFED DPS - Solo Elites Easily- Leveling Efficient ! Hidden Blade (again, you will probably be able to pick up hidden blade and haste faster than cripple/siphoning strikes--even though both require higher levels) *If you are confused please ask and I'll add a section explaining this thoroughly* Choosing one of the four classes gives you access to three class specific skill lines. "General Grievous" NB OP BUILD! XD. - Freshly updated :). Remember that for any of the skills you choose you will have to have enough skill points, which you get every level up or during some special quests or by collecting skyshards. This is a very awesome calculator.

In information (like stamina costs where it's magicka), and in skills (like having a DW passive skill in another tree, etc). At least the new werewolf and undaunted skills are missing for a starter. Your AoE ability! Here is why: You are completely invisible for 2.5 seconds, it has no cooldown (only magicka resource limitations), gives you 100% critical strike rating during, and-oh yeah, it makes you completely invisible. Constructive feedback is appreciated, especially to bring up reasons why going another route would benefit your take on a Healer. Please update your builds accordingly. UPDATE: ESO Skill Calculator is now updated to 1.3.3 patch data (update 3). Imperial

This is still a beta and when you save your build it will not save the Champion point configuration! UPDATE: ESO Skill Calculator is now updated to 1.1.2 Craglorn patch data. -Teleport Strike (only when you need to close a gap) I usually only use it when in a dungeon, casting it right before a mob pull. I am under the impressions that Purifying Light works with any damage (not just your damage) and together the two spells provide a multiple target snare and a delayed Area-of-Effect Heal-over-Time. Thanks SERGE, great job on the skill calculators.

Seeing as how I played a rogue on WoW for 5+ years, I was instantly drawn in to the nightblade class. This is where there will be a break of skill points, until level 10-12. Armor Sets A: INTRODUCTION/BRIEF EXPLANATION Quest and Complete. With right use of these abilities the player gets the hughest damage output i can imagine. Find out what you need to improve in yourself to become more effective! Thank you Restoration Expert. Keep leveling passives. . Press J to jump to the feed.

Choosing your race also helps you character in certain areas. +15% healing targets under 30% health. Thank you Restoration Master. 1. Walk up to your mob of choice, set down Elemental Blockade for a DOT AoE power, trap your enemies with Burning Talons to keep them in place of Elemental Blockade while doing DOT, and then hit them with Engulfing Flames. With its low cost this is great to have running on your allies. C. Leveling Advice/Skill Order But, daggers are always more desirable. One says a skill uses mana the other says stamina.

Why it Works (Ability Explanation)

This is a nice self buff. Two AoE areas that benefit from Focused Healing to give any ally in the circle +30% healing. My Builds. Yes indeedy, this would be a very nice option. Slot 3: Veiled Strike-Surprise Attack (4 out of 5) -ALWAYS GO FOR A CROUCH STEALTH OPENER

Assassin's Blade Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Fixed the problem. So 3 abilities used, 2 used for actual damage. This has really nice damage attached to it, and at a decent stamina cost. This is where I am currently at in game. Equipment tab is something to look forward to. Argonian I’ve come across maybe 10 or so build calculator sites and I’m wondering which one you guys with more knowledge of the actual ingame skills think is the best with the most accurate skill descriptions and what not. How can a build have defensives to solo elites AND have amazing DPS/AoE? I can take on two mobs as well due to having a long range stun in the build. Standard of Might is useful to have on backup ult, as you don't really need take flight with the options of Stampede and Extended Chains. Drain Power will help you AoE down things a lot stronger, I would take this IN BETWEEN boss fights for extra AoE(if needed). This synergies well with Restoration Expert to give an additional +15% health to any ally under 30% health. Light Weaver boosts this spell with 25 armor/spell resistance. New skills have been added and old have been updated. Really nice damage, plus 18% attack speed afterwards. During the tutorial section on Coldharbor I go for Shadow Cloak (which is your 2.5 second invisibility) so I can level Shadow skill line from the start.

I look forward to reviewing your replies. -Veiled Strike (for stun/damage) German; English; French; Discord; My Skillfactory. PvP/PvE Master Mage (with high mana gen/health gen and high dmg+cc). I noticed Imperial was missing, so I added it. Slot 3: Whirlwind-Whirling Blades (4 out of 5) Corrosive Armor is awesome for a number of reasons as it can help during the early part of a difficult engagement, late in a drawn out fight, or even in the middle of a fight when surprise adds come to play. Login or register to save your builds.

Username Password Forgot your password? This ability has immense utility, completely unmatched compared to any other nightblade abilities. What benefit does this provide? It is Magicka for Staff – not stamina. ESO Morrowind Main Tank Build - Dragonknight - Woeler. This build is aimed at fulfilling the role of a Tank - to absorb damage and keep the enemy focused on you, not your allies. Archived Builds; Sheogorath’s Corner.

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