ENGINE TIGHTNING SPECIFICATIONS * * Torque specifications are for clean and lightly lubricated threads only. The next book I bought is "Haynes Pontiac Firebird (1970-1981) Repair Manual". The next step is a very important step. ships, stationary engines medium speed engines, 800 –1500 r.p.m generally Diesel engines, small marine applications, stationary This is both in spreadsheet format or in a printable .pdf, whichever you'd like to use. If your lifters are still stuck, place the upper gear (without the chain) back on the camshaft and rotate it, so you can get your lifters to move.If your distributor is still stuck you will want to remove the oil pump's two bolts, and then use a rubber hammer to hit the oil pump drive shaft.

We have also provided some tables of common engine combinations that may help you compare and contrast different combination. Disclaimer: The calculators and tables provided in this section are intended for reference They use the accepted formulas used by most engine builders. Start by removing the connecting rod cap nuts. CB Products Cylinder Head Work Fixture. I selected this engine because I plan to put my engine into a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

Download it and print it out and keep it with your ride for reference. Main Bear Cap Ft. Lbs. I also take a photo with my phone of the bolt/part location, so I know exactly where everything goes. on Introduction. Working on engines is very expensive and when you make minimum wage you don't have very much money to pay for one. I will not cover that here because it is different for every car.

HiPo Parts is not responsible for errors made based on the use of these calculators.

Do you perhaps have an instructable on how to reassemble the engine?

Now you can remove the harmonic balancer bolt either with an impact wrench or a long 1/2" breaker bar. Any calculations should be double checked before making any engine building and design decisions. Fits all Berco crankshaft grinders For setup indicators, steady rests, stroke comparators. The data provided is … It is time to remove your pistons. Planning and tracking a restoration is a big project, but we've created 2 FREE tools you can download to help keep your project on track. If you have a Pontiac engine now would be the time when you remove a bolt know as the "Coolant Bypass Bolt". A Beginner's Guide to Engine Rebuilding: At a certain time in your life, especially if you are a car guy or gal, you may find the need to rebuild an engine, and there are many reasons why you might discover this. There are many questions you should ask yourself before rebuilding an engine. The final resources I use when I have problems disassembling or rebuilding is the Internet. You may want your engine to perform like, or better than, the day it rolled out from the factory or maybe you are just curious about what actually happens inside of an engine. After releasing the pressure from the valve spring compressor, you can remove the spring, spring shem, and valve. It should be noted that removing the engine from the frame as soon as possible is a typical amateur mistake and must be avoided. engine), pilot injection of fuel in gas engines (eg, natural gas and diesel fuel –dual fuel engines) Classification of Engines Engine speed low speed engines, 100 –600 r.p.m. Remove the two bolts on each cap and then remove the cap. Share it with us! The next part to remove is the rocker arms. I removed the ten bolts holding down my intake manifold to my cylinder heads. The next thing to remove is the main caps.

Simply slide them up and down until they come out of their bore. The next part to remove is the pushrods. I bought this book so I can keep track of all the parts I use in my engine, and how much they cost. After removing the oil pump, remove the oil pump driveshaft. Fill in the engine designation and give an example of an application (vehicle). If you have not already, go ahead and remove the two bolts holding the oil pump. I think that if you have clear target it is one way road to succeed. Camshaft I am seventeen years old and have a part time fast food job in my small town in Ohio. If you have an old cast iron engine like mine, the intake will be about forty pounds in weight, so be ready and do not drop it. Whatever your reasons are for tearing apart your engine you still might wonder how you should go about disassembling your engine. You will want to purchase or rent a valve spring compressor. Make sure to inventory the tube so you do not lose it. Click HERE to download the Restoration Planner in Spreadsheet Format, Click HERE to download the Restoration Planner in .PDF format, Click HERE to download the Collector Car Manual .PDF, FREE Restoration Project Planner Download, Departments At The V8 Speed and Resto Shop, V8 Speed & Resto Shop Customer Alignment Form, Setting Classics and Muscle Cars Straight with Precise Wheel Alignment at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Tuning and Suspension Updates at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, Muscle Car Restoration Shop Tour at V8 Speed & Resto Shop. Thanks for visiting my instructables page! Be patient, you are only 17 years old and you have all the time in front of you to finish your dreams!!!!!! Start off by removing the two or more bolts holding on your carburetor to your intake manifold.

