GGGear. We have our own stallions and are very selective with our bloodlines, our aim is to continue breeding traditional ponies with free flowing action. The head is straight, neat, and broad between the eyes, with a fine muzzle and incurving ears. Two areas in Scotland also organised rides in the Scottish Borders in May and the Aberdeenshire in July. The information provided in the Sales List is supplied by the Owner or Agent. The Council took the opportunity to hold a judge's training session in the morning. Subsequently, their population increased, and some ponies were exported to Canada and the US during the 1990s.

Starr has been confirmed in foal to Ziggy for a May 2021 foal!! The Dales Pony Society of America was set up in 1999. Society Chair, Mr Rodger James, led the gathered crowd and riders in making a toast to the Centenary and the President of the Society. 01142 885869. Yesterday was spent looking at some good Dales ponies and enjoying the 'crack' a very enjoyable day. Led by Mr Charlie Parker and the Alderson family, interested spectators saw the harnessing of Dales Ponies fit for work and how they begin to train them to do both modern day work such as harrowing, ploughing and snigging (log and forestry work). [2], Horses have been present and used in the Dales area from early times. It was a day of demonstrations, training and a stallion parade covering all aspects of the Dales Pony from dressage to jumping to driving and ridden showing.
Updated about 4 years ago. Westwick Paddy at Killhope with Kevin and Joanne Owens. Since this mare is most valuable (and fun!) [17], The Dales pony has moved to "critical" status with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, meaning there is a United Kingdom population of fewer than 300 registered breeding females. After a very enjoyable lunch, Hayley Henry and Gail and Michael Stonehouse brought their young stallion, Tarbarl Guiser, to the pub doors and market place where he really showed his personality, drawing quite a crowd of other visitors to the town who came to meet this lovely young stallion. [12] With their agility, power and speed, the Dales had great success in trotting races of the 18th century and were also used in organized hunts.

Dr. D Kleffken-Wiederhold, Germany, Black Shadow Dales - Mckenzie Covert - USA, Caphouse Dales Ponies Contact: Alison Wrigglesworth email:, Carrock Dales Ponies Contact: Glenis and James Cockbain email: Tel: 017687 72133, Earnwell Dales Ponies Contact: Dave Lovegreen Tel: 07752572111, Essiecroft Dales Ponies Contact: Mark & Helen Snowden email: Tel: 01464 861120 Mobile: 07768023715, Grassgill Dales Pony Stud Contact Amy Balmer mob 07966537760 .

Back on the showground the drivers were met by Society Chair, Mr Rodger James, who presented them with their commemorative rosettes. Gelding 4 year old in April 2020. A Harness Parade and Working Dales Pony Demonstrations took place on Sunday 31 July. Our much loved President Mrs Iona Fitzgerald was waiting to meet and talk to every individual pony and rider and present them with their rosettes as a mark of their achievement.

Account Name: Dales Pony Society. DPS Registered Section A Licensed Stallion. Donna is a fantastic mum. The head is straight, neat, and broad between the eyes, with a fine muzzle and incurving ears. Copyright © 2020 Great All Rounders - The essential aid for the leisure horse and rider. She has produced some wonderful foals including this year’s 2020 colt foal by Hett Samson, Malhamdale Lockdown, Loki for short. The world-renowned Bowes Museum hosted a small Dales Pony exhibition, titled "The Dales Pony - 100 years of Service" to showcase the last 100 years of the pony, from April to September 2016. Uniting members across the UK and overseas, over 220 members and ponies took part in these rides.

The week's celebrations culminated with the DPS Summer Breed and Centenary show on Saturday 6 August. [8], The modern Dales pony is descended from a number of breeds, with the original working ponies being bred by crossing the Scottish Galloway pony with native Pennine pony[9][10] mares in the Dales area in the late 1600s.
More photos to come! The Dales Pony Society maintains some historical information about the registration of Dales Ponies owned by Members. 12 days ago. Jenna is a great ride and drive pony but her main job for Great All Rounders is to produce wonderful foals for future generations to enjoy. Average Horse Height: How Big Do They Get, Calm, kind, good-natured, smart, alert, trainable, Neat, broad head, bright and alert eyes, slightly incurving ears, strong neck, long, sloping shoulders, fairly short back, broad chest, well-muscled quarters; muscular legs with clearly defined tendons, dense bone, and round hooves; long, flowing mane and tail, Black is common; brown, bay, roan and gray are rare; white markings may appear as a star or snip on the head, Dressage, driving, eventing, show jumping, cross-country, farm work, hunting races, endurance riding; served as war horse in WW1, Some are affected by the genetic Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIS), which result in serious infections and death, Yes; clean, high, straight, true movements, Powerful, lively, courageous, resistant to harsh weather, Grass hay, mineral/salt block, low-calorie grain or concentrate. Your email address will not be published., COPYRIGHT © 2018 BLACKSHADOW DALES PONY STUD, It is the responsibility of the Enquirer to check that the information provided is valid. Once the visitors had had time to warm up (and the marquee on the showground re-secured to the ground, thanks to the high winds! After lunch, the afternoon saw a very interesting display on the Working Dales pony. ), a night of fun on the showground at the Country and Western night was had with the organising of a Fish and Chip supper and music from Dixon J Scott, with everybody joining in the dancing which filled the dancefloor. In 1916, the stud book was established while the Dales Pony Improvement Society was formed after the infusion of Clydesdale blood deteriorated the quality of the ponies. The Centenary Committee worked very hard on the legacy for the Dales Pony Society centenary and secured project boxes to be held with the Durham Learning Authority as well as in the main DPS Office that fit with Primary National Curriculum that schools within the North-east (and further afield!) The Fell pony continued to intermingle with the Dales into the early 20th century. Earnwell Mr Frosty By Rosebarr Monarch out of Earnwell Dawn Registered Dales Pony 14.2, steel grey now but will probably go dapple grey like his sire. [18] The US-based Livestock Conservancy lists the breed as "threatened", meaning that population numbers worldwide are sub-5,000 and annual US registrations are less than 1,000.

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