It's almost impossible to avoid having stuff happen at SOME time in our ebay careers, so don't beat yourself up. Excellent seller. Please message me with any questions. Recommended. ", "Quality of the wrapping was outstanding. Operating Voltage3.3-4.8V. Selling fakes on eBay is a huge no no. Simply select the relevant piece of feedback and add a note about why you are sending the request. I agree with the others, you have 1 neg and 1 neutral that state your selling fakes. So bet your ass I'm standing outside the front door trying to convince every customer that walks up not to do business there. Ever so pleased.

Here’s an example: “Really slow to deliver, didn’t say item condition was good not excellent, but did deliver.” If the seller doesn’t ship your item or the item doesn’t match the description and the seller won’t make things right, then you need to leave negative feedback. Immensely pleasing packaging. Even sending me a nasty message to my personal inbox claiming that I wasn't a top-rated seller. The camel will be added to a Nativity set I just purchased. So don't fret that part.

Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better!

", "Immensely swift payment!

", "Delivery was fantastic. Wish all buyers were this outstanding. ", "Exceptionally sterling delivery. If items are returned it must be returned in original packaging not just the battery. Speedy to send.

For this reason, you should only use these requests when dealing with negative feedback, rather than neutral feedback. HE IS EXPERIENCED BECAUSE HE HAS PLENTY ON HIS OWN SITE. Capacity 1650mah. Excellent buyer. Quality of the sellers is high, there is a claim process in case of any problems and support team works quite fast. Capacity 1650mah. ", "Sterling delivery. You can't stop a buyer from leaving it. Recommended. A very, very first-rate buyer.

2 buyers have said this item is not authentic.

The product in question is for adults use only, how are you verifying that your customers are of legal age please? Buyer is high-standard. I purchased a 3 wheel trike through e bay ID number 183625718430 and paid by PayPal . I used the email address supplied to send my complaint but the email address did not exist so I got in touch with the customer service department and asked them to forward my complaint to the report section, after 6 days of attempting to get my complaint to the report section they closed the case and said the item was delivered. ", "The item was fantastic. You can only request five revisions for every 1,000 pieces of feedback you receive in a year.

Gorgeous packaging. Obviously there is something wrong with your product if you have 2 customers in 6 months claiming they are fakes.

Pro tip: You can also use the Request Feedback Revision page to find out how many requests you have left for the current year.

Never again will I use eBay and remember users to take no notice of their promises. If the item is defective, YOU will have to pay the return shipping.


An ever so first-rate buyer.

Thanks. So this is your chance to alleviate the concerns of prospective customers. It can happen at any time. I have closed my eBay account down after buying loads of stuff over the years and the first time an item is not delivered they don’t adhere to their bull shite guarantee. If you request a certain color please put that in the notes of your order and I will try to accommodate you. The damage has already been done. Recommended. The first time you use, press the power switch button quickly five times and the battery will be unlocked. Each product is tested to ensure full functionality before it is shipped out to you.

", "Item sublime!

Although your attempts to remove negative feedback on eBay won’t always be successful, it’s worth putting in the effort. Delivery was high-standard. Are you actually selling fakes, are they really authentic? NEGATIVE: though u did nothing wrong, let this negative feedback teach you that the universe is arbitrary & unfair. If you press another five times the battery will lock again*  If the item is defective I will happily replace it if you ship it back to me at your cost. Let’s walk through each of the two processes. Remarkably pleased.

Material Steel. Correspondence was good. RAINBOW color is available. Before anything else, I would combat that issue. Outstanding delivery. First of all, you can ask a buyer to change or remove their feedback. Quick delivery. Exceptional packaging. Fred, Hi there this seems good but I was looking for some examples of how to respond to negitive feedback from buyers. The packaging was very, very tasteful. And finally authentication stickers, how many do you need?

Many people never look at the feedbacks these days (check out some of the sellers who have tons of negs and neutrals and go merrily on). Splendid packaging. no matter what you do, some people just love to leave negative feedback. In certain circumstances, you can report a review and ask moderators to remove negative feedback on eBay.

So what are they sitting in their plush offices for if they cannot do anything besides collecting their good salaries..

Address the fake issue, find some way to show in your listing that they are authentic. Power indication (White 100-60%, Blue 60-30%, Orange 30-0%) *Very Important To Know: The Vision II Spinner battery has a battery power protection system.

", "Quick delivery.

Are they from a reputable manufacturer or are they from china? Are youa bsolutely 100% sureyou are selling a genuine item?

Gone through Mary, "the supervisor", Jason, Drea, and Maria who all claim to have been "account specialists", yet not one single person has fixed my issue. Packaging was matchless.

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