If you still cannot remove them, try using a lifter removal tool or wait until you remove the camshaft.

After removing the cap use a long wooden or rubber handle to remove the piston. Cylinder Head Ft. Lbs. "Haynes Pontiac Firebird (1970-1981) Repair Manual", "Stacey David's Gearz Project Planning Book", Step 3: Disassembly Part 1: Engine & Accessory Removal/Labeling System, Step 4: Disassembly Part 2: Top End Removal (Valve Covers, Carburetor, Intake, Distributor, & Valley Pan), Step 5: Disassembly Part 3: Valvetrain Disassembly (Rocker Arms, Pushrods, Lifters, & Cylinder Heads), Step 6: Disassembly Part 4: Camshaft Removal (Harmonic Balancer, Oil Pan, Timing Cover, Timing Gears, & Camshaft), Step 7: Disassembly Part 5: Bottom End Disassembly (Oil Pump, Oil Pan Baffle, Connecting Rods/Pistons, Main Bearings, & Crankshaft), Step 8: Disassembly Part 6: Cylinder Head Disassembly (Valves, Valve Springs, & Valve Keepers). You will want to keep each rocker arm, nut, washer, pushrod, and lifter together, so you can put them in the same place they were removed from. For my engine, I selected a Pontiac 455 from a 1973 car.

Pontiac 455 engines were only used from 1970 to 1976, but all the Pontiac V8 engines from a 287 to a 455 have the same block dimensions. You will need to remove the bolt holding the fuel pump eccentric to the cam shaft. The second item is a Collector Car Manual, loaded with page after page where you can keep track of the parts in the car, mainteance, fluids, tire sizes, gear ratios... there's a LOT of info in this one. I then divide those sections into steps (labeled by numbers) that give a short description and a hand drawn picture of where the bolts are located. DOHC Valves. In this instructable, I will be covering my first ever engine rebuild and the steps I took to make my engine good as new. Now is the time to remove the harmonic balancer. About: I am 17 years old and I love learning about electronics, motors, robotics, etc. You may need to tap it with a rubber hammer to get them loose. The first one is a planning document, with allows you to fill out parts, part numbers, prices, and other important info to get an idea of what you need. You will also want to take a large socket and hit the spring with it to break it free from the valve spring keepers. There are many ways to research an engine.

Production Modular engine valveguides are powdered metal, and they don’t always measure up to clearances acceptable to reputable engine builders. Before you go tearing apart an engine it is very important to research and plan out the engine rebuild.

The next thing to remove is the valley pan. After that, your engine is completely disassembled and ready to go to the machine shop! This bolt connects the timing cover to the intake manifold, so make sure to label this bolt in a special way. After removing the bolts and studs, I remove the timing cover.

I will include pictures of my accessories being removed but refer to your Haynes manual or other resources for information on how to remove your accessories. I am also planning to restore a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. If you have never torn apart an engine before, or taken apart hundreds of engines, this is the guide for you. There are lots of color photos in this book which makes it great to have when rebuilding my engine. After removing the plate your should be able to pull the camshaft out.

The engine I purchased did not include a carburetor, so I skipped this step. Congrats for your efforts. For example, I ordered three books to help me with my rebuild. You should be able to simply pull these out, label them, and place them with their rocker arms. Now that you have researched and planned your engine rebuild it is time to start disassembly! Addressed in the individual units of instruction are the following topics: safety, tools, fasteners, and measurement techniques; basic small engine theory (engine identification and inspection, basic engine principles and design, and operation principles of two- and four-stroke engines… Helpful helper’s hints: Hints are provided for all activities in all guides. Dry or dirty threads produce increased friction which prevents accurate measurement of tightness. After removing the bolt, use a harmonic balancer puller to remove the harmonic balancer from the crankshaft. Now would be the time to take your distributor out. Focus and run! What kind of engine do I want to rebuild?

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